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We're are gonna need a 3D editor.
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In arma 2 there was a 'Hidden' 3D editor, That was really useful and maps could be made 10x better instead of that imprecise 2D Dodo, the problem was there were compile problems, a lot of scripting, ect. So i was hopping there was a 3D editor in arma 3 for advanced mission making.

Point: We're are gonna need a 3D editor.

Or are i'm a total idiot and just can't find the editor.


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Please make a 3d editor

One thing that made me sad in ARMA 2 was the lack of support and development for the 3D editor.. it was one thing I had hoped for in ARMA 3. I dislike 2D Editors.

it would be cool if it is like VBS (Virtual Battle Space)

I'd like the 3D and 2D editors to be one and the same. The typical editing could be done in 2D, and then switched to 3D for fine adjustments and unit positioning and the like. It's doable BIS, the people demand it.


Its 2013, we shouldnt need to discuss such things. Its more then self-evident to having a 3D Editor

Would it be possible to add "hooks" to the existing editor to allow for "user plugins", like, adding your own code to the editor (let's say a button, like "position in 3d view) or similar ? That way, we'd at least get the chance to create an addon that allows us to correctly place objects in 3D, which is what the main use of a 3d editor would be.

I didn't know, that I have to worry about if there's a 3D editor. I hoped BI learned from the previous versions and knows, that this is one of the most relevant features for missionbuilders... C'mon don't disappoint me guys!

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Guys.. guys?

Atm im placing random eAI on every balcony in Kavala.........

........2 days later. Yep, still doin it.

In one of the largest sandboxes of a game that there is! With over a bazillion places for AI to hide and fight! Where every door, floor and battlefield can be a unique experience that you build!

It is completely fail, due to the lack of anything intuitive to utilize in building these experiences.

Doesn't take much brain power to sort out why this has always been a needed feature. The fact that doesn't come by default, seems to 'wow' new users daily.

where to throw money to get this feature?

6 people accidentally pressed vote down when trying to vote.

There is no reason not to have this. Especially since the developers thought that APPROXIMATE location for building representation and object bounding on the map was "Good enough". Honestly it is not. I personally have lost hair due to this, and I am sure many mission makers will say the same. Either make a 3d editor or make the positions PRECISE.

Condition: This

Act: Hint "I'm sure the 3D editor would be easier."

Well I am assuming that the Devs did not create Altis with the 2D editor (by the looks of it), but with a 3D editor. They just don't want it to be a public editor?

Island editor is different from mission editor. Also any internal development software is not appropriate for any public release, unless it was specifically developed for that in mind.

Why not improving arma 2 3D editor for Arma 3? Upvoted +1

Someone needs to start adding objects and filling in all the empty buildings..

I have utilised the BIEDI 3d editor, and its ok.. my question is.. the 3d editor can switch between 2d and 3d.. why not add tot eh current (GOOD) 2d editor the same ability.. it loads the ingame camera to the map.. but allow alterations to height and placement of the object.. That alone would be enough.. to be able to precisely place objects..

not sure how its all coded but the functionality is alreayd in the game in the 3d editor.. just put the 3d button in 2d editor.. and allow the same movement/orientation of objects.

My understanding is that this alone would suit 95% of requirements.

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This is fairly high up on the voted list yet not a word from the Dev's. Doesn't bode well i fear.

@Drathuu Exactly. Yes it would be nice to have a fully functional 3D editor but i would defiantly settle for a simple reposition tool.

I agree I made a ticket requesting a placement camera in a little box somewhere in the editor, that shows you the precise location of placed units and objects vice versa

3D editor is a god idea. Placing stuff in 2D is hard when 2D icon does not represent the whole object. It takes also time to load Preview, then see the object, then adjusting, then checking it again...
I have heard about mod for this, but it should be implemented in Arma3.

A working 3d Editor would be nice, but even a quick fix like a small window in the 2d Editor that you can view the 3d world (dose not even have to be in real time). Just to make placing objects better. I not even saying we need to move objects in 3d just view the area so it is easyer when trying to place things.

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just make it. i would even pay for it

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Vote Up!!! We need this

There's already a nod giving us somehting like that. The "MCC Mission Creator".

Now with Zeus available this feature should be peanuts to implement.
Please do it!

like @defusl, I would totally pay for this too.
EDIT: and we don't even need it now BI. Just tell us if at some point you're going to allow saving in Zeus, or a 3D editor, and we'll be happy.

With Zeus one would think we're nearly there. Up voted so I can stop jumping in and out of game to see how well my objects are place . . . PLEASE!!!!

ALSO - adding all empty objects to the 2D editor now would be helpful. Seems they are already defined in Zeus seems logical to add them to the 2D editor as a matter of course (and keep us happy while building the 3D editor).

combine Zeus and MCC edit. Have Zeus to place all the units down, then use MCC to save the mission sqm. Replace the first mission sqm data with MCC's and you pretty much have your 3d editor.

