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Implement a visual stance indicator
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Sorry if this is the wrong place to submit something like this but I think that a stance indicator somewhere on the HUD would be a good feature to have. I had trouble determining my stance in ArmA II and now that you have added about three times more stances, it's a little more confusing lol.

Thanks for looking into it!


PS. I still love the new stance system!


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I would say that yes, but always as an option so you can disable it. If you have 3rd person disabled, sometimes it's hard to know your exact stance, and that would help (i really like most realistic settings but on real life you will now your exact stance...)

Ok. As many of you , i have been looking for my stance while playing. But need to change my view from 1st to 3rd person (annoying!). Then i have found an addon on, pretty nice that show ur stances in real time if you are in 1st person view. It's discreet and will indicates all of the 9 stances in Arma III and Highlights stances that hinder your movement in yellow. Effective!!! Here is the link. give it a try :)

I believe there is two stance indicators already out on Armaholic, but an ingame one would be handy.

fbiss added a subscriber: fbiss.May 7 2016, 10:37 AM

Why can't you just learn to press the enter key to look at yourself in 3rd person to save crapping up my screen with noob indicators?

fbiss: Lol? I will only play on no 3rd person servers. So jeah - good job thinking

fbiss, quite short sighted. Some prefer to stay immersed in 1st person and others want to play hardcore (no 3rd person servers).

An indicator is a must, but it must be visually far more subtle than that mod that was made recently.

Stance Indicator can be toggled in diffculty settings for player/server as other dif. settings

Good point. Many times i stay in third person when I want to be in first just to know what stance I am in.

Agreed. With the new stance system, this is a must-have.

teaCup added a subscriber: teaCup.May 7 2016, 10:37 AM

NO vote. You want your screen cluttered with text, numbers, icons, indicators, HUDs, minimaps, whatnots? Use a mod or at least make this optional. Don't add more crap to the 2D overlay. I know exactly what stance i'm in, don't need it.

An indicator is needed.

In real-life, you'll know what stance you are in, simply by feeling it.

However, in a game, you don't have that sense of feeling, so all you know is what you see and hear. A gun on a screen is not a very good indicator of what stance you are in.

Then make so you can turn on or off for those who vote no. I understand that some do not want the hud cluttered but in real life you know what your body position is due to your nervous system. This cannot be conveyed thru the game when you are in firs person. Some of you pro's may be able to remember but give us mentally challenged people a break. I forget because I get engulfed in other things. I up-voted this already.

rogerx added a subscriber: rogerx.May 7 2016, 10:37 AM

Agreed. More especially since Arma 3 automatically places the individual into stand-up position from crouch position at seemingly random intervals after running or walking.

It would be less of a concern if Arma 3 didn't have this change of automatic position. Still, the display should tell the person what condition themselves are in, as it's coherently already known when we, ourselves, are naturally walking around.

This would definately be a good option. But, you dont necessarily need an indicator that looks like a body. You could merely have a line. When vertical, you're upright...when at an angle, you're crouched..when horizontal, you're prone...etc. And being a line, instead of a body, it would be less of a distraction...if that makes sense.

If the developters don't add a stance indicator, there are 2 mods that already do it.

Google this (or search armaholic_dot_com):

ARMA3 & HMM_StanceIndicator
ARMA3 & @FAstance

It could be a subtle transparent stance indicator, and replace the (alpha) watermark in the bottom right corner of the screen :-)

I sometimes forget that the watermark is there until I look at it.
This would be ideal for a stance indicator.

This would be very nice, I hate walking around half bent over to the left and in a semiprone position without knowing O_O +1

Why do you even need this when the game could just have one button for each stance and you can then be sure that your in the stance you want.The problem is how the Z and X key each toggle two stances leaving you wondering what stance your actually in.Solution is to remove the C key as tactical pace(could be 2xW)and then have ZXC as the three stances.

That wouldn't really work, considering there are now five different stances.

