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Speed of sound simulation missing
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I have noticed that when an enemy is far away, he fires his weapon and the sound is immediately there with no delay.

So you hear the shot before the round reaches you, instead of the other way round.
And the delay should be longer with more distance (speed of sound)


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Furax added a comment.Mar 6 2013, 9:32 PM

Yes, this is very disturbing and nasty to listen too, bullets travel faster than sound=(

Hear several gunshots, then the snaps and crackle of bullets flying above. Should be the other way around.

SGTIce added a subscriber: SGTIce.May 7 2016, 10:58 AM

If they are within 300M of you it should be that way, if it's beyond that then it's a problem.

Sound travels at ~300M/s.

a supersonic bullet always travels faster than sound, so it should be that what at whatever distance.

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Upvote this

@SGTIce, the bullet definately travels faster than 300 m/s. In case of the Steyr AUG (which I used in military) the bullet travels at 990 m/s

The 'crack/thump' at 300m from a standard assault rifle round is about half a second.
Subsonic rounds would never be used at that range.

As this was promised in the new sound engine (attenuation) it would be very disappointing if this was not fixed.

The speed of sound and ballistic travel has been simulated in this series since OFP COLD WAR CRISIS (the very 1st ARMA)
Then in ARMA 2 they included the loss of high frequency with more distance, so distant gunfire had a mid frequency 'POP' (very realistic)

In ARMA 3 There's not enough change in frequency depending on distance Making it very difficult to spot enemy based on sound.
Very disorientating and unrealistic.

Is there a way to use the ARMA 2 sounds in ARMA 3?

Although I've noticed distant explosions with delay, but not guns so I'm sure (hoping) they're working on it. :-)

Firing a weapon produces the exact same repetitive, generic sound sample every time.
No matter where you are on the map (valley, hill, indoor or outside) It's the same sound.
The environment should determine the sound/resonance of the weapon.

If this new ARCADE GAME style sound engine is to stay...

EXAMPLE: In ARMA 2 set up a two sided battle in the editor somewhere on the Chernerus map...
Now place YOUR playable character far away from the battle (experiment with different distances e.g. 500m 1000m 1500m)
TURN THE VOLUME UP!... Now just Sit back and listen.

I rely heavily on the sound to determine enemies LOCATION and DISTANCE (based on direction & audible frequency)
The new (ARMA 3) sound makes this almost impossible.


new sound system awesome
just add distance deley
this is important

SGTIce added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 6:59 PM

Seems some of you misread my note go back, it said sound, not bullets.

This along with graphical performance should be prioritized.

I just want a loud whizz crack next to my head. I don't know much about loss of frequency at a distance, but I do know when I used to be at shooting ranges with a dugout at the target end, we would hear very loud whizz cracks from 300m. Hope they get them in! They are too quiet right now, whereas they are scary loud in real life.

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"Firing a weapon produces the exact same repetitive, generic sound sample every time."

FeralCircus, please remember that this is an alpha, the sound engine is likely not even completed yet and all the sounds will not be in the game yet.

ok then let's all sit in silence and hope it all turns out perfect lol :-s

I couldn't possibly forget for one second that It's an alpha seeing as its plastered all over the game.

I'm giving feedback about the most used function in the game (firing the weapon) and at the moment it sounds awful...
A gun pushed against your shoulder inches away from your face while wearing earplugs would not sound like that... It would in Hollywood though :-)

SGTIce added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 6:16 PM

Unless BIS puts more into their sound engine later in development, we'll be depending on JSRS as usual.

JNC added a comment.Mar 9 2013, 12:40 AM

I tried this with explosions (grenade launcher) and i'm not sure if they got it right or if it's just lag =/

This needs work


Four days into alpha and people are already panicking about BI forgetting about basic features that have been in every BI game for 10 years. I won't say anything else...

As long as they make all sound travel at about 340m/s I'm more than happy!

So what it's an Alpha, the bugtracker is for this kind of things to report after all. The developers have a lot to fix - these reports help them remember and prioritize bugs/non-existing features. And after all they have QA team for free working on reporting all the bugs for them ;)

Upvoted, but priority on this is set too high.

that may be so, but basic features like this have been known to be broken since a long time -->

Seeing as the sound makes up 50% of this simulation I see it as a very high priority because at the moment it isn't working properly.

