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Movement sounds seem to lag behind player after a bit.
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I use a Razer Timat 7.1 headset so I rely heavily on sound to track and find enemy movements. What I have noticed is I am constantly having a issue distinguishing my movement sounds with possible friendly/enemy movement sounds as they seem to sometimes lag behind my player, ever so slightly. The result is I am looking behind me as I move more often then I should. Now I don't notice as much when first playing, either mp or sp, but as time passes I notice more and more often. It never gets to bad but just enough that I am constantly looking behind my character.


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To reproduce play for 30 mins or more.

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It's a an ever slight lag between movements and sounds. I have confirmed this with other players I play with, but never in the same session. I notice this every time I load and play.

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But only on some surfaces! I have same problem. Using G930 with surround.
With check which surfaces later.

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Same problem. Sometimes it feels like somebody is following you. Very annoying

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Guys, it is Slenderman, DO NOT LOOK BACK!

Ok, I am serious now.
Yes, I can confirm (with G35 headset) that footsteps seem to come from someone (or something?) behind me and I am looking back, too.
Nevertheless, I cannot confirm that this happens after some time, because I am not sure of that.

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I'm not sure, but I think that once the sound has started playing, it doesn't move/follow the player, so e.g. footstep sound lasting 0.5 secs will play from start to end at the place where it started. Not sure about it, but you can try it yourself: walk or run and turn very quickly 90 degrees to right or left; you'll hear the last footstep(s) on your side.

Please check also this ticket , maybe related somehow to this?

Yes this is a bit annoying. I keep looking over my shoulder to see if its a friendly teaming up (Or and enemy!). Hope it can be fixed. Seems to me like the point of where the sound should be played isn't placed directly under the player. Or a variant of that scenario.

Same. I´m using a Logitech G35 7.1 Surround Headset.

7.1 or any other is the same! I use stereo headphone only and can hear like someone following me too! And even sometimes the sound isn't sync with the moves. For example, you are running but you hear yourself like walking and vice-versa.

I too only use stereo headset and have this problem but immediately, not after 30mins.

7.1 Razer Tiamat, VERY Annoying bug!
YOur step sounds follow by you behind your back :D, it can be growed as phobia :)

This happens a lot with Track IR as well. Turning the head one way will make me hear my footsteps in the other ear making me think someone is next to me!

I've had the same problem. Wearing stereo headset.

Logitech G35 7.1 Surround Headset here as well. Same problem! :/ Up voted.

G35 as well. Ive found that this also applies to reloading sounds.

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Stop using fake 7.1 "surround sound" headsets. There's no noticeable lag with 4.0 speaker setup.
Most, if not all, surround headsets use Dolby Pro Logic which encodes/decodes the audio as a process, which is the most likely culprit for the audio lag.

Icchan you are ignorant in saying that. The same problem has been reported with 2.0 setup without any fake surround.

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