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Easy way to significantly improve the clunky action menu
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<i>*update* dslyecxi has done a very sophisticated review of the frustaration of using the action menu and has made his own suggestions to improve it. Check it out here:
If you all like, what he suggests, and if he approves, i might rededicate this ticket to his review. Basically both dslyecxi's and mine suggestions are similar in many ways, but i feel dslyecxi's review is more precise and goes even further in some aspects.</i>

<i>*update* there were some misconception about the concept described here, so here is a very basic abstract:
1.) Leave the menu as it is for all actions that are not context-sensitive.
2.) Make a "use" button (space) for context-sensitive actions (open door etc.).
3.) Improve context sensitivity.
4.) Map as many actions as possible to keys.
This would be the very short version, but please take your time to read the whole ticket.</i>

i'm aware that this is a well known problem and there are already similar tickets. I hope i can justify this new entry by being very precise about the problem and the ways to significantly improve the issue.

The action menu - an arma classic.

  1. The action menu is very simple in terms of scripting and UI-graphics.
  2. It is very flexible and it is very easy to make use of it for modding and mission-designing. (Basically one short line of code to link any kind of action or command to the players action menu.
  3. It supports unlimited amount of actions


  1. It is terrible! There is no better way to put it. It is clunky and un-immersive (scrolling with mouse-wheel just to open a door etc.).
  2. It is frustrating, that sometimes a context-sensitive action just does not want to appear.
  3. It is extremely prone to selecting the wrong action. "Blow up Satchel" instead of "Get In Car" just because the car moved a little bit.
  4. Because of the above it is relatively slow to use.

All this disadvantages however root from one, fatal misconception of user interfaces:

  1. The action menu is WRONG it is just plain wrong, because it mixes two things that should not be mixed:

A) Context-sensitive actions that directly relate to game world objects. I call them context action.
B) Abstract actions, that may have impact on the game world, but are not context-sensitive and do not relate directly to game world object with the exception of the player itself. I call them self-actions or abstract actions.

Some examples to clarify the issue before moving on:

Climb ladder
Get in car
Heal "John"
Access backpack of "John"
Open door

<b>Self-actions/abstract actions:</b>
Reload tracer mag
Touch off Bomb
Weapon AT-4
Use Medkit
Debug console
Use special feature 3000

Making things splendid:
To significantly improve the action menu, we should embrace the action menu and double it. Yes, you are right: Two action menus!
Well, technically two menus, but one menu would more or less transform into a "use" button. Read on!

You would have the <b>self-action</b> menu, which opens with middle mouse button or mousewheel-scrolling (configurable of course) and would still hold a decent amount of entries. They would not be context-sensitive so would not jump around and would be sorted by estimated importance. Middle mouse button to perform selected action.

The <b>context-action</b> menu would be called with space. Because it only holds context sensitive actions, the thing is that in most cases you would not need to cycle, because there would only be one entry. The entry would be context-sensitive. So when aiming at the rear door of a car for example, basically double-tapping space would get you on the back seat.
To make this work really well, the context-sensitivity should also be improved, so that aiming at the rear door always gets you on the back seat and not on the front seat...
If there should be more than one logical action for the contextual menu you could still scroll with a button. Space to perform action, middle mouse wheel would not perform the action but open the self-action menu.

<b>Please note that the context-action would act and feel like a "use" key!!! Only in rare occasions you had the availability to scroll. Most time you would just hit spacebar, see the only available action and confirm with spacebar, or just double press spacebar.</b>

To make the thing even more intuitive and faster, effort should be made to have as many actions as possible mapped to keys, so that you would only rarely need to scroll the self-action menu. As mentioned above the context-action-menu should ideally need no scrolling at all. This could be achieved by more precisely linking the context-actions to the cross-hair and making the switching of possible actions a bit "lazy" (Precise aiming to make action available, but still available half a second after aiming somewhere else).
Concerning GUI consider making the context-action menu more prominent, perhaps visually linking it to the corresponding object in the game-world. Self-action menu could stay as it is now.

In vehicles, the self-menu would still hold the abstract and self actions. but could also hold the actions for leaving the vehicle and changing seats. (i think that would feel coherent).
The context-action menu would hold all vehicle functions. Same as before: All actions mapped to a key should be deleted from the menu.

