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quick swap 1-9 doesn't work correctly 100% of the time
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When using 1-9 to switch to a another item or weapon the game is sometimes unresponsive and takes 3-4 time to switch.


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and then when you press 3-4 times it takes out the selected item or weapon, and then puts it back again. sigh.

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This problem is most prevalent while being chased by an active zombie (when I most need it to work!), running in circles mashing the 1 button in a panic with no response. I have noticed when nothing is chasing me it seems to work fine.

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this really need to be fixed, its a basic function of the game. sometimes you can press a number once and it will work, sometimes a double tap will work and other times you have to hit the key 5+ times. even when you are able to switch the item out it sometimes puts it straight back away again. this is a game breaker when you are being attacked by bandits and by the times you have your weapon out you are dead.

me too...
i have to press 3-5 times on one key to change the weapon

maowcat added a subscriber: maowcat.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

I always have to double tap the keys to activate them if i have nothing equipped or i'm switching weapons. Also readying your weapon is an absolutely useless mechanic, incredibly slow and needs to be improved. And this is not a latency issue, it is a problem no matter what and i don't exceed 50 ping ever, most of the time it's between 10-30, this applies to both problems.

I'm getting used to wall-hacking no-clip zombies and those random sounds everywhere, no problem.

But this bug enrages me everytime. It happens at least 50% of the time when I press a hotkey number. My character takes out the gun/axe/compass/whatever and puts it back immediately. Or nothing happens at all. So annoying, especially in combat situations. Happens on less populated servers too.

Weird thing is, it seems like the longer I play on a server, the less often it happens...

This is still present in build 0.44

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^ yes, still in 0.44

This should not be too hard to fix, I think. Because the quickbar becomes invisible when not using a hotkey for a minute, but everytime you press a hotkey number, the quickbar will pop back up. So the game recognizes that the player is pressing a button. But the selected item will not be activated, at least not in 2 out of 3 tries. The game responds, and really quick too, so where is the problem?

How has this not been set to Acknowledged(at the very least) this is game breaking, not even joking.

Wow, this is really old... and still not fixed. :(

I usually have to press TAB for inventory, then drag and drop the weapon into my hands. It's the only way when the quickbuttons stop working.

Confirmed, switches back sometimes too...

also i sometimes experiece that after 2-3 seconds my character switches his weapon/item back into inventory when equpping it since last patch (0.44). this occurs often with binoculars but also with other items like weapons.

I think this also has something to do with "attack mode" (space bar) and "optics mode" (right click). When the problem starts, i usually (at least sometimes) can fix the problem by hitting spacebar and/or right click before trying again.

The right click and space bar system is a bit broken. It would probably be better not to have two separate modes, but one mode with multiple steps/variations instead.

A quick fix could be to have a small icon show which settings are active, because in some cases/some stances/some items you don't see any difference between optic/not optics and attack/not attack. Or it should revert to "normal" automatically when switching weapons/items, and/or it shouldn't be possible to enter "optics" with e.g. fists...

Can confirm switching back and the unresponsive hotbar.

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Yea, i have sometimes problems with switching items in hotbar

Yepp, still an issue in stable 0.44.123800.
I guess it will be resolved with the upcoming non-spam client to server communication.

This comment was removed by Luftwaffles.

This is still occurring and is really bad in the current exp build .46.

urvile added a subscriber: urvile.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

It has gotten noticeably worse in the current .46 exp build

Happens too when vaulting. This is really annoying.

Please fix this!

It's more or less the same that your ability to interact with your inventory to eat, reload, inspect etc. When the server become slow and drops below a certain fps level (cause yeah, server have fps issue too), the server "chooses" to disable a few functions to keep your player able to move and shot. It will disable eating, drinking, reloading...
We have to wait until 64bit server for this to be fixed.

This is not a lag problem. If you experience the hotbar being unresponsive you can immediately go into your inventory and place your weapon in your hands, you can move things around, you can eat and drink. It's just the hotbar that's affected. If it were lag there would be severe delays in eating and drinking during the same time as the hotbar isn't responding, but that isn't the case with this. It's also not dependent upon a high server player count. I have it happen with 6 people on the server.

Yes I know that and like I said, the server will disable a few function depending on how much fps it runs. Hotbar is one of those functions, inventory is another. I never said it will disable all at once ;)

Wow! From report #363 to comment #57210. It would seem that 57000 other things have taken place and this is still not addressed. It was even escalated once! This must be one of the most difficult bugs ever written into a game! I hope you solve it soon, you must have several people on this buy now, hey, Bohemia? Jeepers. Good Luck!

@MrDouille I don't think that's how the system works. It doesn't prioritize certain traffic or functions over others. It receives commands and processes them on a first come first served basis. But in this case, the hotbar commands seem to be completely ignored.

Here have my link :

Rocket says that :
"When the server drops FPS, for any reason, bad things start to happen. The server slows it's various simulation tasks down to, in a desperate attempt to cope, remedy the situation. It stops servicing all the scripts. It changes how often it is updating simulation."

Ok but again, in a low FPS situation you would think that it would be randomly dropping various functions, where sometimes you can't use the hotbar, sometimes you can't eat or drink, sometimes you can't reload your weapon. But this is very consistent, regardless of server load. And even if that were the case, the hotbar should be one of the LAST things that the server drops functionality for. The whole purpose of the hotbar is so that you can get access to important items quickly and reliably without having to fumble for them in your inventory. So if the server is dropping hotbar functions *first* then they've got things very backwards.