Heruon added a subscriber: Heruon.May 7 2016, 10:37 AM

I think there are actually 9 stances right now. I'd also like to have indicator arrows for leaning and sidestep stances. And to those not wanting it, make it optional. Actually, make the whole UI customizable.

Artis added a subscriber: Artis.May 7 2016, 10:37 AM
Artis added a comment.Apr 15 2013, 1:12 PM

this game should have this. despite the fact you are sitting in a game and have not the chance to check what you re feeling you should have the option for an visualization of the stance by a little picture in some corner or arrows or wathever.

nothing would ruin realism if it would be an option to have or not turned on.
in my opinion it would add something this game needs. because i found myself far to often of trying to run or something and have had the wrong stance.


Huron added a subscriber: Huron.May 7 2016, 10:37 AM
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As subtle as possible. (ladder indicator)

NOT a picture of soldier in various poses.

fbiss added a comment.Apr 16 2013, 3:10 AM

You noobs to arma should not be making suggestions on this site.

First off, this wouldn't even be needed in the first place if they didn't dumb the controls down to just 2 stance buttons. If they left it as 3 like in Arma2, then you could just press one key to instantly put you back to standing. So no indicator necessary.

Secondly, even without that you don't need an indicator. You can press the key to get you upright and just pressing CTRL W will check that you are all the way up.

Indicators are for dumb games, take responsibility for your own actions and ability and stop relying on games to make things easy for you.

@fbiss Actually. Visual indicators are in game because we have no physical connection to our character in game.

If you don't like it the disable it, you don't need to be ass.

Fbiss. Scoggs is correct. I am not a "noob" as the "Oh so great ones" love to throw around and I would prefer it as well. Scoggs is also correct in the fact that if you do not like it. Turn it off. Some of us more intellectually challenged stupid people are not as high, mighty and great as the lucky ones who think they have all the brains.

Ditto. Simulations should provide duplicate or similar experience compared to the real experience.

When lacking, developers sometimes need to implement hacks to work around.

In other words, we civilians are limited currently by the number of displays we have and cannot have side displays or displays large enough to properly indicate our stance or provide us with adequate eye level indicators.

Nor, are nerve or brain stimuli available for making us self aware of our stance, as we are in real life.

As such, some sort of transparent indicator indicator is likely needed to make-up for the lacking of awareness of stance. The EA Battlefield 3 is accurate in some aspects, as with the stance indicator. But EA BF3 is obviously not a simulator, and just a game.

"First off, this wouldn't even be needed in the first place if they didn't dumb the controls down to just 2 stance buttons."

I find it pretty funny that you're talking about Bohemia "dumbing down" the controls, and yet you seem wholly incapable of the challenging task of finding the "Controls" section of the in-game options menu.

Against this. Unless it's optional, then i won't care. Which stance i'm using is irrelevant... I press z or x and adjust from there. The important thing is to understand how much exposed you are. Looking at the UI to tell me which stance i'm using is one step too many IMO. The less distracting stuff the better.

But then that's just me. :)

Tuliq added a subscriber: Tuliq.May 7 2016, 10:37 AM
Tuliq added a comment.Apr 16 2013, 7:20 PM

I'm all for this. There's space for this in the Top right corner of the screen, next to the ammo count. It should be very small and look like this:

  1. #

"PLEASE don't implement this, it's a waste of time and effort when there are many other ideas that could be worked on that are much better. There's already a community made addon for this. Furthermore, in my opinion, it would just make the game more generic-FPS-like. Thanks."


after getting all the praises... this is a quote of "anzu"

I was for this idea as well but daddaflex is correct. there is already (2) addons available in armaholic for this.


Daddaflex is also right in suggesting that BI work on other things at this point based in a stance indicator already being available as an addon.

The second one by JamesF1 seems to be the best and adequate for awareness, including transparency.

I would suggest this bug's description be augmented to provide the above previously stated URL's so readers don't have to read this entire thread for relevant information, but the bug remain opened and marked as a feature if internal ARMA developers plain on integrating in the feature.

