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Combination Locks & Base building
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Quite a few:

During server restart the combination randomizes.

If you guess the number afterwards the fence gate bugs out (had 2 visible locks in the gate), it can be opened but no new locks can be installed. And the lock doesn't drop into the ground.

After a while the visible locks disappear but "attachment" slot is still unusable. When that happens the combination lock spawns to the ground.

PS. Guessing the combination is too easy, you should stop at every number if you want the lock to open, now you can cycle through them quite fast and it just automaticly opens if you happen upon the right combination. But since you can use a hacksaw to open the gate in 1 minute they're obsolete anyways. TBH every part of the base needs HP buff. And there's problems with fence building, sometimes when you place the fence kit, shovel the posts up you cannot build the wall parts, the building animation works but nothing completes. And IMHO you should loosen the placement rules a bit, some clipping is better than trying to find a spot to put the next fence part for 5 mins. And you should be able to open gates from almost every spot, not only from the end of it.

PSPS. Love 1.0 release. I hope you can now start adding stuff like crazy :)


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