Yea, I did notice this, this is a must, unless in a valley, you should notice were the attack is coming from and NOT solely on tracer fire...

Yep, that's priority.

And there is also a bug when you attach and detach silencer or flashlight many times, and the weapons stop to doing ANY kind of sound for 3rd players ...
I will make a issue about that with 2 videos proofs...

The priority on this issue has been downgraded!?!...
Looks like they're too busy making turtles easier to control :-s lol

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Blaf added a comment.Mar 21 2013, 11:42 AM

I remember back in OFP days i heard tank battle on more than 6 kilometers (with proper delay), that was awesome...

I remember noticing speed of sound in OFP too :-) seeing the muzzle flash then hearing the shot afterwards, it really showed the scale of the game I was amazed!...
Hope they start work on it soon because it desperately needs fixing!

Interestingly the doppler effect is in. That was surprising.

Up-voted. ARMA 2 had proper sound speed simulation, so this should too.

PERFECT!!!... Makes ARMA 3 sound like a 1980's arcade game :-)

lol, what you mean by that? this is sound from player combat?

You mean that video was ARMA 3?!?!?
Looked like ARMA 2 to me :-s

yes exactly, and THAT sound, jsrs 1.5 mod has perfect sound!?? better sound that arma 3 ?

Feral, listen to this: this is JSRS sound on Arma 3 assault riffle!

If this is Arcade 1980's then something is wrong:

Where can I get this sound mod for ARMA 3?

hehehe :-P. Sign in for J.s.r.s on facebook. Jarheads Sound Redemployment.

hmmm, he made that mod for arma 2 over many years i think. but is thinking about making for arma 3.

hmmm, anyway. why not hire that guy on bohemia??? ... its fantastic :P

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gonk added a comment.Mar 27 2013, 11:43 AM

add the speed of sound in water is not modeled correctly.. Currently the sound is directional which it should not be due to the increase speed and less attenuation of sound in water. Also the pitch should increase. thanks

Hey guys, so far it seems that explosions (mines, grenades, ...) work correctly while shooting (soldiers, cars) does not.

Could you also test other situations, weapons, equipment, vehicles? Single player and multi player separately, please.

Thanks a lot.

I'll do more tests & keep my eyes peeled...

So glad this is getting fixed :-)

Nou added a subscriber: Nou.May 7 2016, 10:58 AM
Nou added a comment.Mar 27 2013, 6:58 PM

There doesn't seem to be any distance fall off in volume either. I have been testing our M109A6 addon in A3 and I can hear it firing 20km away instantly haha.

Also noticed that when you enter buildings it still sounds like you're out side.

Nou: please create a separate bug for the attenuation problem and again, try to describe for what weapons or equipment it doesn't work. These problems might be connected but it's easier to track when one report describes one specific problem.

Perhaps just post a link here so I can easily find it.

Nou added a comment.Mar 27 2013, 11:52 PM

Roger dazhbog, I'll try to recreate it with current weapons and post up a separate ticket. I might need to mod a vehicle weapon though since the distance values in the weapons sound are quite high on the M109 (like 2-5km depending on the charge).

Nou added a comment.Mar 28 2013, 12:43 AM

Dazhbog, related issue with attenuation is here:

Processed, thanks :)

WOW!!! You guys are good :-)

And it gets better, fix is on the go, will be ready next week :).


Will the next update be just for the sound delay?
Or will we be hearing the distinct mid frequency 'POP' from distant gun fire?
And the deep rumble of distant explosions.
Due to low frequencies travelling farther than high frequencies.

Either way thank you and GREAT JOB! :-)

It is very annoying how sniper rounds can be heard a few seconds before they actualy get to the target. At least we arent shooting at extreme ranges just yet (such as the lighthouse at the firing range to mike-26) At that point its useless to even try.

Also noticed...
When you shoot a person at range, they vocalise in pain and it sounds like they're right next to you.

Should be fixed in dev version, check pls. Character sounds should be working properly as well.

Mass close.