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Bring back blinding sun
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The sun was always a major "player" in real life, ArmA1 and 2, often changing tactics of the mission and now it's just a harmful 2D sprite in the sky at which you can look safely without wearing any eye protection.

This is not realistic and not authentic.

Better implement working glasses instead.


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Note this isn't a request for ArmA2 HDR.
And A2 "dark screen" HDR isn't possible to do in A3 anyway.

This is a request for a sunglare that realistically affects vision when looked at and adds to tactics in ArmA3.

Think more of ArmA1 implementation.

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This is the first thing that I noticed... The sun is also way too big and quite an ugly image.

ARMA 2 sun was perfect :-)

I voted down because I think the sun of Arma 2 was not good : you were blind even if you didn't look directly to it.
Also the lightning was not good at all during the dawn and dusk where everything was barely visible. (And you had to zoom to increase the brightness) It made nice screenshots but it was unplayable.

But like nightshift, I think the quality should be increase.

The sun should be visually the same size as the moon (like in ARMA 2 near perfection)
But in ARMA 3 It's way too big and cartoon like, It's basically a big yellow disk :-s

I agree. What's the point of having sunglasses in a simulation if they don't serve any purpose. If the realistic sun is bothering the player, the player should put on glasses.

The (ARMA 3) moon on my screen measures 5mm (very realistic)
The (ARMA 3) sun on my screen measures 20mm (utterly comical)

Now with this geometry, try to recreate a Solar eclipse :-s

ARMA 2 already has the !BEST! simulation of the sun I've ever seen in any game or sim, so why remove it?
PLEASE bring it back to ARMA 3

This is not being picky about little details...
This IS what makes a great simulation, and they are VERY important to the sim user, and I look for and notice ALL of these things :-)

Don't vote no people. Vote yes for working glasses!

@Rakilonn "I voted down because I think the sun of Arma 2 was not good : you were blind even if you didn't look directly to it."

That was an issue with bad HDR implementation actually, not the sun itself.

I agree and disagree. I'm not voting no because I think it's a good basis of an idea - bring back blinding sun, but rework it an allow sunglasses to have an effect on the amount of blindness that is applied. The sun does blind you partially even if it's above your FOV in real life.

The "sun" effect on environments when it went dark and light again in ARMA 2 was quite annoying. I like how it is now really.

I vote "yes"/"up", but just because I found very irrealistic to look directly at the sun without being blinded. I don't care about working sunglasses.

@metalcraze: Yep, I know. But it seems that some people want this HDR back which I found really unrealistic. ( I have never been blind when I looked *near* the sun like in Arma 2 )
That's why I said : ok for a better sun, but no for the HDR.

Definitely should be an optional thing in difficulty settings. I'm not a fan of it, but it is definitely very realistic. You can't look at the sun in real life.

Though this isn't real life, and we should be able to turn it off when we get annoyed by it in the difficulty.

Its a simulator BogatyrVoss? Offcourse the game should try to mimic as much of reality as possible...

That's why it should be optional, Kalle82.

@Rakilonn I don't want old HDR, just old realistic sun look

Cypher added a subscriber: Cypher.May 7 2016, 10:51 AM

If you want to make the sun smaller to look realistic thats cool. But don't make it utterly annoying to have sunrise or sunset missions by blinding the hell out of the players. And do not make sunglasses work to decrease the effect. Simply dont make the effect bad enough to need a counter. Some people like their soldier model to be glasses-free.

I really never thought I'd see something like this get down votes, much less over a *quarter* of the total votes, in the ARMA community.

The people who are voting this down have either:

A) Never gone outside.
B) Stared so long into the sun they no longer see properly.
C) Lack a basic grasp of warfare.
D) Mistaken this to mean something else sun-related, like bringing back the old HDR and terrible blinding reflections in A2 that made fighting in Takistan like fighting on the surface of the sun. Surely no one (besides those in category B) would want this back.

Accounting for sun position is one of the oldest considerations in war, and removing it removes a critical dimension in battles and planning.

B00tsy added a subscriber: B00tsy.May 7 2016, 10:51 AM

Loved the blinding sun, specially flying in a jet in the middle of a dogfight.

@Cypher " But don't make it utterly annoying to have sunrise or sunset missions by blinding the hell out of the players."

