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You should be able to move while changing weapons
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While you shouldn't have full mobility, you should be able to move while changing from your sidearm to gun, etc.

Player comes to full stop during weapon change.

Player should slow down to tactical pace during weapon change, if they are at faster pace, but keep walking.


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This should not apply to launchers.

Additionally there could be a way to change weapons during sprint by throwing away the current weapon.

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Regular Military teaches these techniques. plus it helps when you are engaged and run out of ammo you can continue to advance and pull your secondary weapon.

Yes for sidearm<->primary transition. No for launchers. Binoculars are a whole other problem that deserve their own issue report because they are all kinds of messed up when it comes to movement and switching.

this needs to be done for vanilla release! I am pretty concerned with final release about a month away that BIS will be disapointing us by skipping features such as this.

I have no problem with comunity mods, but something like this should be a standard in the vanilla, community are supposed to be experimenting with new ideas, not patching up what BIS was suppose to have done in the first place.

Come on Devs sort this out, over a thousand votes

One of the first tickets created when alpha started as well

who is the man!


Regarding launchers: Swithing to a launcher you will need to stop, but throwing it on the back and going for a sidearm or rifle, tactical pace is expected in my opinion.

Ignore @naizarak he is a typical most likely new ARMA player thinking that being able to switch weapons on the move is COD-like, not really that is a massive mongish statement and you do not know what you are talking about.

I don't know if you ever had a launcher on you, but fyi it isn't just sonething you "throw on your back". If it was, it would fall off pretty quickly while running, or at least bounce like crazy. Normally, launchers are more firmly attached, anf often you might need help from soneone else to take it on/off.

Perfectly right.


Especially switching to/from a sidearm shouldn't bring you to a halt...

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It would definitely be more realistic with this implemented. also if you change weapons your primary rifle/MG/SMG shouldn't be slung on your back. not sure about other nations armed forces but in the US military most of us ground pounders use one or three point slings which make it so when you need to switch to your sidearm quickly you just let the primary go and the sling makes it rest across your chest or at your side. and yes we are definitely trained to change weapons on the move, in the marine corps we call this a crossover drill. in regards to launchers though if its allowed it should appear to be incredibly awkward.

Hope to see it soon implemented into the game not only as community script.

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"in regards to launchers though if its allowed it should appear to be incredibly awkward."

It does not appear awkward when in move you swap assault rifle to single user AT weapon (what Titan etc launchers are in game). You can do it perfectly well even while sprinting but you don't prepare the weapon while sprinting so easily.

Those who have been hunting tanks (MBT, IFV, Recons etc) or any other AFV in urban area or woods knows that you don't have a two seconds to stay still while switching weapon or staying at that location after firing at the target. You can be just 50m from target and having a 2-3 seconds to pop-up, aim and fire and run like hell from that location, especially if you have a light AT weapon what most likely just makes target angry at you.

In games your controls should not be limited without good reason. Like giving a first aid to yourself is one what should immobilize you (now the rotating while doing so is silly) but swapping a weapon shouldn't, only to slow down either task.

And there are good and bad features with three point slings or typical sling and I prefer typical one. If players could choose those in game, it would be awesome.

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I also think you should be able to cancel reloads/weapon changes etc - and just run if you need to. Even if it means dropping a weapon, but that shouldn't happen if it's slung to your body.


Indeed, I hate that. It really should be changed. Upvoted.

why isn't this assigned yet?

This *still* happens. Can't believe it.

When changing "normal" weapons (riffle and smaller), move speed should be normal/jog speed. same when reloading. But reload speed should take a hit. Pause reload/weapon-swap while sprinting.

<removed by moderator; express your opinion in the forums, but in a civil manner>

^ although this guy is kind of obnoxious, unfortunately he made some good points. Bohemia, you guys NEED to pay attention to problems like this. Actually check the feedback tracker for once. This is a much bigger issue than you guys are aware, apparently. This has got to be fixed asap.

I'd like you to keep chatter in forums. This is a FT ticket and I expect you to use commenting to contribute improvements of the original ideas/bugs and improve the reports.

Demon's right here, though he was a little bit abrasive in his methodology. This is a game-breaking bug that should be fixed, or have been fixed by now.

Make a forum post about your unhappiness. Here is the wrong place for your rants.

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On *1776* stable version servers, this "weapon changing while moving" is implemented.

On AWG Zulu (, weapon changing while moving is also implemented.

As of current stable release as of March 6 2014 (or game update version 1.12), this is still not officially implemented or fixed. I should note the previous multi-player servers mentioned, have other major game bugs which may likely be significantly aggravated by these modifications!

For example, Jumping helicopter vehicle passengers breaking rotors, invisible fires from destroyed vehicles, ... all of which are apparently fixed within the stable versions without modifications, and likely indicative of poor programming or workarounds.

It is quite possible this feature, might be dependent on some other bug fix or code fixing!

this is another part of weapon handling ARMA has fallen behind. kind of sad that this has not been implemented.

die more than once while you exchange a gun, this is a big mistake Arma

Wait A sec. is this bug report was first reported 1 year ago????
And still no fix?

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it is funny : 2000 vote for a simple thing.
1 years of work -> Nothing.
A guy create a mod to do it. -> BI could take it to implement this feature into the game but they don't.
What is the goal of a feedback tracker if dev are not reading it !!!!

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Is it really that hard for people to understand that they can't just implement mods?

rogerx added a comment.Apr 1 2014, 6:40 AM

All I can hear is, "It is written." ;-)

Today 1629 Voted up! But this issue deliberately ignored. why?
Or is it really so difficult to realize?


Indeed. That would downgrade the quality of the game.

Allthough, there are some good, fluid mods out there that could maybe be brought in and of course re-worked to have the same quality of the game.

