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Blood has tube-like graphical error
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The blood splatter sometimes creates a red tube. This occasion was in a multiplayer server. {F17815} {F17816} {F17817} {F17818} {F17819} {F17820} {F17821} {F17822}


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Repro video, method obviously unreliable:

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It looks more like a graphical glitch.
Check your drivers are up to date and that your gpu is not overheating (highly doubt about this second one since A3 doesn't use more than 40% of GPU power..)

It should be fixed in next stable build which will be available at the end of this week. Could you please check it and let us know? Thanks

This bug wasn't observed/reported more than a week. Closing as fixed.

Issue is reportedly not fixed. (#6325)

We've seen this problem a few times now but it's difficult to pinpoint it's source without a repro. If you guys could come up with one that would be much appreciated :).

Can you please attach screenshots with your video settings(all video setting tabs)?
Was you be injured or somebody other from your unit? Did die somebody before this issue? Thank you.

All video settings were on the default at the time(I've changed my settings since then.). This was on a multiplayer server, and this was at the spawn. A helicopter had been killing us quite frequently so it my have something to do with the textures being ontop of eachother?

If it will help, I was playing on an ASUS G74sx-BBK8.(all updated drivers to my knowledge.)

I added another screenshot that I had taken. This shows that even when you can't see the blood directly the glitch continues to be present.

Still true in last DEV build.

I'm getting it too. I had been recently wounded by an invisible fire from a damaged Hunter.

Still getting this on stable build (haven't tested dev version)

I did not see this until EXE rev. 08236

Hard to recreate a repro. seem to happen to random dead bodies:

i still see this in the latest dev branch but not as red anymore

Are you able reproduce it or create repro mission? Thank you.

I will see what I can do as its random positions when standing next to dead bodies

Still true in EXE rev. 09860

Any repro pls?

No repro unfortunately :(. Happens often during firefights.

AD2001 added a comment.Sep 9 2013, 5:58 PM

I've had it only happen a few times. It seems random.

Latest dev build here. I've seen this exact same problem as a red ray coming from a dead teammate today in a singleplayer infantry scenario. It faded away after a little while.

I'm running a 2600K @ 3.4ghz. No overclocks. GTX Titan 6GB with a customized fan profile keeping the card at a peak of a cool 62 degrees while playing Arma 3. 16GB of RAM. CPU is hydro cooled reaching the mid 40s at peak. MB temp reported at 28 degrees. Heat is not an issue with my rig at all. I'm running the latest drivers. I also use SSD drives for the entire system.

I haven't played much recently but I would say this one is hard to reproduce. Very random.

Just saw it today, in last dev update.
I manage to reproduce tube-like with particles (not with blood). It's not 100% accurate. Only worked 4 of 10 times :( but it's the best i could do. I hope this will help.

Added mission with same place as on video.

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Peter added a comment.Oct 26 2013, 8:07 PM

Still there...and is there sice alpha.

Just seen this. Build 1.12.115915. Using Nvidia GTX 780 driver 332.21.
Happened on blood patches on the ground when I was injured.

Build 1.15.116294 still happens.

Ver 1.16 still there. :(

Fank added a comment.May 13 2014, 11:43 PM

Can someone explain how to reproduce this?

Happens randomly during firefights.

1.35 still not fixed.

Could it be related to the graphics card and/or drivers? I use AMD and have never seen this yet.

1.48RC still not fixed.

Still need a reliable reproduction. Add as much as possible concerning graphics card and drivers.

GTX 780 TI, 353.06.
Not really a reliable repro but clearly shows the problem.

Updated with danil-ch's repro video.

Did you prepare the soldier somehow (invincible), or is he simply a medic healing himself over and over again?

Second variant.

Thanks for the video, we'll try to reproduce.

ceeeb added a comment.Jul 7 2015, 4:30 PM

I notice that executing nearObjects near the origin of the blood tubes (and also some of the normal blood splats) returns some odd results. I created a simple test mission based on the circumstances and location on Stratis shown in the youtube video:

The nearObjects return includes some objects with names such as "164538: <no shape>". This object is a road object far removed from the player location (nearly 4km to the south). When the position of these objects is queried, it returns a position expected for the blood.

Debug console code used, with player within 1m of the bleeding AI:
diag_log " "; {diag_log _x; diag_log position _x} forEach (player nearObjects 2);

Example rpt file excerpt, when a blood tube is visible:
23:25:36 NOID slop_00.p3d
23:25:36 [3002.67,6194.08,0]
23:25:36 NOID slop_00.p3d
23:25:36 [3002.35,6193.78,0]
23:25:36 164537: <no shape>
23:25:36 [3002.5,6194.09,0.34259]
23:25:36 164538: <no shape>
23:25:36 [3002.79,6193.71,0.145243]
23:25:36 NOID slop_00.p3d
23:25:36 [3002.29,6193.57,0]

It seems some blood splat objects are somehow getting mixed up with other map objects. If the map object and blood splat clash in some way, blood tubes occur? Increasing object view distance may affect repro rate?

Take note that this bug also happens with other particles. It's not limited to blood splashes only.

ceeeb added a comment.Jul 11 2015, 4:22 AM

Added a repro mission, which recreates the issue by simply creating a lot of bleeding units. The player does not need to do anything, just observe.

Using this mission I get a least one "blood tube" within a minute or so. Adding more units results in more blood, more instances of this issue and lower performance.

See attached screenshot "ceeeb_lotsOfBlood.jpg" for example.

I also have a month old Nvidia 970 GTX card. Maximum reported GPU temperature during this testing is 63°C (CPU cores max 61°C) so overheating is not likely an issue.

I have also recreated the same effect with the bullet impact mark created when a bullet hits the terrain. The issue seems to be less frequent with bullet impacts than the blood.See attached "ceeeb_bulletImpactStretched.jpg"

1.50 still not fixed.

1.52 still true(

ceeeb added a comment.Oct 3 2016, 2:12 AM

Issue persists in dev build 1.65.138598. It seems to be less frequent than before, but I am using a new PC so cannot be sure.

dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Sep 13 2017, 11:06 AM

I have never seen that in Arma. So it must be veeeery rare.