I know there are other more sophisticated suggestions for improving the user interface and i liked them a lot. But please also consider this idea (which by the way is inspired by the ace-mod), because it is relatively easy to implement and should get rid of the clunkiness of the current system with minimal effort.
Still it would maintain the few advantages of the action menu. The flexibility and modifiability!


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User "fraczek" has recently put the idea behind this ticket in a very short form:
I will just quote him:
"Do not share World Interaction with Playable Character Interaction. No more scroll wheel options for things you point at mixed with detonate satchels and change weapon. Simply adopt ACE-like system of separate Self interaction and separate World interaction. The Space key could be used for World - it's already ingame, context sensitive so it would do all from opening doors to accessing gear crates to getting into vehicles. If there were more options for a given object, like vehicle positions, a simple pop-up menu would do. And the key would do nothing else than that. Generations of gamers are used to one key for picking up objects and opening doors from simpler shooters, why not here? "

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This is true that we need to be ready to fire all the time ( except map, inventory...). Now a radial menu can be good for medic treatement ( like America's Army ) if we are able to give a more realistic treatement ( not the case now ).

Dyslexsi gives the good way. Space key can be used like it is now for action, press one time for context action ( open a door, take weapon...) or open menu without direct action ( exemple: options for driver... ), 2 times for special menu ( more options; change seat, go to gunner...) and keep pressing for hot action ( put a charge, to set off, put a mine...).

By pressing a key for action we let the scroll mouse button free to use for changing the stances in action. ( without menu or change the scroll button for menu by two keys )

Well I guess choosing what menu should appear when using HoldAction key is not the most pressing matter. I just hope BI works out a much more simplified system for interacting with self and world. It makes sense to do this now that they took the first steps with smoothing gameplay and accessibility.

A simple tabaction and HoldAction ked setup would be nice for the interactive items currently ingame. Match it up with a better method of tracing what the player is looking at (current system is broken) and er would have a much smoother experience.

I just hope they burn the action menu

AD2001 added a comment.Aug 1 2013, 7:19 PM


Just burn your hard drive.

I don't care as much about redesigning the menu as I do about extracting certain items from it.

The action menu should be something we use tactically instead of in the heat of battle. I think removing the weapon switching from the action menu is essential for this.

Also, contextual actions are currently too unpredictable. It is nearly impossible to guess which action will popup or the precise way you need to stand to get the action to display. a dedicated context button and improved line-of-sight context detection would be all we need to fix the main issues I have with the current setup.

At the very least, disable actions for objects that are behind me or behind a wall/door.

Kemeros added a subscriber: Kemeros.May 7 2016, 3:08 PM

Removing stuff from it and making the context sensitive button work better is the best way imo. The scroll menu is ok for many things, but not to change weapons and certainly not for closing and opening doors or climbing stuff.

Completely agree with splitting out the "self" and "context" actions, and also with dslyecxi's "Use" key. With the flexibility of the Arma control options, the ideas of key presses and holds can be expanded to almost any of the controls. For example, get the Ammo Selection options out of the Action menu and apply them to the Reload key. If I press reload, then reload my weapon with a mag of my current ammo. If I hold reload, show me a radial menu of my ammo options and let me choose which to reload with a quick twitch/click of the mouse.

In my opinion, radial menus are a severely under-utilized UI element. With a mouse and some good icon design, they're both easier to read and faster to interact with than a list/menu. I think they would be a huge addition to the Arma interface. Another great application of this would be dslyecxi's vehicle entrance. Tap my Action key, and put me in the nearest seat. Hold it, and show me a radial menu of seats I can access from my position. Dslyecxi suggested a scrollable list, but that takes us right back to the same clumsy list interaction that we have now. Scrollable lists are for pause menus and controllers. When you're trying to avoid fire, you can't be reading list items and hoping you don't scroll one notch too far on that wheel.

All that said, huge Up-vote for revamping context-sensitive actions in Arma. I don't even want to call it "fixing the Action menu" because the Action menu should be gone!

I have done a ticket for multi-use of the mouse scroll wheel, can you please read it, there's a link for this tread

Absolutely essential. I love this series and have bought every game since OFP but this has always been a most hated feature. Please fix this and make the game significantly more playable.