If not, still provide the two URL's within the description and mark as closed, won't fix. ;-)

Should be optional/selectable by difficulty settings :-)

X39 added a subscriber: X39.May 7 2016, 10:37 AM
X39 added a comment.Apr 20 2013, 6:07 PM


but please make it user configurable

Liquid added a subscriber: Liquid.May 7 2016, 10:37 AM

+1 for those that want it, but make it optional please

I support the idea of a stance indicator. I am one for high degrees of realism in ARMA, but a degree of abstraction is needed due to the lack of real life feedback.

Huron added a comment.Apr 24 2013, 2:38 AM

acesential hits it on the head.

Speaking of things that have been hit on the head, fbiss makes me lol. Switching to third person is more realistic than a stance indicator?

I really hope this is implemented. Making it optional is the best of both worlds, but it would be better served being a client-side option rather than server.

You are right, switch to third person is cheating. At times, it's the only method of currently gaining awareness for one's surroundings.

I frequently have to switch to third person while flying the KA-60, since the altitude indicators are extremely small. The smaller helicopters with more view, not so much as I can vividly see the increase or decrease in altitude.


Not all servers and players playing with 3d view!

So this parameter must be reconfigured in client/server side difficulty settings

Whats wrong with using the crosshairs?They are wide while standing and get narrower with crouch and prone.Less clutter on screen is beneficial for immersion.

Maxyz added a subscriber: Maxyz.May 7 2016, 10:37 AM
Maxyz added a comment.May 3 2013, 2:06 AM

The main thing that is wrong with crosshairs is that I don't use 'em. Maximum realizm FTW!!! =)

fbiss added a comment.May 3 2013, 3:47 AM


I don't need to change the controls... I'm the one who is happy with how things are now. It's you who wants a new on screen indicator to help you make up for your shortcomings.


It's not a case of don't like it don't use it, because everything requires development time and if they start adding stupid indicators to cater to people who can't get to grips with the already simple controls, then its time not spent on something more important.

Nah, you can tell based on the weapon in fps mode.

Loki added a subscriber: Loki.May 7 2016, 10:37 AM
Loki added a comment.May 7 2013, 3:06 AM

Understand, but by and by the player evolve a sense for these all. Every ui make it a bit easier, so all is a part of difficulty settings. In this case it would be fair, when all these settings where dictated by server rules. Then all is fine. In my opinion the ammo ui should also toggled on/off by rules.

One example. If you have a broken leg, you don't feel it. There is no pain like a distortion. You realize it only then when you try to stand up and walk a step. So now you have the choice. Did you need/want an ui for these?

Same for viewrange, fog, gamma (on night play) etc.. (yes there can be differences by hardware) but these all are Rules and all should play with the same if possible and if they want play together. Don't want don't play.

guys.. this is pointless. there is a mod already rated 5 stars and a good amount of comments

I'm sorry but I'm fucking useless when it comes to adding strings to compilers and whatnot... I think Bohemia has some kind of responsibility, even with respect to implementing the best possible HUD options, or else it would be a game made entirely by modders? Hope I didn't upset anyone.

I've got to agree with iambobnrobn. A game shouldn't rely on mods to work to its utmost. The developer should make a completely finished and polished product (which by the amount of time BI is taking, I'm fairly certain they will do) and moders should make it better or add onto the already finished product.

Telkwa added a subscriber: Telkwa.May 7 2016, 10:37 AM

You don't need to know what stance you are in. The stances are to minimize your silhouette while firing behind something or lessen your profile while covering open ground.

If you are behind a rock and you notice you are much higher than it is than lower your stance. If you are behind a wall and you can't see over it, than raise your stance. Your surroundings is your indicator you don't need a hud icon to tell you that.

Also you have a button to return to default.

Ratszo added a subscriber: Ratszo.May 7 2016, 10:37 AM

Not a fan of hud clutter --certainly not as default.

Agree with Telkwa, if you don't know your stance, pay attention.

The previous posts don't make much sense unless you're running more than three displays.

