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Animals/Agents not moving anymore (Not complete resolved)
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Since the last updates Animals and Agents stuck and will not response to any command. The problem seems also be present on the Animal-MODUL.



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1: Open attached Mission in Editor
2: Start
3: see what happens

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Goats and chickens working now, but dogs still stuck.

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As far as animals are concerned, there is an existing ticket:

R3vo added a subscriber: R3vo.May 8 2016, 11:54 AM

disableAI "anim" stops freezing but it breaks animal idle behaviour. Basically the problem is with animations

Some news here ? Need the Agents to finish my new mission. ty

Still no fix in the DEV-Version since over a week... every day i check the DEV-Changelog and wondering your priority... There are a lot of bugs listen in this tracker wich needs to be fixed soon as possible, or are all devs in holidays ?

Bohemia gives a shit about bugs that are not gamebreaking.
See the Taru Bug, this bug and the animal modul bug...

Atlest they dont give a single piece of information

You fixed the Rabbit-bug.. gj ! But Dogs and Goats still not moving !

any news here Adam ? ty

nohrt added a subscriber: nohrt.May 8 2016, 11:54 AM
nohrt added a comment.Jun 8 2015, 4:09 AM

any chance of getting this fixed for 1.46?

Issue is still present and could do with being fixed

R3vo added a comment.Jun 19 2015, 3:29 PM

Holy cow guys, give it some time. Animale behavior is nice to have but certainly not on the top of the priority list.

I noticed that problem applies only to certain animals.

Sheeps will not get stuck, they will keep moving.

But when you place some chickens, they will normally behave (move) and after a several seconds they will freeze. When they freeze you may try to shot them or even blow them with a aerial bomb and they will not die :D

vbawol added a subscriber: vbawol.May 8 2016, 11:54 AM

Seeing the same thing: Goats, Chickens, Dogs are unable to move, but Sheep are.

I noticed that goats are rotating, but not walking.
Chickens always gets frozen while putting their heads down.

And AFAIK fishes are still able to walk on land :D

There is also problem with baloons ghosting trough animals.

Same thing here.
We are waiting for an anwser since 2 month.

Up! :)

Animals add a nice touch to scenarios, will be nice to have moving ones again!

The model rotates but functional movement is currently zilch.

this one is all oukej's fault I can feel it!

Should be fixed in the current dev branch version of the game. Marking as resolved.

R34P3R added a comment.Jul 3 2015, 1:23 PM

Hmm Guys.. Goats and Chickens working now.. but my Dogs still only turning around and not moving :-(

Re-opening on user request.

If you place an animal module, only two animals will have animations. For example if you set it up for five sheep, two of the sheep will be moving around but the rest will be frozen. However, if you put down two modules with two sheep each, they will all move around.

R3vo added a comment.Jul 7 2015, 2:50 PM

Hello, please note that I will completely review all animal animations and rework the configs to provide better feel of animal behavior (there is also possibility of little enrichment of animal animations as well). This is planned for 1.50 update because we want to be sure everything is polished and will not cause any other issues. Thanks for your feedback and patience.

That's a quote from burkha, one of the BIS devs.

R34P3R added a comment.Jul 8 2015, 1:02 PM

good to hear

Ambient rabbits behavior is ridiculus - its not scared by fire, by soldiers, explosions, ANYTHING! Its just freeze up for long time in one place on standing position

I believe in you BIS

Rabbits and Dogs still need some love.

I cannot goats moveTo a position if they are created with createAgent. They ignore it at all like dogs and other animals. Please fix it...

read the above comments...

Sorry I just wanted to give feedback. Now the goats move, but it's not possible to speed them up. I tried forceSpeed, setVelocity and switchMove "Goat_Run"; and playMoveNow "Goat_Run"; but nothing happens. With createUnit they are a little bit faster i think, but other players in multiplayer only see a shadow not the model itself.

Animals spawned locally on the client IIRC are not propagated on the network.

If they are created on the server I believe clients can see them.

Hello guys,

please be informed that I will take special care to our animals animations sets which should solve aforementioned issues. Those improvements / fixes will hopefully make it to 1.50 patch. Thanks a lot for your feedback and please be patient, there are a lot of animation stuff that needs to be improved and fixed so the animals are only matter of time.

