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Get hit once, Blurry Screen forever
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Get hit by a person or a zombie and your screen is constantly blurry even after a blood transfusion. Color lose is fine, but when its blurry to the point that I cant even see things on the ground it makes it a little to difficult to find anything. Got hit by a hatchet and instant Blurred vision.


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Get hit by a person or a zombie

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Same happened to me. Was knocked unconscious by a zombie and a friend brought me back up with a saline IV. Have since had blurred vision, I have tried another saline IV, blood transfusion, morphine, vitamins, and I'm fully fed/watered. Can't play with the blur it's making me feel quite sick and given me a headache.

Blood causes saturation, HEALTH causes blurred vision. Watch this video and try to make others watch it, since people are reoporting "bugs" because of lack of information about the game mechanics!

Eat and drink alot if you haver blurred vision, If you get "my stomach feels fulled" message or something like that stop for a while, and then drink and eat again. Eat everything you can when you find it and you'll get a message where you see the thirsty and hungry and bleeding message saying "Healing" or "Healthy", that means your Health bar is getting filled therefore no more blurred vision.

You can't die if you loose all your blood but you CAN die if you loose all your health but still have all your blood.

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not a bug its the games health system, you ain't in the mod no more with your magic heal bags

Meef by fully fed and watered do you have the healthy message in you inventory window? if not you are not fully fed enough

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Well i got hit once and bled for about 5secs, immidiately used a bandage. My Vision was blurred but once i entered (just entered - nothing changed) the video Config, my vision was clear again.

Without entering the Video Config the vision stayed blurry even after server changes.

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this also does not happen IF you eat enough to enter healing/healthy status

I have this same problem. My fix is to hit escape and as soon as I click on "video" it gets sharp again. Escape escape. Every time I get hit. I have ate to fullness and not been thirsty. Never went away or got worse. Seems like a video glitch.

I'm playing on a gtx 780 settings on max

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I had the similar bug, I think it is a duplication with #8531

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i got hit few times by zombies, was bleeding and then my vision was blurred (i think this works as intended). i used a bandage to stop the bleeding then ate and drank until the 2 green bars appeared in the character menu. after some time my vision was fine again (no blur and normal color saturation).

now the problem i have:
everytime i log into a server my vision is extremely blurred. the only thing i can do is to go into video settings, this removes the blurred vision (might also be a bug).
if a person or zombie hits me then vision also becomes instantly blurred again, no matter if you start bleeding or not. this also lasts until i go into my video settings.
if my character dies then everything seems fine. i can join servers without blurred vision etc.

i experienced this everytime after being on low health or after the vision became blurred due to blood loss.

this happens on stable build AND on experimental (0.42.116002, also with the previous experimental 0.37.xxxxxxx).

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If you vision goes to blurry straight away you might be sick. Try eating painkillers, charcoal tabs or vitamins. Should allow you to regain health when you are hydrated and energized.

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might be the same thing I reported here: ...try going to your graphic settings, just open them and then go back to game, that should fix it.

This happens to me all the time. If you go into menu - configure - and just click the video tab, your screen resolution fixes itself, it's really strange. I do it every time after I'm hit by a zombie.

When I am hit once by zombie - I get blurry screen - to remove the blurry screen I select Video from settings and screen returns to normal. This happens everytime I am hit by a zombie.

I recently just started getting the blurry issue. The 'work around' as others have said is entering the config menu for a second. But, I would like to add some extra info to this issue. (Which I DO think is some type of bug) This issue will happen immediately after a respawn on the first zombie hit. I do not think this is a blood issue as others have stated.

This has only recently started to happen AFTER I upped my game resolution to my native 1920x1080 screen resolution. Previously I was using something around 1280x960(can't remember exact #). I reduced the resolution back to the previous (default?) setting under Config->Video->User Interface, and the problem is completely gone. Maybe others have had a similar experience with changing video settings?