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setUnconscious may be buggy
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Currently the script command 'setUnconscious' has no effect.

This can be verified by using the 'lifeState' command.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  • Open Editor
  • Set a player unit and start preview
  • Enter Debug Console
  • Monitor value of "lifeState player"
  • Execute "player setUnconscious true"
  • lifeState stays "HEALTHY"
Additional Information

Insurgency wounding system breaks this way.

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I think you wanted to assign the issue, then duped the assigned ticket, and never assigned this one. Fixed it for you. ;-)

Confirmed, and not only Insurgency, necessary fix!

This is a game-breaking bug at present. How is this minor?

The severity should be increased from 'minor' to 'major' and priority from 'normal to 'high'.

To add to the bug description, the lifeState value of "HEALTHY" can be other values, like "INJURED", even when he is unconscious.

Either fix the 'lifeState' command or introduce a new command, like 'unconscious'.
Or if you are planning to remove/change the 'unconscious' state, let us know your plans, or delete the 'setUnconscious' command from A3 so we know.

Whats the status of this bug? Many people like and need this command.

I am also interested in this command. At the moment I have to script mit own "lifestates" with setvariable.

It would also be great to change lifestate to return an array of states. A unit can be unconscious AND injured. Or alive AND unconscious (but obviously not dead andhealty :D).

I agree. This single command can add a whole extra dimension of possibility in most mission designs. Up voted.

Should be one of priorities.Having proper working health and armour system should be above new guns or the campaign.

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If you make a unit setunconscious true, he not only continues to stand there, but becomes unaffected by bullets and other damage.

For what its worth, this is still an issue.

Earth to BIS - when will this issue be fixed? It's quite an important bug. It's over a year now since this was logged!

Is this ever going to be resolved?

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It doesn't strike me as a bug, just an unfinished/incomplete feature for ArmA 3.

What do you expect to happen to the player if that state returns true?

Fact is there is no unconsciousness simulation/advanced wounding system, so it would do nothing even if it did work.

Bump. If a feature doesn't work correctly or not as expected or documented then it's a bug - particularly since this issue is well over a year old now. Many scripts and wounding systems are dependent on this 'feature' working correctly.

If BIS does does not expect or intend setUnconscious to work, it's not a bug. Many scripting commands go back 8-10 years and do not work as expected anymore, if at all.

Can I ask ... Has lifeState/setUnconscious ever worked at all? If not, then it seems crazy to rely your scripts on these unfinished/barely implemented engine functions.

It is clearly a bug.

setUnconcious command has some effect when is executed on a unit in your group. It doesnt matter if the argument is true or false, and whether you target 1 unit, ALL units get teleported about 14949.8m away and Away message appears under units on HC bar. I haven't found a way to reset the state.

EDIT: you can set setPos unit back, however.

No worries, this issue (and some other similar issues too) wasn't forgotten. We would like to do a more complex revision/study of possible issues and improvements of the health system in the future. Unfortunately, I can't tell or promise you anything more specific at this moment. Thank you for understanding.

That sounds promising. Maybe the medic and a couple of other roles in Arma3 are about to get some new life breathed into them. But I think I'm jumping the gun.

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So a year on and nothing has changed, if you don't want us to use it remove it from help F1.

From the biki:

In Arma 3 this command is disabled since "UNCONSCIOUS" lifeState doesn't exist in Arma 3


Ignore/dont use setUnconscious unless/until BI implements proper functionality.

I wouldn't mind a functional lifeState BOOL which we could manipulate, instead of using setVariable for incapacitated states.

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Testing in (arma 3 1.66) again as it is reported via biki as working in Arma 3 since v1.63.136889.

player setUnconscious true;

Does knock out the player and sets lifeState to INCAPACITATED.

player setUnconscious false;

However, when you attempt to wake the player and they do not have a weapon. The player's animation state gets stuck and can no longer move while the lifeState does change to HEALTHY.

It works ok for me in the latest dev. Have you got a repro?

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Tested on 1.66 and dev in the editor with no mods.

  1. Load into the editor, place one playable unit down and press play.
  1. Drop all weapons on the ground.
  1. In debug console run:
player setUnconscious true;
  1. Hit Esc and wait to fall over, then run this command:
player setUnconscious false;

The player will be unable to get up or move from this point. If the player had a weapon they are able to get up and start moving again at this point.

Thanks, reproduced

Cool, glad to be of assistance.

This issue seems to be resolved, and the command works quite well.

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next prof/dev

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Fixed in Dev build 151825.