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AutoSpot=0 in difficulty settings has no effect in MP
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When AutoSpot=0; is set in difficulty settings, players will still report enemies in multiplayer. (Radio message and group chat)

This is the case in both hosted & dedicated.

I verified it's disabled using:

hint str(difficultyEnabled "autoSpot");

Which returns: false

PLEASE, PLEASE, let us disable AutoSpot in MP.


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Look at an enemy in MP.

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This is a very important option for multiplayer scenarios, because it often removes the need to actually spot enemies with your eyes.

It's also very immersion breaking. A common situation is:

In-game Radio: "Enemy, Soldier, Bearing 210, 500 meters"
Teamspeak: "Oh, err, huh, my guy spotted something, should be there and there... I cant see it!"

The radio and group chat messages are distracting and unnecessary in MP.

I don't play PVP myself, but in that kind of environment it's probably even worse. I would consider it cheating.

If you search for related terms you will find countless threads asking how to disable this, dating back to Arma (1).

And many many more...

There is even a mod trying to address this issue:
Also available for ArmA 2.

I tried all kinds of workarounds using enableSenteces, enableRadio, disableChannels etc. But nothing is satisfactory.

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The player should definitely be able to turn autospotting off. It has already been annoying in Arma 2.

Is "reviewed" good or bad? Any news on this? :(

Basically means looked into, point taken, dont care - otherwise it would get assigned or acknowledged at least.

So in short bad news.

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Bump... Needs fixing

Seriously BIS how long will take to fix this annoying sh*t! I'm mad right now.. I always though that it's not possible even in SP and you have this option in difficulty settings all the time and you're too lazy to fix it in MP? Seriously?

This is pretty critical problem, autospot shouldn't be in the MP for players in the first place, period. It breaks immersion and players use mods that disable WHOLE RADIO PROTOCOLS BECAUSE OF THIS.

"It breaks immersion and players use mods that disable WHOLE RADIO PROTOCOLS BECAUSE OF THIS."

This, it's quite sad given BI spent so much effort trying to improve them in A3. Using mods like this also has a negative impact on immersion in that they disable AI talking altogether, but it's the only way around this ridiculous bug.

a) Auto reporting can not effectively be turned off in SP as well, the player permanently reports enemies...!

b) ...even if they aren't enmies. Player reports members of friendly groups as enemies. They are unknown for a short while, purple icon on the map. No combat happens, but your mates go into a slower mode.

So this is not only an audible problem.... This effectively breaks missions where your infantry has to to move fast!

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This is such an immense game breaker for me and my friends. I'm sure there's a rationel explanation to why it's been hardcoded, but why??
Plase make it changeable!

BL1P added a comment.Sep 3 2015, 12:39 AM

It will soon be 15 years since this was first reported for OFP do you ever plan to actually fix this ?

Or are you going to bull shit us for another 15 years ?

AutoSpot option is working in Arma 2, just tested, it detects server setting correctly and applies everywhere. The problem is with Arma 3, for some reason this is the only flag that doesn't work out of all flags. The value fro the autospot is taken from local config instead of network value.

To add, contrary to OP,

hint str(difficultyEnabled "autoSpot");

reports true when autospot = 0; in server difficulties config. On mercenary it is opposite, you cannot enable it, as it is always disabled, and reported as disabled even if you autoSpot = 1;

oukej added a comment.Dec 6 2015, 9:38 PM

I'm unable to reproduce the issue on a hosted server. Having a "Regular" preset with autospot=0 the server and with autospot=1 on the client, the server still enforces autospot=0 and it's also correctly returned on both by the script command.

Will try the dedicated later.

In case you have some more detailed info, please let us know.

BL1P added a comment.Dec 7 2015, 12:43 AM

It may well report that Autospot is set at 0 but the problem is that Player characters in MP games call out enemy spotted etc when they should not.

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I'm afraid autospot means also autoreport linked with cursortarget : (see video)

A simple need as the possibility of avoiding automatic reports should not lead to such consequences. oukej, is there any smart solution for that?

oukej added a comment.Dec 8 2015, 11:18 AM

It may well report that Autospot is set at 0 but the problem is that Player characters in MP games call out enemy spotted etc when they should not.

That's also what I was unable to reproduce. My avatar doesn't report an enemy even if I'm directly looking at him with the autoSpot switched off. With it enabled the avatar reports a contact immediately.

I'm afraid autospot means also autoreport linked with cursortarget: [^] (see video)

A different issue. To be dealt with in that linked report.
So far the only way how to check what the character is looking/aiming at are quite expensive scripted raycasts. We intend to provide simpler way how to do it.

BL1P added a comment.Dec 8 2015, 1:01 PM

You need to be in a group I would imagine so you have someone to report it too.

I will attempt to repo this. With some of our community members, to make sure im not just spouting bs at you. :)

This issue seems to have made a comeback(?). In missions using "custom" difficulty with autoReport=0; the players will still automatically call out spotted enemies.

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The problem that autoReport = 0 does nothing with custom difficulty still exists! Please fix this for 1.66.

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