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Food, water and stamina systems
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Ive noticed that you only seem to be able to run a short while before messages begin spamming in the bottom right of your screen telling you how tired hungry and thirsty you are. as im sure these are working as intended i have a suggestion to make the game a bit better. realistically i should be able to run further than a couple of blocks without getting hungry or thirsty however in the game its like you guys took a three week long system of starvation like a normal human would experience in a survival situation and stuffed it into an hour long time frame. no one starves that fast or goes thirsty that fast. to stay alive for any amount of time requires looting every piece of food in every town you come too and eating it all thus leaving every other player who comes along in a bad situation. this would be ok on a longer time frame but when a server goes belly up without food or water after an hour or two and everyone starts dropping like flies i think its time to admit there is a problem. please re-balance these systems so we can actually enjoy the great game you guys made for us.


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just walk around for thirty minutes and dont eat and you will die.

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I agree. This being a survival simulator it seems like you're a needy city dweller who constantly needs attention and never spent a day in the woods. Would like to see it take a little more to make you tired hungry and thirsty

I think they should revert back to the bars on the side so you can actually see how hungry or thirsty you are instead of a message popping up every few seconds saying "my throat feels parched"

Artkil added a subscriber: Artkil.May 8 2016, 2:12 PM

Well with the current spam of messages.. I really don't know what you want the player to do.. You feel like a nap? Is there a sleep button? Running sim turns sleeping sim?

donlod added a subscriber: donlod.May 8 2016, 2:12 PM

we need more accurate information and not that much messages. i liked the indicators from the mod, they were simply and good. i think there is too much we have to worry about to keep our character healthy at the moment. and those things occur too often in my opinion.

Yep it looks like more a tamagoshi than a survival game ...

I agree SO much. I feel so worried about finding food and water that I don't actually have time to do much else other than look around for it. The whole thing just feels so exaggerated. I want to be able to run around for an hour and -then- need to eat.

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It's like the Sims meet Arma2 in Wasteland. A bit longer without Food/Water would be good. Also, I like the status items of the mod more than the messages in standalone. if I am tired/sleepy I would actually like to rest or take a nap in a bed. How?

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The times need tripling or more!

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