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Combination Lock breaks upon a server crash
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Combination Lock loses it's code. Seems to happen after server crash, after server restart it still seems to work, that is if i recognize the difference between them correctly. Need to destroy the gate completely and rebuild it. If i even let the logs stand up the problem is persistent. We have had this problem now over 10 times at our base. Server: The Village | Barely Infected. 0 mods. Server had a wipe with patch 1.02


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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Hello TSS and thank you for the report.
Since you mention the server had a wipe, does this mean that you have been experiencing the issue with locks that have been spawned in the new version and have not been carried over from the previous ones?

TSS added a comment.EditedWed, Apr 10, 6:10 PM

Well, i don't know the technicality of it all. But when the admins applied patch 1.02, everything was wiped. No player/character, tent, base, buried stash or barrel survived the wipe. So i am guessing the same for the locks. Everything should be new version spawn. Nothing carried over.

As for additional information, i am starting to notice that its not happening after every server crash.

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Hello TSS.
We have confirmed the issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.

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