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Attached lock codes scrambling on restart, desynchronization of item location upon removal
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Users on my server (as well as myself) are experiencing an issue where Code Locks will, after restart, often "forget" their codes. The codes must then be hacked into (or destroyed) in order to remove them. After they have been removed, the lock often visually appears to still remain on the fence and cannot be interacted with (and no longer appears to be attached in the inventory screen). Relogging seems to fix this, and allows the lock to be collected from the ground, however the fence usually remains in a broken state that cannot be re-locked.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Windows Server 2016 Standard (On Server-side)
Steps To Reproduce
  • Lock a gate.
  • Wait for Restart.
  • Enter in code for gate Lock (If the code does not work, then this bug has caused your lock's code to scramble).
  • "Hack" the lock, either by literally hacking through it with a saw or breaking the code manually by cycling through numbers until it releases.
  • Lock will now "open", but visually remain on the gate but not appear attached to the gate via the inventory screen.
  • Re-logging will allow players to view the lock on the ground and interact with it (pick it up)
  • The gate will now be unlocked (can be closed/opened), but will not be able to have a lock attached to it. Not sure if this is permanent, or fixed upon another restart (needs testing).
Additional Information

My server *does* use mods.
My server *does* use vanilla locks.
We have *not* done a persistence wipe, however I do not believe this is an issue related to persistence as newly created gates suffer from this same issue.

Server Specs (If needed):

GAME-64-OC Server - Intel i7-7700K OC - 64GB DDR4 2400 MHz - Hybrid Soft RAID 2x450GB NVMe + 4To SATA
Windows Server 2016 Standard

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I can confirm that following a restart it is not possible to add a lock to a "glitched" gate.

Andris added a subscriber: Andris.Apr 5 2019, 12:09 PM

It doesn't work for my server either the combi lock after restart.

It only works after the gate has been dismantled and re-build again. (If its help)

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