Dude seriously? Have you tried looking at a sun outside? It does blind you.

Let's also add health regen. Getting killed with one bullet is utterly annoying.

I hope you are just confusing the old crappy HDR implementation which made everything but sun black with what I suggest.

Be sure - new HDR make the sun\contrast effects better. Not like in past games - not mean less realistic. But, its just Alpha.
For now, fly or looking to the hill with soldiers - sun position is important.
Let see.
Spots -
sunrise over the hill -
sunset behind the shooter -
zenith(this sun position give alot contrast everywhere)-
A you sure, that sun is not "burn my eyes" over here? -
If not, then I do not know what you expect. Outdated renderings without eye adaptation and elementary hdr?

Sun affect to optics, sun in backlight cliping you vision and helicopter dissapear in the light. And this is not sun size, this is light spot size. Amore ozone - bigger the spot.

@metalcraze: Yes it blinds you when you look directly at it. In arma 2, the sun blinds you even if you don't look directly to it ( which is not realistic ).
And during the dusk and dawn the HDR was so bad that you had to put your night vision to see something clearly ( which is much more unrealistic ).

They just need to make the sun smaller and really increase the blinding effect but only the center of your vision is close to the sun IMO.

Do people have problems with reading?

I don't know, should I perhaps add a flashing sign saying "I DON'T WANT ARMA2 HDR"?

I just want sun to not be a 5 cm x 5 cm sprite that does nothing. but floating in the air. I want sun to obscure the vision WHEN you look AT it. I don't want for it to force anyone to wear NVGs at 5 pm in summer. I don't want for it to make everything pitch black the moment a single ray is in your view.


Jere added a subscriber: Jere.May 7 2016, 10:51 AM
Jere added a comment.Mar 17 2013, 10:06 AM

Vote up for the sun-impacts like ArmA 2 had.

For the ones who yelled "make it realistic!": Ever noticed that it took a time till you get your full vision back when you came from the outside, where the bright sun is shining, to a normal room with not much more light then come through the windows?

It seems not. I gave you proof that the sun is working as in life. You ignore it. Given that you have not provided any good examples, you don't know what to say.

What proof? In the last screenshot you are looking right at it and yet you can perfectly see everything - the sun is a very small sprite with 6 miniature rays. And at any time it's higher in the sky - it's even less noticeable.

I think you don't understand that I'm not talking about HDR or colors or whatever. I'm talking about the sun not presenting an obstruction to soldier vision in any way.

Here's how it should look when you look straight at it

You can still see a lot, but it still makes it less viable attacking vs. the sun

"and yet you can perfectly see everything" No, the vision in the building in clipping. It's obvious. I live by the sea and I see this constantly. I know how does the sun. And you ignore the obvious facts in the screenshots. You funny.
You show the foggy terrain - light itself cant do that - its a scattering. And this is are fake. Very very bad fake. Sun blind the eye, not the air. Go to are real life, NEO. "Oh let the sun beat down upon my face", pupil narrows and all but a sunspot is underexposed.
You should learn the basic physics.

This last example about difference.
If you do not recognize this, go and find good oculist.

Fuse added a subscriber: Fuse.May 7 2016, 10:51 AM
Fuse added a comment.Mar 17 2013, 5:58 PM

I agree the sun should have more of an effect, but people need to stop using photos to back up their argument. Eyes are not a camera. They do not work like a camera (via exposure time). Photos of the sun are not the same effect a human sees when looking towards the sun.

Right. The eye will work 100 times better than a camera.

Maxyz added a subscriber: Maxyz.May 7 2016, 10:51 AM

"Hey, sun should blind you, when you're looking at it."
"No, stupid, it shouldn't - look at this beautiful photoshoped photograph of sea sunset!"
"Okay, conversation over."

The sun is much improved over A2. I'll agree that it could be more blinding when looking directly into it, but the overall effect is very good and a major obstruction to player vision - see the freakin' infantry showcase, for example. Now, the real question is whether the AI spotting and aim is affected by the sun position in any way, because so far it doesn't seem so.

@Make Love Not War - I agree about the infantry showcase (u are getting blind in it) and i would rather like if the AI is affected by it as any human player to make it realistic and fair.