Or . . . just put in a 3D editor . . . work-arounds exist for just about any issue. I think the Feature Request is for a 3D editor not for a workaround . . . MHO

This is a must, if you could at least use Zeus to save missions just like the 2D editor it would be fine, all it needs it saving... They have already sorted the 3D part, how hard can this be to implement.

Actually, this ticket can be closed now. The 3D editor has been confirmed by Bohemia in their development blog. found here:

This ticket can be closed when we have a 3d editor. That link is a sign of hope but not more.

A 3D editor that we need to wait until 2015 to have by the looks of it. But as some might say, better to have one than to have nothing.

I agree . . . I'd like to see this open (and getting more UP votes) until we get the actual editor . . that single line about "looking into a 3D editor" did not sound like much of a commitment to me . . . . LET'S GO BI . . . Awesome open source missions are waiting on YOU now . . . . . :-)

I don't know why it is so hard to... kind of create a mission with Zeus and save it. That would be a huge step forward.

You can use Zues as an editor and then use MCC Sandbox mod to save the mission as mission.sqm

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I bet we never see an official 3D Editor, just like BI never implemented Weapon resting.

Really a pity. With all the main components already existing, this should not be _that_ difficult. And it’s definetely one of the most important missing features.
Come on BI!

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The developer of MCC showed us and expecially you BI, how easy it tis to change Zeus into a 3D editor. Zeus just needs a button to export all createt objects and units into a mission sqm file. Thats it!

@all: Alternative good working solution: Download MCC, start editor, login into MCC, close it and go into Zeus mode, place objects ect and leave the Zeus mode, open MCC again, click save&load and save it as SQM. Now the code of the SQM file is saved into your clickboard and you can paste it into a mission SQM file. Is a good solution until BI is finished with the 3D Editor.

Zeus just needs a button to export all createt objects and units into a mission
sqm file. Thats it!

Almost. You also want the option to freeze time, e.g. when placing flying airplanes.

What Wallside said but in more detail...
Basically just need to be able to save with zeus like you can with the regular editor, so save as a usermission, and be able to export to sp or mp.
As 7rust says and also here
this works for saving currently but imo and im sure many others can agree its tedious and alot of steps just to save, if BIS just expanded Zeus with the save load feature, and when i say load I mean where you left off or what you built will be all there when you access zues.

God yes, we need this so badly. It would improve my and no doubt many others experience of the game so much, all the tedious things with the 2D editor would be eliminated, and we would have a much more intuitive and responsive editor, allowing for a smoother workflow and quicker map editing.

Absolute must in my opinion, even if it takes a while to perfect, test and release it.

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R.i.P another ticket

Give us the bloody editor already! It's been >2 years, you already got it out there with Zeus, add export\import options of code into it! It took me freaking >20 min to place down just a few large H-barriers, cause their in editor position are completely different from their 3d positions! By the time I'll finish editing my mission file in 2d editor I'm gonna become bald, because I'll rage too much!

7rust added a comment.Mar 4 2015, 4:43 PM

Get ready guys, 3D Editor is incoming!

3D Editor confirmed by the dev team, see twitter:


Hopefully it will come out in this year.. I really wanted to be optimistic about this, but knowing Bohemia(

Yet the devs ignore. If Zeus was possible. So is this! Why can't they make an official one? This shows how under developed Arma 3 is. That even the complains of Arma 2 they didn't even care to fix and/or improve.

@freexavier are you serious? Do some research, the devs confirmed that there is going to be a 3D editor. There are more important things for them to work on before the 3D editor to come out. They may be waiting for directx 12.

The 3D editor is probably going to be released in 2016, when the expansion is released.

@kripto202. I really want a 3D Editor. I just a pain using the 2D editor. Having to Preview ever time I placed a single object. Also never really heard any news of them talk about a proper official 3D editor. So I suspected.

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I know some people have already mentioned this, but comments can become lost in a long thread (hint hint BI).

@freexavier, try using MCC and Zeus as a 3D editor. I know this isn't a perfect solution, but that's the Arma way. I hope this helps a few tortured souls, torture a few AI terriost scum.

Download -
Tutorial -

@hippie. I did once, but it didn't work well for me on what I was trying to do. That is why I really want a 3D editor so badly.

Just watch the recent "Arma 3 - Developer Diary: Welcome To Tanoa" video release and they mentioned about adding a 3D Editor. Finally!

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It has been assigned to Moricky - oohohohogo OHOHOHOHWOHWOHW WOWOWOW woop woop woop woop

Moricky !!!! Eden's hero. LOL
Love it.
I think we can close this thread. ;-)

I think it will when Eden release


Eden and thereby the 3D editor is now here!
Without your support this vital feature would never be, our job is done here.

I think this can be closed?

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Can be closed. 3DEN.

@Astaroth I've checked - it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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