Syn added a comment.Aug 12 2013, 10:37 PM

With 582 votes up it feels like its about time to get a developer answer! It would be great to know if this is in their current or future plans for a fix.

I'm totally agree with this ticket, I've given here a link for my ticket for the differents use of the mouse scroll wheel, a thing really important for a better gameplay, I want your feedback cause there a link for this ticket, so can you please read it, thanks.

+1 Everything Dyslexci and twistking mentions.

So long you are able to look at the object you want to interact with, from corner to corner it should highlight, no matter how big the object... UNLESS the object you want to interact with is part of a larger object, such as doors, seats of vehicles etc.

This will help visualise what you want to pick up, say two enemies are dead near each other, but the two different weapons they have dropped are pretty much on top of each other, its painful (or so my mind says) to go through the action menu to choose the weapon, often missing it if i move my mouse slightly... using the 1 tap button plus visually seeing what item you want to pick up... (or not) is a ingeniously simple and worthwhile idea.

Not quite realistic in ArmA's POV so allow players to be able to turn the highlighting off, and/or change the transparency of the highlight, and making sure that it works at night without making the highlight appear like a bright neon light surrounding the object.

I would personally keep this feature on.

Another idea i have is using the same mentioned above, except only on part of the object that required to be used in order to operate the object itself.

A door would be to move the mouse over the door handle.

A crane where hovering the crosshair over certain buttons/joysticks would control the crane appropriately. (would be nice to have some sort of physx crane in the game)

This is almost similar to the game called "The Last of Us"

pechar added a subscriber: pechar.May 7 2016, 3:08 PM

If Dslyecxi's post and video don't convince the developer no one will! +1 to everything he says!

I believe a radial action menu would be useful during an operation that has more than one possible outcome that is on something already in the game that's dynamic, I.e: opening a door or entering a vehicle. This action menu could be accessed when a key is held down only, vice just clicked to activate the object.

A good example would be entering the driver position of a vehicle. You could press spacebar to just enter it (into the drivers seat with the icon shown), or you could hold down spacebar and get a radial menu to enter other positions available.

A door could be opened immediately, or allowed to crack open, place a charge on the door, ect.

In these contexts this would be a perfect solution.

Now if you didn't want to select something and needed to move you mouse you would just let go of spacebar or whatever key is assigned to the action button. If you are being shot at while selecting a vehicle position a radial menu would be less clumsy then the current setup is now, as you could just mouse to what you wanted to do vice scroll through a possibly ever changing list, or just release spacebar and fire back without needing to hit escape.

For those with the argument that it ties up your mouse & movement, I would like to see a scenario when you need to move your mouse around or yourself while entering a vehicle. Currently, its only needed because you are required to dance around a vehicle to trigger the correct options for the current system's menu...

For me there's just for the medic interface menu that we can use a menu type America's Army, usefull for this, but we need to stop the treatment everytime we need for protection and this menu only for this. If you use your mouse for a menu your locked, like when you must medic someone where you need to watch what you do. This type of menu when you know the position of the treatment options is very simple and quick to use but ONLY for this...

Spacebar is binded already, mouse scroll button wold be better
If press do main priority action
If hold and realise, call radial/context menu, press-activate selected action

Yup, saw Dslyecxi's video and post, i can get behind that.


The space bar is already supposed to the the context sensitive action button, but the game's context sensitivity is bad at the best of times. So pressing space bar would be doing the main priority action, and holding it would bring up the menu, then say you could select the action with the middle mouse button.

make new more usefull menu is possible, just do it!
Curently i cant spend my time on it, but dear BIS please dont make me mad :) and provoke to do that! ;)))

BIS, if making a new menu, please leave an option for the old scroll menu.

keep actions array in memory, add ability to make sub-actions for scroll menu
Context/Radial menus and Scroll menu will have similar actions in each section. Eazy to echo...

Please keep spreading the word on this ticket. I don't think we should be satisfied with the current broken solution.

This is not something that can be modded at a later stage by the community. This has to be done by the developers and it has to be done right.

:] i know how make it in mod...

Example coming soon


Sounds nice, but this should be done from the ground up in the engine. We should have tracing so that you only interact with whatever you look at and not something behind you.

This is so much needed and it's right in line with the idea of making the game more fluid.