Thanks for you patience, will keep you informed, have a very nice day!

Any news ? 1.50 RC i cant see anything

still borked, hopefully 1.52 :)

What are the odds that they are just ignoring this because they don't know how to fix it?

Adam added a subscriber: Adam.May 8 2016, 11:54 AM
Adam added a comment.Nov 2 2015, 10:58 AM

Animals are working fine for me. Could you provide more info? Thanks.

Ambient rabbits or other animals behavior is bad.
They do not react to danger (explosions, gunfire, vehicles or presence of a man nearby in general) in the default maps the quantity of ambient animals is too much.
Today, in the game there's no way to any setting for the number of animals around player.
BIS Please take your attention/

@Adam, I thought this thread was incredibly explicit in describing the problem. They even updated the thread today to specify that you fixed goats and chickens.

"1: Open attached Mission in Editor
2: Start
3: see what happens

Goats and chickens working now, but dogs still stuck."

Hello all,

could you please provide us more details on what the issue with dogs is? I ran the attached mission (tried both Stable and Dev branches) and do not see a problem there.

Please let us know.

Thank you for your feedback and have a very nice day!

Run the Following script in the editor, and move away from the dog, the dog will walk for a few seconds stop and all doMove commands and doFollow will fail and he will be stuck and never move. The correct functionality that should happen is the dog will follow you. You can copy and paste this into a editor mission and use Local Exec and the dog will spawn. Keep in mind the dog will sometimes get unstuck and walk a few steps then he will get stuck again. This most likely has to do with him getting stuck in a sitting or idle animation and failing to move. Same problem that used to be with Sheep / Goat etc.

  • spawn


    dog = group player createUnit ["Alsatian_Sandblack_F", getPos player, [], 5, "CAN_COLLIDE"];
    dog setVariable ["BIS_fnc_animalBehaviour_disable", true];
    dog doFollow player;

    while {true} do 
        if (alive dog) then 
			dog doMove getPos player;
			sleep 1;


Also please see this ticket for information, which can also repo the problem.

Example of a Dog Getting stuck and derping around, sometimes following.

The dog previously would follow you perfectly fine pre-maskman DLC.

Hello all!

Current state is affected by recent changes on the engine side. The animal agents will reach it's desired destination after some time, but their movement is interrupted by idles as well, so it is not as smooth as expected.

However, I have few ideas how to create workaround for this. I will inform you, when it will be done. Again, sorry for any inconvenience and stay tuned.

Thank you for understanding and have a very nice day!

burkhar thank you

about those fixes?

Hello all,

planned for 1.56, sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you for understanding.

Finally. It's as if they wanted to piss off Breaking Point players.

Hello all,

please check following community wiki page:

I tweaked the configs for dog, sheep, goat, cockerel and rabbit to provide some basic possibility to override default animal behaviour via script. Hen is WIP, there are some unpredictable problems.

Hope this helps.

You can test it in DEV branch 1.55.133771.

Thank you very much for patience and I am looking forward your feedback.

After I will finish hen config, this issue will be considered solved.

Have a very nice holiday!

Found out that this is a more complex issue then the animation config.


You should have the Idle Animations only play when the animal isn't doing anything, and the engine should call the correct actions automatically.

Instead of constantly calling 'Default'. FastF should be called when the dog is told to go somewhere so idle gets interrupted.

The end user shouldn't have to call _dog playMove "Dog_Run"; If the dog doesn't have anywhere to go it will just run forward.

All the built in logic for how animal behavior works assumes that the correct actions are called in CfgMoves.

I understand how you changed this to support more engine performance. But how do you script things like having a dog stop if he has no where to go?

How do I check if the agent has entered a building and changed to a different path finding state?

How can i make the agent automatically slow down the the right speed depending on the building he is in?

There needs to be another simulation type that calls the right actions. Using Man or CAManBase requires complex types such as faces that are not easily disabled.

Hell if you really want the engine optimization to remain in why not include another simulation type and class people can spawn in so they can handle animals in the correct way.

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