I wouldn't care if they would work less. More content ftw!

I guess it would suck to make a mod then just have it thrown into the game by the developers. I guess it would make the mod creator feel like what they created was a waste of time...

Already more than 1.7 years a lot of people unhappy, but it apparently incorrigible.
I think the developers do not want to change this issue ever! But WhY????
....Unfortunately and most likely we may never know(

Probably because of AD2001 reason...

Hope this will get looked at with marksman dlc. Also, wtf is wrong with 22 people?

Today 1645 vote(s) up, and it's still not resolved!
Unfortunately this is an example of what feedback does not work well/
I Think, BIS should not have such examples, because respect the wishes of the majority of users, is the success of the project in the future.

PS: Happy new year to all!

<removed by moderator; express your opinion in the forums, but in a civil manner>

This isn't a bug, it's a feature request.
There's a mod for it, so we know it's possible.
It would be nice to know why they haven't done it yet.
Maybe their leaving it for a future update or something.
I don't really care if this is added or not, but for the sake of the community, Bohemia, can you please shed some light on <I>why</I> it hasn't been done, or if it's ever going to happen?
It's a lot better then having all these people think you don't care about what they want in the game.

Maybe even adding a sling function so you can switch to your side arm even faster?

Doom4MR, please watch your tone. This is not a forum anyway, so please keep your pointless rants away from here.

Yeah.... we're trained in the military to go from primary to secondary while moving.

*PLEASE READ* Everything I read here has the solution backwards. We need to be thinking the other way around: The faster you move the longer it takes to reload/change weapons. Reloading/changing weapons should be fastest standing still and reloading/changing weapons should take longer if you are running. Maybe you can sacrifice movement speed but it should only be an unnoticeable 10% reduction.

Interesting. So because of the previous comment, Bohemia Interactive's solution is to only allow for reloading (or changing weapons/items) while standing still and not allow reloading (or changing weapons/items) while walking or running?

You can reload while moving (and unrealistically fast at that). You just can't move while changing weapons (taking a launcher off your back or putting it back on).

I like the fact that said Zectbumo. It would be good!
But I can't understand. BIS will implement this ability?
Any work already underway?

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Zectbumo i absolutely agree with this. It would be perfect if there was a way to slow down an anim depending on movement speed so that it could also be aplied to reloads.

Till today not fixed.... Thank God we have modders

if you people were smart you would ban this game and not spend money on it to make the developers understand that we won't throw our money at every sh*t they release, this game would be much better.
I am sure moderators will come now but fu*k them also.
Truth always hurts...

Who still not understand, they took A2 and glued little physx on it to make vehicles fell more realistic. and made better textures.
but instead of fixing all those bugs and glitches we had in A2, they added more.

I knew after playing alpha that this game will stay like this, because I know how BIS work.

Somehow i agrre with you, but this game is still W.I.P. if patches will stop coming out, then game will be finished, Now i'm playing Arma 2 1.62 and i'm impressed how all this things work. I hope this will be implemented in Arma 3

this game was released on September 12, 2013
I don't how their work or progress goes but all I see is methodical money grabbing by releasing "dlc's" like carts (really??) and "sniper" where they added 2? weapons? A2 had at least 25 weapons from the day it released.
this game really sucks, I hope they will abandon it and release A4 which will be good game so I will happily buy it.
and make it real not 2035.
Its amazes me every time I think about it: all those bugs this game has and people buy it for 60$.

Its like having car with broken engine and instead of fixing the engine you put Carbon parts on the car.

This comment was removed by mickeymen.
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When I were a kid, there were no such thing as patches or updates, and having a feedback system was never thought of. A computer with a 16-color YPbPr composite video palette was awe-inspiring then.

I'm thankful for what we do have, but it could be better. For example, see any related open source program's forum. Developers are usually extremely interactive, as well as having many devoted followers to pickup the torch to relieve some of the load. It's an unique crowd whom use Windows programs these days.

Yes this bug should have been fixed by now, and I've likely seen some past modifications that have successfully fixed this issue.

I guess, this is still BETA, they introduced features, tested it, and will be fixed finally in Arma 4 with normal hardware. This is some test version. Doom4MR, i agree, they should fix most major bugs since 2 years, and dlc is biggest mistek they done - just after releasing game in early acces - its second biggest mistake. You have to employ people to support, and control up-to-date issues, instead of continue "making" a game. I hope Arma 4 will be setted in present times, with fully modelated Russian army (not as before in arma series, where tanks was auwful and Russians was not so polished as US) and US army, and it will not be in early access.

Lot of work done since Arma 2! It's much more noob friendly animation and gameplay.

The thing is: One (1) and Two (2) are forced hotkey to change weapons, if you ever misclic during close combat, it"s over ^^

this topic can be closed, I guess :-)

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Gooood work BI!
after 3+ years you finally added this basic feature!!!1
Still won't buy your game... and not any other your game.
Stop acting like indie studio if you want to charge 60$ for your games.

"pre early pre alpha access beta 2"

Shame that people so stupid ready to throw money at everything.
because of you other people suffer.

Developing Arma is a process that I'm willing to shamelessly pay for year after year. It's well known that Arma is a man's game. Just face it. It's not for you. Enjoy life. Play Insurgency and CS:GO. I'm sure you are excited about Battlefield 1. As for me, because of your post Doom, I'm buying an additional copy of Apex for a friend of mine.

Thank you BI, keep up the bug fixes and feature requests.

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You can even sell your house and give all the money to BI.
I don't care, but you miss the bigger picture...

It's well known that Arma is a man's game.

In 1 year from now, Squad will surpass Arma in every aspect.

zeep added a comment.Sep 2 2016, 3:25 PM

I reset my password so i could unsubscribe. This is not the place for your fucking whining.

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