Here is a great example of how it could be done! BIS take notes please:

Also look at this mod:

The guy is interacting with the interior of the helicopter just by looking at the buttons he wants to press.

He looks up towards the top of the helicopter finds the button which turns the lights on a presses it, and much more.

For what it is worth, the context menu is the main element in the game that frustrates me. All the points raised in dslyecxi's video are relevant.

We live in a golden age of amazing GUI and usability, and then there is Arma. I left Arma2 because it was clunky and the context menu poor, and though the game is much improved, the context menu is still feeling like an afterthought.

Como-rose, used them several times, not a great fan they take up too much space, attention and screen real-estate; if i'm in a heli I don't think a rose is going to be of much use.

The segregated context menus: user actions / world actions - much better idea, context menu stays the same or similar for anything on the character ie. touch of bombs, treat self etc...

use menu (tap): open door, get in vehicle (the side/part you are looking at), light fire whatever... one touch does the job, no spamming spacebar.

use menu (hold): world interaction context menu as mentioned above numerous times.

For me there's 2 bigs problems in Arma, the menu system and the new system of stance adjustement, not really the adjustement by itself but the way to use it, so I made a ticket for the many use of the scroll wheel, I'm sad because not much people here took a look on, but it's related with the menu system cause of the use of the scroll wheel, it's why it's linked in my ticket with this ticket. So please another time and because it's really important for the gameplay, CAN YOU READ MY TICKET PLEASE!
It's not only about the stance ajustement but all the possibilities with the scroll wheel.

skadog added a subscriber: skadog.May 7 2016, 3:08 PM

The frustration that is being expressed in Dslyecxi's video regarding this action system is felt every time I've played OPF, Arma, II, and III. Please implement something more sensible.

That link Warlock posted above to the 'Arma 3 : Keys' mod looks great. Until seeing Dslyecxi's vid and that mod, I didn't know doors (or who knows what else) could be partially opened. The engine is capable of more than they show in the game. Why not use it's full capabilities?
Ladders? What? Seriously, not only the hardest thing to get onto, but why make the game look fantastically great, as they have, and still have that incredibly terrible animation? The guy is humping the ladder to go up? Where most other games (with ladders) have it seamlessly integrated?

Get this done. A simplified system can overlay the more complex system of management for mundane and subconscious stuff like opening a door. That way if people want they can still give individual commands to troops to take a piss or whatever. Instead I want a simple radial menu for ai commands "rearm if possible" "Heal the wounded" "Take cover" etc..

instead of in the middle of battle 1 - move there 2 move there..

Maybe the most annoying part of arma 3 the stupid action menu, can not believe that this has not been fixed before release, come on guys i know you are nostalgic about arma2 but this is ridiculous...

Tajin added a subscriber: Tajin.May 7 2016, 3:08 PM

Getting a better menu would indeed be nice.
Claiming that this would be "easy" to do is incredibly ignorant though.

rogerx added a comment.Jan 7 2014, 5:51 AM

Clunky 'climb option' with modifications implementing their action items in any order. (ie. Such as moving the 'Release' option around when 'Deploy Ropes' option becomes randomly available. ;-)

I fully support this thread. Having a complete re-design of the action menu is not only logical, but ethical and the problems are well addressed on this webpage that dslyexci owns:

Cenwulf added a subscriber: Cenwulf.May 7 2016, 3:08 PM

One question: How would you handle the 40 second timer on explosives? This is a context-action BUT I don't like the idea of just double tapping space and accidentally setting the 40 second timer without realising it. I realise this is a very specific and potentially isolated case but it could very easily happen when placing explosives near other context sensitive objects like cars, doors, lootable objects, etc.

I have a few ideas how to improve the action-menu and some menus around it.
The use-key could spawn (and close) a little menu in the middle of the screen that is to be controlled either via mouse-cursor or scroll-wheel (which will not open the menu) whenever multiple world-actions are possible. Self-actions could be off-loaded to the inventory, and the squad controls need to have its own menu, simply because of its many options, similar to the inventory. That way the first few numerical keys (and the scroll-wheel) can be used for changing weapons (including put). Objects that have options and are being looked at need to be highlighted somehow.

What needs to be done amongst other things is, to remove the abillity to accidentally "do" something because you either didnt know the menu was open, or you tab the use key numeral times because you're "in a fucking hurry".

