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1.13 ADS Bug
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There's times where the character would not be able to aim down sight (it is a problem since at least 1.10 but not being spoke about too much). To fix it it's needed to spam right click multiple times until it stops "locking" the character into aim down sight stance and not allowing the character to move. This issue can be very frustrating and make anyone lose a character because they were stuck with that locked status.


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Windows 7

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Spaggie created this task.Jun 22 2021, 6:12 PM

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Thank you for the report Spaggie.
Are there any videos of this behaviour available too? And can you please let us know in case you come across any bit of information which could help us in figuring out in which situation does this occur?

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sanguine00 gave this analysis on the epic

The ADS bug appears to be a desync where the server recognizes the command, but your client does not. This is why if you get the bug you will also be forced to move slowly - the server is correcting your movement speed to be what it would be if you were *actually* ADS-ing.

Tap again and the server "lowers" your gun and you can once again move normally.

Tap a third time and finally you are ADS on both client and server.

The bug does seem to occur most often when attempting to ADS (or raise your weapon) while transitioning from different stances.

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More observations incoming... caller please hold

Hi GeeZ,
I have something similar happen to me when meleing zombies which I think could be connected.
It seems to have the same properties.

I assumed it was me doing the steps wrong, but the more I practice, the more I see it happening inconsistantly.

To reproduce:

  • Hold a sharp item that can complete a sneak attack
  • Press C to get into crouch mode
  • Hold shift and press W to get behind a zombie
  • Release Shift as you get near
  • From the crouched position as you approach (still holding W) Hold RMB and then tap LMB to perform the sneak kill.

Sometimes you will stand and perform the action, sometimes you will just stand, but your arms won't raise.
It's like the client recognised the action and partially done the requirements (stood up) but then forgot to do part 2, which was raise hands (or weapon to ADS) leaving you standing there looking lovingly into the zombies eyes as he turns around and gets all cuddly.

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Can we please add




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Water is too wet

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NAyRAM added a comment.EditedJun 23 2021, 11:03 AM

Here is a video of how it looks in 1st person when the ADS bug happens.

What he's trying to do:
Tap right click
Hold breath
Video of ADS bug

The issue is a lot more common on servers where the player has higher ping. For me playing a US server makes it a lot more common due to higher ping than a EU server that has less ping.

Masgel added a subscriber: Masgel.EditedJun 23 2021, 11:58 AM

What a surprise that trying to replicate it now, it's not happening the same way. But close. Video from 1.13 EXP.
Seems to kick in when pulling the gun out.

Other player's see you as adsing while this bug happens and you can shoot, but on your screen nothing is happening but other will hear you shooting.

TheRunningManZ added a comment.EditedJul 6 2021, 2:45 AM

Here is a video showing the melee issue that MeDarn described above….

Option added a subscriber: Option.Jul 6 2021, 3:19 PM

Here is hopefully some additional context for the 'ADS' bug. Here is a video of my reproduction of at least one scenario which results in a bugged gun raise state ( One of the easiest replication methods for me is possible with a gun in hand.

  1. Shift+W to start running
  2. As you are running, Crouch+hold Right Mouse Button at the same time to enter a crouch and raise your gun
  3. Continue to hold Right Mouse Button, if you experience the 'ADS' bug, your client side will not have a gun raised, but your player movement will be slow as if your gun were raised.

Doing these combinations together seems to fairly regularly reproduce an 'ADS' bug. It seems as though on the client side, the right mouse button gun raise does not work, and your gun remains down. However, the server side seems to indicate that your gun is raised. You can see that in the player movement. The client side player tries to run/sprint like normal, but the server side keeps them at the proper speed as if their gun were raised. This created a stuttering movement for the player and helps indicate that they are currently experiencing an 'ADS' bug.

MarkHollis added a subscriber: MarkHollis.EditedJul 14 2021, 5:45 PM

I reported this bug a while ago, seems to simply happen when you haven't ADS'd in a while.
In this clip it takes nearly 2 seconds to ADS.

Sorry to add more noise, but I think it's worth mentioning that we've been struggling with this bug to varying degrees for quite some time, and we think it can possibly be traced to changes made on 2/20/2020 related to a fix for "ghost bullets":

This seems to be (at least in part), some of the relevant code changes:

Sorry if that sets anyone off on a wild goose chase, but based on our experience it seems a bit too coincidental when correlating the first experiences we were having with this bug with changes to DayZ's code. To the point where someone smarter than me might want to take a look. Thanks.

It seems to really be triggered now by those attempting a slow stealth CROUCHED approach to zombies looking for a stealth kill. When they arrive they right click to pull their weapon up and begin the melee process to find that their weapon is not lifting at all.

From here they are having to hit the button multiple times to get it to work missing their stealth kill opportunity. As of today we are getting a lot of reports of this exact scenario.

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OOOh, nice point Sanguine, thanks for the data

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Hello everyone.
We are currently looking into an issue which is most likely related to this behaviour and fixing it should fix this issue as well.

Hello, I have multiple repros on video. Please have a look!

Sometimes I can get it 95% of the time on our live server with my 40ms ping but the next day it'll only be 5% repro or less. We don't really have an explanation as to what could make the bug more or less frequent. I did try to add a small RTT latency (+5ms each way) using Clumsy ( and it made the repro much more reliable while using it. Note that the last time I tried, using Clumsy on a local server didn't help reproducing the bug. But I haven't tried that again recently however.

In the video you can see the easiest way to reproduce the issue for me which is:

  • Sprint while crouching (never release "W" or "Shift" during the steps)
  • Tap "C" to uncrouch
  • Then tap "Mouse 2" to ADS a few milliseconds later

If the repro is successful your character will sprint standing but will move at a crouch speed. I'm fairly sure that this is a desync where your character is prone and ADSing for game server but standing without ADSing on the client. A simple "Mouse 2" click will fix your local state (but no ADS will happen).

PS: I also show another issue in this video related to object in hands/inventory state where the game client has the wrong item in hands and can't unequip it.

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I think the problem have its origin in the CHANGE OF STANCE.
For some reason, on certain servers more than others, switching from a stance to another (mostly from crouch to stand and vice versa) have some kind of glitch.
The character seems to have a sort of "bounce" in the process.

It can be noticed even on the little icon on the lower left side. This bounce is the origin of the ADS issue I think, because it's the origin of the character stuck in general in combination with other actions.
On the Official server I have a lot of difficulty to reproduce it, while on some private servers the issue is substantially constant.

On the Official I noticed that I can reproduce it more consistently if I spam change of stance during the exhaustion phase, when my character lose all the stamina and the regain start.
Here a video of the "bounce" in a private server. Look at the stance icon to have an idea what Im saying:

This is just getting worse by every patch it seems.
Now you can add a new problem that seem to be similar.

When you try to block your chr starts to block and then cancel the animation but in fact is still blocking if you keep holding s and right mouse bottom.
So just like ads issue you look to other's like your adsing but not on client side.