A2 sun blinding was seriously overdone compared to real life and was hampering gameplay and should not be put back in place imho

I agree that the ARMA 3 sun is awesome looking. A little big perhaps. But some sort of blinding effect would be great too, with a good transition between looking straight at it to looking down. I felt the ARMA 2 sun had a very quick transition when you look at it from blinding and not.

" I'll agree that it could be more blinding when looking directly into it, but the overall effect is very good and a major obstruction to player vision - see the freakin' infantry showcase, for example."

I've seen an infantry showcase. It obstructs literally nothing.

Here's a camera photo posted earlier
Here's ArmA3's sun at the same daytime

The sun is less harmful to human eyes than to a camera.

"This last example about difference. [^]
If you do not recognize this, go and find good oculist. "

I'm sorry - even without the oculist I can see that this screenshot doesn't even have the sun in the view. I'm not sure what your point is?

I voted down because on several coop missions we are fighting cooperatively against AI, and this feature will only aid as a disadvantage to the human side. The sun will not affect the AI's ability to one shot one kill us, as they have been in the past.

"I'm sorry - even without the oculist I can see that this screenshot doesn't even have the sun in the view. I'm not sure what your point is?"
We dont see the sun, but blinding effect exist. Sun in the game work not bad, just learn about reflections, defractions, etc. And stop compare town dusk photo and landscape with high sun.

"We dont see the sun, but blinding effect exist."
How can there be a blinding effect if you don't even look at the sun?
A bright halo in the evening is not "blinding effect".

"And stop compare town dusk photo and landscape with high sun."
I look directly at the sun in that screenshot and it's not blinding and there's no glare that you see in real life - but on a photo sun blinds an IRL camera which already suffers a lot less from the sun than a human eye does in real life.

Photograf. call this effect - backlight. When you look in the sun - exposure of your eyevision shift to bright side, thats why land is became darker. And its work(tested with objects). But, when the sun shine behind you - your eyevision exposed ..more "balanced" and you see land just fine.

This mean that eye and even camera can adopt for situation like this by balancing between brightest and darkest points in view.

If you talk about optical flares effects - this is not important for now and changing by "few clicks".

Dude what are you even talking about?

Just look outside and try looking at a sun. And then tell me if it looks the same as on a screenshot I posted.

"If you talk about optical flares effects - this is not important for now"

Excuse me but this ticket is about optical flares, glares and the correct optical representation of a sun to begin with.

Before making this ticket you should understand how work human eye and optic itself. I see you not.
You sad^ sun is not big player.
I'l show you screenshot where the sun is big player.
You ignore this.
Strange? Yes.

Voted down. I'm new to Arma so I do not have the Arma 2 reference to go off of. I know that in the military we are required to wear safety glasses at all times in theater; therefore, the sun is not an issue. I believe that if a 'blinding sun' is to be implemented then measures to combat it i.e. sun glasses also need to be added.

Are you fucking KIDDING ME!? SERIOUSLY. The sun in ARMA 3 is fucking PERFECT.

The moon in-game size (Seen through human eye):
The sun in-game size (Seen through human eye):

In case you were born yesterday, the sun is actually bigger than the moon in real life too.

Sun in-game (Seen through human eye):
Sun in-game different time (Seen through human eye):

The sun in-game (Seen through camera lens):

Real sun through camera lens:
Game sun through camera lens:

^"The sun in ARMA 3 is fucking PERFECT.
In case you were born yesterday, the sun is actually bigger than the moon in real life too."

Wow, hold on. Not sure if you are serious, but


The sun has a blinding effect with the new lighting, it's nowhere near as intrusive as A2's SUPER NOVA IN YO FACE but it does the job of making things more difficult to see.

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

What? No, leave it as is!

I'm sure everyone and their children know that the physical mass of the sun is far greater than the moon :-s
It's a simple case of distance & perspective that makes them appear roughly the same size when viewed from planet earth.

The sun is still too large in the latest version of ARMA 3 by the way.
ARMA 2 sun was spot on :-)

Try this...
Go outside and hold a pencil at arms length.
Close one eye and keeping the arm straight cover up the sun with the pencil.