Zbyszko added a subscriber: Zbyszko.May 7 2016, 3:08 PM

Not sure if this has been already mentioned but it would be great if the game also implemented an option to print or export (so they can be printed or displayed on a second screen) the current keybindings.

What is the status of this ticket? I see it was put in One Year Ago and that it has been "reviewed." Any devs/moderators from BI have any say on this issue. I am new to ARMA and the Use context menu is a real efficiency killer in the game. Every other game I've played has a simple Use button/Menu. I can't stand pressing the Space bar and getting the option to switch to my handgun. Please see Dsylexci's video here:
and his article here:

If you haven't already.


If only there was a section of controls where you could select possible action menu events and map them to controls. Mapped actions would not show up in the menu, only perhaps in a secondary menu that shows available options (but cannot be interacted with).

rogerx added a comment.Jun 2 2014, 2:35 AM

Anybody else love when you're trying to evade fire by getting inside a building quickly by using the door, inadvertently simply pressing the action key to open the door but only to be stuck healing yourself (for another five plus seconds I might add...) while still taking fire still outside the door?

It took quite a while to learn when injured as indicated by having a medic icon on screen, to fully open the context menu and select the "open door" option to avoid the default heal option when injured. I don't know about the rest of you playing the game, but I prefer to heal myself inside the house versus at the door steps under heavy fire!

This is becoming my standard comment, but has this not been implemented yet? Is there a mod for it?

I don't know about anybody else, but sometimes when using the scroll wheel via my joystick, the joystick registers the scroll wheel actions as double clicks and double scroll increment events.

Quite possibly though, the Saitek X52 Pro driver/software could be glitching. But I've only seen this bug occur with ARMA 3 so far.

ruebe added a subscriber: ruebe.May 7 2016, 3:08 PM
ruebe added a comment.Jul 29 2014, 3:23 PM

Another thing to keep in mind is the indirect useage of the action menu, that is, issuing actions for AI subordonates of yours. If the user selects/highlights one (or multiple) AI units, *their* actions need to be easily become available too (e.g. upon having the mouse over some object in-game or on the map - and then with respect to user-mouse to object distance, instead of AI unit to object distance to decide whether actions are actually enabled, and thus show up, or not... that could be tricky with current action conditions though...).

It's not only that using the radio command to issue such indirect actions for AI units is cumbersome (and with multiple similar objects even dubious/ambiguous), sometimes it's simply next to impossible, since the needed action-entry doesn't even show up (not on subpage/-menu 2, not on subpage/-menu 3, ...).

Eichi added a comment.Nov 4 2014, 9:17 PM

I love this video because it's so true. Now trees look a bit better than in Operation Flashpoint, but usability has always been a mess. They don't care.

Has anyone tried the "action button mod" listed on armaholic? It doesn't fix all these problems, but it helps a LOT! I really, REALLY like it.

I wish BIS had made the Action Button Mod themselves, and improved upon the "detection areas" for choosing actions.

Well, I think they should have a use button and keep the action menu...
ArmA has so many binds already...

Check SWAT 4's action menu. It's very easy, light and usable type of UI. Can be used for orders or status rep...
Also, Raven Shield's door opening feature...

I agree the action menu should be kept, but as shown in that video and the feedback here there are SO MANY things that SHOULD be done to make it smoother and easier to use.

UPVOTED please address!

I'd like to see this, at least for marksman DLC a improvement to the action menu and button interface, anything at all that's better then what we have would be welcome for sure.

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This comment was removed by ebay.

Haven't seen many bugs closed recently at all. But I did notice an almost two times increase in frame rates when flying the simulated aircraft in single player or Editor Mode.

Some of the server maps with their bugs are not much better at fixing bugs either. In my opinion, people (or developers) should be using a version control system such as (CVS, Subversion, Git, ...) for deploying the map scenario files and add-ons/plug-ins from one central location.

Having each host perform their own individual download of a map scenario or plug-in, requires the host to also spend time manually updating the map scenario file or plug-in.

This is the main problem with closed source code, code is then developed from the top down after the project is sold or released to the public, rather than continually being developed from the bottom-up. Completely dumb in my opinion, but cool looking for the kids.

