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May 9 2016

sotender added a comment to T60885: Movement sounds seem to lag behind player after a bit..

7.1 or any other is the same! I use stereo headphone only and can hear like someone following me too! And even sometimes the sound isn't sync with the moves. For example, you are running but you hear yourself like walking and vice-versa.

May 9 2016, 10:33 PM · Arma 3
sotender added a comment to T60186: You should be able to move while changing weapons.

@Doom4MR - I don't think BIS is lazy or so... It's being complaining that saying so after all the nice and attractivs sequels they made since OFP. It is an Alpha in case of u didn't notice and the first time ever that BIS is offering to players to be a part of the project by "acting" in it for the pleasure of every one and the best final result. Maybe it should be implemented during the beta as it's important to me too. Just u have to accept that there is so many tickets to look at and judge what will be the most important features to "change-add-remove" for the final release. By the way, i bought the supporter edition and you ?

May 9 2016, 9:30 PM · Arma 3
sotender added a comment to T60025: No female soldiers models available.

@maxsil - I don't understand your anger. If people want female characters in the game then leave them free. "i don't give a shit" is all u can say? Well, u know nothing dude! You forgot to mention that during WW2, in Russia, 800.000 women have fought since many men had been killed. (look in Wiki: "Soviet women in World War II". So your excuses are bullshits. Now, yes, me too i want female characters in the game, even just civilians, for many reasons and better missions. Women are all around us in real life so why not in a game? Difficult to modelize? nope since they can do it for men it's exactly the same. Bohemia and modders did it in ARMA II.

May 9 2016, 8:00 PM · Arma 3
sotender added a comment to T59221: Bring back blinding sun.

@Make Love Not War - I agree about the infantry showcase (u are getting blind in it) and i would rather like if the AI is affected by it as any human player to make it realistic and fair.

May 9 2016, 6:44 PM · Arma 3
sotender added a comment to T58793: Implement a visual stance indicator.

Ok. As many of you , i have been looking for my stance while playing. But need to change my view from 1st to 3rd person (annoying!). Then i have found an addon on, pretty nice that show ur stances in real time if you are in 1st person view. It's discreet and will indicates all of the 9 stances in Arma III and Highlights stances that hinder your movement in yellow. Effective!!! Here is the link. give it a try :)

May 9 2016, 3:31 PM · Arma 3