To put this into perspective, look through a 12" square box blocking all peripheral vision. Now; lay down, squat, and stand. Notice the difficultly discerning your surroundings with your stance. The main indicator in real life indicating you're standing are your nerves. Yes it is possible to notice your stance alone on limited vision, but it's also noticeable by sound only. Good luck with the later, as I hear it's extremely difficult to learn unless you're blind.

A server running the developer version had a 4-5 bar stance indicator within the upper right of the display indicating the stance, including another three color indicator indicating exhaustion. Very informative, and needed to gain the lacking awareness a 12" square display can only provide, including sound. Sorry guys, screen blurring for indicating exhaustion is unreal. I've run many miles in the past and never had much blurring in real life!

For those disagreeing, might help a little to provide some supporting facts. If you're running around in a certain squat mode for an extended amount of time, you'll likely need to change your stance in order to discern whether you're squatting or standing. Adding an indicator will remove this lack of awareness, allowing players to focus on other tasks besides always trying to type additional keys for checking their stance.

Now, if somebody told me we should have stance indicators in real life, I would then exclaim that they were nuts and/or must have nerve damage.

Trying to focus all of our human senses into a 12" square box display is a difficult task.

I agree for those who are extremely keen, and should have an option to turn off the stance indicator. Very similar to having selective hearing. ;-)

My point is it does not matter if you are one inch higher or one inch lower than you think you are. So what. The only thing that matters is the cover that you are behind and whether or not you are exposed, the gauge is your cover i.e. surroundings. Once you leave cover for fire and move tactics who cares what stance you are in until you get to your next cover. If you are not behind cover and don't feel like you need to lessen your profile than return to default.

If you are moving behind cover and you can see the enemy then the enemy can see you, adjust the stance based on your cover not based on the condition of a HUD indicator.

In real life, one cannot run as fast as they can when they are in crouched or squatting. Whether the game simulates this declination of speed or exhaustion, I do not know.

Also when moving around on the front line, it's difficult to discern whether squatting or not. Hence, sometimes I find myself standing straight up instead of squatting.

Most times, I just don't bother with testing my stance with the keyboard keys and just revert to 3rd person view. Matter of fact, I find third person view is the only way to gain the required environmental senses in most situations to include flying.

b101uk added a subscriber: b101uk.May 7 2016, 10:37 AM

I don’t really think it’s needed even in first person view.

It’s easy to distinguish the 3 principle positions (standing, kneeling, prone) of which prone is the most obvious, while kneeling is quite obvious as the camera height changes between moving and stopped, leaning is also obvious as is left/right gun handedness.

Most of the other intermediate up/down/left/right stances are really more of use for firing from behind cover, while the different speeds (walking, tactical, jogging, sprinting) are also quite obvious, as most of the time you are going to be using tactical and jogging while sprinting overrides both for the duration its activated.

wok added a comment.Jun 2 2013, 2:27 AM

I hate the new stance indicator added in the dev version, the silhouette thing is horrible. I think it should be much more abstract, I made a script version of what I think it should kinda look like:

I know it interferes with the hud when you use tracers, but is not intended as a final version it's just a proof of concept.

+1 the new vanilla stance indicator silhouette is really bad, it look bad with ugly thighs and the side perspective is to much annoying and destabilizing, please devs can you change it for a more conventional silhouette or one close to what Wok have done !

I think having a silhouette is fine.

Imho, the silhouette&arrows combo doesn't suit the overall minimalistic/futuristic interface theme very well.
I would like to see something more abstract either similar to wok's attempt or this --> [^]

wok added a comment.Jun 6 2013, 7:05 PM

The image @tarciop shared is really good imo. I even though about doing a smaller version which would fit on the top left corner of the weapon/ammo hud, on the blank space left on the opposite side where the weapon name is. But I havent had time yet to do it.

I think our comments show that this kind of stuff should be left to modders, devs should be working on more important things.

I like the silhouette and arrows, would vote to keep.

issue should be closed now right???

Stance indicator is in game. Enjoy it:)

Mass close.