I just noticed that this is another bug with a status of "Status: reviewed" and "Assigned To: ". In other words, nobody is assigned to this bug for monitoring or fixing.

I can only suggest filing another bug stating this bug is currently unassigned. (I wouldn't file any duplicate bug as it will be immediately closed as a duplicate, while likely ignoring the status of the original bug as unassigned unless directly stating so.)

Shrugs. As if they downsized or moved around people within the past six months or so. Atypical.

It's status is reviewed because this is a very common complaint that they've addressed time and time again. They've openly said in the past that the action menu is here to stay and that they're not looking to do such a major overhaul of the interaction system (don't have an up to date source for this but I think it's mentioned in the video above).

It sucks but it is completely up to Bohemia to decide what they can and can't achieve with the resources available and what is in or out of scope for thier project. They've just pushed out one of the most requested and highest up-voted tickets on here, that being the bipods, so I think it's fairly obvious that they take the feedback they get seriously. But look at how long it took them to achieve that and you get a sense for what they're up against, in terms of resource and prioritising large tasks.

On the plus side, they've started to make moves in this direction, freeing up keybinds that were previously hard coded a o fingers crossed the action menu may be in thier sights for the future IF they see it as doable and worth doing. Hopefully they do.

Shrugs. Nobody has filed a bug yet advising this bug (as well as other bugs) are in an unassigned status yet. (If somebody does file a bug stating a bug is unassigned, please file a notice at the original bug with the bug id number stating so, so everybody can monitor or vote, etc...)

If a bug is unassigned, it means nobody is monitoring the bug, except for some people marking duplicates for which they have likely nothing to do with fixing bugs. In other words, your comments above will be completely not seen or simply ignored by internal developers until a developer name is entered within the assigned field. If you've ever fixed bugs using Bugzilla or other bug database software, you will then understand this rational! A bug goes nowhere without it being assigned. It could be even fixed or gain certain popularity, and it will still be completely ignored. If you've ever been ignored by a girl, then you will understand what ignored means!

My conclusion; until this bug is reassigned, this bug (as well as other bugs) have been put into a dormant state and may or may not ever be visited again.

I've no doubt in what you're saying about the ticket not being actively monitored but I'm still fairly sure they're aware of the issue at large.

Not if the people originally accepting this bug have been fired or let go. ;-)

Likely they're all off developing other features, and since this bug is not bugging them, who cares?

Also if I'm not mistaken, it's the additional modules adding items to the menu usually causing the issues versus the default menu items.

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vitrix added a comment.May 3 2015, 2:03 PM

Just viewed Dslyecxi youtube video about the action menu and he explains it very good and has also good solutions.

Please Bohemia change this to what Dslyecxi says.

Pls Dwarden.
Yes Cenwulf, from Dslyecxi's tone in one of his videos (forgot which), he'd hinted that an overhaul to the action menu is somewhere over the horizon. My estimate is around the 2016 Expansion.

SGTIce added a subscriber: SGTIce.May 7 2016, 3:08 PM
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Dyslexcis version would be a lot better.

TutSi added a subscriber: TutSi.May 7 2016, 3:08 PM
TutSi added a comment.Dec 2 2015, 4:47 PM

Only way to het this is install ACE as i see - it disable Action Menu ;)
But for Arma developers i'm putting link here, so they can see suggestion "black on white"

This solution will be best you can do to put arma 3 on not the same shell as arma 2

this idea is taking to long to be implemented Bohemia needs to read this.

It would help a lot and some players might even die less + it takes the clutterish usage of the scroll menu

True, but remember, a truly exquisite solution would likely produce code extremely increasingly more difficult to maintain. (ie. The ease of use with Windows 95/XP, and the difficult to use later versions of Windows 7, 8 , 10, ...)

For more readable code, I would keep the same menu but implement user defined slots for the menu options. Or something similar.

The ACE modification tries to implement a better non-clunky solution, but still just too clunky or non-intuitive when using some of the sub-menus. Best to return to the scenario where a simple menu is all that is needed. (ie. Keep it simple, keep it stupid, keeps stupid happy.)

itsab added a subscriber: itsab.May 27 2016, 1:35 AM

God, 3 years, same action menu. BIS, look how much good this guy done for you (tutorials), and such great idea remain ingored....

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Wanted oblivion.

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