I think the last 2 things that are disabled are your ability to move and fire. Access your weapons if you cannot do the 2 listed above is useless.
Again this should be fixed with 64bits server and I think that's why no one from the staff is replying to this issue.

64 bit servers have been active on experimental for a while now and the problem still persists. It's present even in .47.

Deans says half of experimental were upgrade to 64 bit. How do you know you were not still in 32 bits?

No. He said experimental is on 64 bit and has been for some time. And half of ALL servers were as well. Better read that Tweet again, friend.

Maybe, I don't double check my thoughts, my bad. Still, how do you know wich server you are in? I'm interested to test 64bits and have no clue how to find one.

My latest incident with the hotbar not working correctly was in experimental, .47 build, of which all servers should be 64 bit according to Rocket. As far as I know there's no way for us to know which stable servers are on 64 bit. I haven't seen any details stating if it's limited to only certain providers or what the story is. My best guess is that some GSP hosts are having to move servers around, since the requirements for 32 bit servers versus 64 bit will be slightly different, at least from a memory standpoint. The initial server requirements were up to 7 x 50 slot servers per quad core cpu (plus hyperthreading I'm guessing) and 8 GB of memory. But now seeing as how each server can use WAY past 3.25GB of memory EACH, that has likely changed. That being the case, they will either need to be reducing the amount of servers they run on each physical box or increasing the amount of physical memory in each physical box. Either way, it takes money and time to get up to speed. Now that's not to say that each instance of DayZ will always use more than 3.25GB of memory, at least not yet. But they need to allow for room to expand as needed, so they won't want to be shoving too many DayZ servers on each physical server box.

I don't think Dayz can actually use more than 2047MB, soft coded limit for 32 bit app. 64 bit should be able to, but since Dean says there is no more loot, nor npc on those, there is no reason to use more RAM for the moment. The gain 32 vs 64 is somewhere else.

3.25GB was the OS limitation (not the instance limitation) of 32 bit version of windows home and pro, server was never limited to 3.25 even back in XP time.

So half server are 64 bit, and according to Dean "there has been no noticeable performance increase", so hotbar still no respond quickly.

Could we have any statement of a dev or mod on this widely spread issue?

This is the third most upvoted issue on the feedback tracker and its status is still "new". Devs can you at least "acknowledge" this problem?

What about this problem? This is a superbig issue!

I think its a general performance issue that might be solved "by the way" while optimizing the game.

This problem has not even got "acknowledged" by the devs. 1018 upvotes!! What is going on?

This is still a problem in the current .48 build of experimental. Takes multiple key presses to pull out anything on the shortcut bar. This occurs even with only 8 to 10 people on the server.

Some days its so heavy that i press 10+ times on a key and nothink happens

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Same issue here. Seems to be server related, because it's much worse on some servers, but doesn't necessarily seem to be affected by the number of players. The servers where it's occuring generally seem laggy.

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Still the same issue on the current experimental, it seems less responsive on high pop servers.

I second (45th?) this, doesn't seem to be related to the actual item equip/unequip action either as dragging and dropping the same item with your inventory window open works with relative ease, it's just using the 1-9 hotswap, double tapping the key has resulted in it working sometimes, not working other times, and other times still equipping and then immediately unequipping the requested item, that was a bit frustrating.

So when the game comes out on PS4 will I have to hit L1 ten times to switch weapons?

Same here, especially during the fighting whith walkes!

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Llew added a comment.Nov 15 2014, 9:06 PM

I second this, sometimes I have to take out another item for example an axe in order to "unlock" the action system to take out a rifle or whatever.

And when things get hectic, this really messes things up.

dayzru added a subscriber: dayzru.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

This bug is very irritating.
The best way to operate now is moving weapons manually in inventory (TAB).
So the shortcuts do not work and that's sad.

Perhaps it's time this got acknowledged?

i have to press 3 to 14 times "1" to use my Axt -.-

Hello gents,

This issue is related to server performance. As development of the game progresses, the team will also be addressing the current state of server performance so that this issue can be ironed out.


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Confirmed! :P

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I can confirm this aswell, It's very annoying :P

Might be a newb question but isn't this something that can be handled client side? Wouldn't that decrease server load and make the game more responsive?

If it's related to server performance then the jumping being just as unresponsive is probably the same problem isn't it? In that case it's related to issue 0000225

Slightly off topic:
Would it be an idea to make the hot-bar not directly connect to an item but to an item category? I'd imagine it would work as followed: You drag a pistol to your hot-bar, and the button keeps working for any pistol (choosing the one you dragged onto your hot-bar as a first option if it's still in your inventory)

And if you use a certain arrangement it could perhaps be saved to your profile. So when you die and lose everything, but pick an item up in a certain category it will automatically be assigned to the hot-key you've reserved for that category.

I think that would really help in not having to fiddle with the hot-bar every time you drop something or get killed.

I like the idea of saving the hotbar to profile.

amask added a subscriber: amask.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM
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I don't know if somebody allready say that but the hotbar work fine 100% of time when you open your inventory first.

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