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Combination Lock Broke After Restart
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This is on Stable 1.02 Community Server.

After a server restart the combination locks cannot be unlocked from a gate resulting in having to cut them off. Sometimes the combination isn't the set combination and appears to be reset resulting in it needing to be cut off.

Some people report it still appearing it to be attached but the gate opens unlocked. Combination works but graphically is attached and able to open/close gate. If one logs in and out, it will allow you to pick up lock but not reattach it to gate.

Logging out and logging back in the lock is in the middle of the gate on the ground, it can be picked up, but can't be reattached.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Weyland created this task.Apr 4 2019, 11:42 PM
Weyland updated the task description. (Show Details)Apr 4 2019, 11:44 PM

as above, combo was reset to random number, could not remove lock from gate post after opening, yet gate could be opened. After re-logging, able to pick up and manipulate lock but not able to attach it to gate.

Also I like the clicks as the lock is manipulated, at least. I had to listen to a lot of them as I bruteforced my base open.

Moonman added a subscriber: Moonman.Apr 5 2019, 7:15 PM

Yes combo lock are broken. After the restart all combo locks will not open unless you break down your gate or gates

Did not know logging off and on on you could pick up the lock, thank you...I've been destroying them to open the gate. Totally tearing down the gate (base included) and rebuilding from scratch allows you to reattach the lock. This has happened to me on two different servers several times. lock works until the next login. I keep a lot of locks and hack saws on hand to re-secure everything.