Not very big is it?

bez added a subscriber: bez.May 7 2016, 10:51 AM
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The sun in ArmA3 might be not blinding enough (didn't bother to check really)
But the sun im ArmA2 was way too blinding.

I usually don't go with sunglasses (and I live in a very sunny place)
While Of course I can't look at the sun directly, I have no problem
to look to the general direction of the sun, I can close my eyes half way
and/or take my eyebrows with the forehead a bit down.

So I don't have a problem with a blinding sun, it should blind you of course
but ArmA2 was way too much, the area that blinded you was too big around the sun.

Just make it in the middle.

I dont get why issue about size of the sun sprite was closed. It has nothing to do with blinding effects.

The sun is really too huge. The moon seems ok, make them the same size.

@Blu3sman +1
Yeah It was my issue and I was puzzled as to why it was closed too :-s

Please can we have it open again until the size of the sun is resolved.

I disagree,

I think a players experience should be as fun as possible, not having your view freaking impaired to an unplayable state. Blinding SUN is absolutely annoying.

down vote for sure

Please no... When I go outside, although I live in western continental Europe we do have sunny days, my eyes don't start hurting like they do playing ArmaII with the sun in my face. That effect was totally overdone and poorly simulated how human eyes work. People don't go blind whenever they look East in the morning...

Fri13 added a subscriber: Fri13.May 7 2016, 10:51 AM
Fri13 added a comment.Jul 4 2013, 7:19 PM

I so much hated add-ons for ARMA 2 as they brought forced HDR function what rendered visibility on 200 degree direction of sun impossible to look as contrast got so high that you didn't even see a flying objects on sky or soldiers on ground and every optical attachment had huge white flares rendering them un-usable to be used for aiming. Or how about being in helicopter or fighter and you couldn't see out of your cockpit because the cabin was white!

I agree that WHEN player looks DIRECTLY at sun the effect can be there, meaning when reticle is on sun then HDR kicks in. But otherwise HDR should not kick in because sun is "so bright".

I can wear protection glasses what are in bad condition or look directly a air object what flies between sun and my position without getting blind or any white ghosting to my view.

In cars I do get prolems from reflections on winter when sun shines and it hits to dashboard from where then reflects to windshield and as everything is white already, the white windshield is a problem but it is problem because dashboard is light grey instead dark/black.

Nobody is asking for ArmA2 HDR.

And even if it was asked it would simply impossible to do because ArmA3 HDR doesn't work that way.

Realistic sun glare 2D sprite that affects vision like it did in ArmA1 is all that is asked. ArmA1 didn't have extreme HDR glitches fyi.

Gugla added a comment.Aug 5 2013, 4:33 PM

HI, Thanks for the useful feedback. I think Hdr in A3 is better than A1 and A2. HDR is more under control but I agree with peaple which they want more glare, if I look to the sun (noon and early evening/later morning). This is one part of the HDR functions. My idea is bigger flare and glare used everlight at once. Maybe similar this effect:

That link is a good idea actually. If you will look directly at the sun the glare should be large and obscuring a vision, if you don't stare directly or close to sun - no obscuring the vision, just small glare like it is now.

Here's an observation I've made in BF3 (read further before throwing rocks)
There are two specific maps called Davamand Peak and Noshahr Canals where the sun is low enough. At all times I've noticed that people take positions that force approaching enemies to face the sun (with Davamand Peak's Rush being the best example) making it a very hard task for an attacker to spot that guy versus the sun and putting him at a clear disadvantage.

So if people in BF3 can have the blinding sun and use it to their advantage forcing an enemy into a disadvantage (which works) - why ArmA3 has no proper representation of the sun? The glare is still microscopic unless at dawn or evening where it simply makes the sky brighter and - if anything - makes objects stand out even more versus its white gradient.

Kirill added a subscriber: Kirill.May 7 2016, 10:51 AM
Kirill added a comment.Sep 3 2013, 7:19 AM

I am for the return of the blinding sun. The game has the sunglasses and shooting glasses. This is not a deficiency of. The blinding sun created a pleasant atmosphere presence.

IF the sun stays as it is now in dev branch may as well consider the issue resolved.

Sun will be as now or more better :) Thaks for a good idea.

Blinding sun is back + add light shafts

very nice work Gugla :D

Mass-closing resolved issues not updated in 10 days.