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Some controls still active while chatting
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While chatting in global channel in multiplayer I noticed that sometimes things like compass and watch will pop up while typing.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • join server (not sure if DS matters) as non-local player
  • open the player list (not the scoreboard; default binding: 'lshift-p') update: you can also hit 'J' (default binding) and then select "Players"
  • close the player list
  • start chatting and hit keys like q/e/k/o
Additional Information

It happens on host and DS. When a player opens the player list on a host, then the "chat dance" happens for everybody.

Use the map and then click on Players.

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This does happen all the time, anytime you press the (default) "o" key for watch and "k" key for compass they will pop up while you are chatting.

I can confirm that this does happen all the time and the (Q and E) leaning is also active during typing.

I think this is a duplicate

@Stiffwood, it is definitely possible for more than one person to find and report the same bug.

Good thing the "G" key is not active while typing, imagine all those deaths!

@TicKByT, and it is not possible for anyone to use the search function before posting the same bugs. The tracker is meant for reporting issues, NOT already reported.

Concerning the grenade thing not active I did kill my whole squad because of this bug. Had by bindings to 2x"t" and whille misstyping I also threw a nade.. : /

@Stiffwood There are many things I would rather say to you right now. But nevermind that. Whether or not there are duplicates is not the issue at hand so please if you have nothing useful to add to an issue, refrain from commenting.

Well it is for the tracker. People should close down their tickets if they didn't search beforehand and just created "yet another" ticket of the same subject.

If the issue is the same as already reported then it has no justification being here just because someone "feels" like it.

It is that simple.

Link to the duplicate please.

Here are a few: #0000152, #0000226, #0001119. There were a couple more.

I closed all others in favor of this one, because this ticket has the highest vote count. :)

Thank you maddog. I am glad there are people looking out for these things and I appreciate the visit.

Inheriting status and dev assignment from dupe #8431.

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i think, it's fixed in actual version

EDIT: Not fixed :(

Unfortunately still not fixed. I think it needs a respawn in MP and happens to non-local players only (e.g. also on dedicated server), but this needs verification.

Definitely needs a higher priority, it was already a shame in A2 when the bug persisted for that long.

This is still an very significant issue in the current dev and stable builds. With the grenade keybinds it can be lethal to your nearby teammates. Accidental death can happen. Especially when you rebind your grenade key to say 2xT and you type the word Attack. I am glad to see this issue is assigned and set to urgent already.

TOMMEH added a subscriber: TOMMEH.May 7 2016, 11:09 AM

type in "kk" and my compass toggles -.-

Dam I might kill someone with my grenades if this is true because my grenade key is T.

Still an issue. Easily seen in multiplayer when a person is writing something in chat - he'll jerk back and forth (left/right lean).

I don't think this ticket should be classified as major as the basic game functionality isn't really effected.

EDcase added a subscriber: EDcase.May 7 2016, 11:09 AM

Its VERY important to gameplay because you can accidentally throw a grenade when typing. (which happened to me)

Still needs to be fixed, no grenades but extremely irritating, especially if you lean around a corner and there's enemy.

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I have my compass in 'R', and I have my inventory at 'OEM102 + R'. And whenever I open my inventory the compass flashes on the screen. Previously I had my inventory at 'L.Shift + R' and the same happened then. The same glitch is in Arma2OA too.

However I think this is a very low priority, considering what other issues are out there.

Long overdue fix.

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I was able to reproduce it, but after resetting my controls the problem disappeared. Could you please try if the following helps?

  1. Navigate to Configure->Controls.
  2. Click Presets button.
  3. Choose Arma 3 and click OK.
  4. Close controls by clicking OK.

Hmmm this might be fixed at some point for me at least.

Jep, I was playing MP on Tuesday too, the whole evening and it didn't occur. I believe you don't even have to revert the controls to the preset, but you might only have to modify your controls once.

Setting to resolved.

I don't see how this is fully resolved. Even if there's a workaround, the underlying problem that causes this still seems to be active.

I recently recreated my profile and had to recustomise my controls, as I use quite a few non-standard key bindings (e.g., double tap space to step over).
Even after recreating my profile this problem persists, which basically means any new player could face the same issue.

Next to a Skype group feedback, you're the second player saying, that it's not fixed.

This happens for me no matter what channel I type to. I've accidentally fragged friendly players twice because of the speed needed to type would activate the throw (G*2). The compass, watch, and both leans "q" and "e" all stay active while chatting.

Jep, reassigning, could repro again.

Klako added a comment.Jan 4 2014, 7:04 PM

This problem occurs when you use the action "List of players" which has its keybind in Controls->Multiplayer. I recommend using the map's player list as it doesn't cause this problem.

Goomer added a subscriber: Goomer.May 7 2016, 11:09 AM

Oh yes. I can't say how many times i've killed or almost killed team mates while trying to chat. And you cannot expect me to reset my controls every time i start arma and want to chat.

Muecke added a subscriber: Muecke.May 7 2016, 11:09 AM

Still not fixed !

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Experienced this bug today in Multi player. Arrow keys for movement, Watch, Compass, all activate when you type in the chat box.

Still an issue in 1.22.

Can I get an update on this? Does anyone know how to fix this annoying thing?

Don´t press P ever! If you wanna see Playerlist go via M...

To be honest, I don't see why this is a "major" bug. If you have time to type something via chat you have time to double tap o to close your compass again. Yes, it shouldn't happen, but the fact that it does doesn't cause any problems.

@the_Demongod: The issue is that all controls are active. You walk around, throw grenades...

That's interesting, It only affects the Compass and Watch for me. I did not know that.

Demongod: Leaning is also active (default: 'q' and 'e'), hence the nickname "chat dance".

Iceman added a subscriber: Iceman.May 7 2016, 11:09 AM

Fixed in Steam Dev rev. 127323 and higher.

"Fixed in Steam Dev rev. 127323 and higher."

Praise the LORD !!!!

I´am happy as a rabbit on LSD now. ;))))))

Not fixed in Arma 3 RC 1.30.127372 !

That is correct, it did not make it to current Stable build (it was hotfix - only MP desync fixes were present). However, it should already be fixed on Steam Dev and will be in 1.32 Stable update.

Ty for fixing it, after 1 1/2 years ;)

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

Please PM me in BI Forums ( if you feel your bug was closed in error.

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