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Aiming down sights (ADS) issue related with crunch/stand action
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Probably mostly on high ping/High pop servers, if you try to go ADS while from a crunch position try to stand up, you can stuck.

The video should show better than (my very bad English) words.
It seem related with the crunch to stand action somehow.
In fact, crunch to stand action have often a strange bounce
This bounce often, but not necessarily, appear when the ADS problem it about to happen.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Mostly on high populated/high ping server, but not exclusively.

-Crunch and start to proceed fast pacing
-stop to proceed fast pacing the moment you push the button to stand
-few moments later try to ADS, you should be not able to or with a huge delay of a few seconds.

The stuck can consist in you unable to ADS for some seconds or sometimes you have to push the ADS button repeatedly since you come out from the stuck situation.

I have this problem on an high populated/high ping server (Those video are mostly from DayOne Livonia server) but I have been able to reproduce the problem even on Vanilla official server.
The difference is the reproducibility.
On DayOne (high pop/high ping) I have a reproducibility of at least 50% while on Vanilla I had spent couple of hour to have the problem happen only few times.

It can have maybe something to do with loading ''new assent''.
I say so because the only times I could be able to reproduce it on Vanilla server, something new was happening on my screen (passing next to a chicken, passing from an empty zone to a zone packed with zombie, fights scenarios).

So in the equation seems to be involved server load somehow, even without high ping/high population.
The high ping/high population on a server skyrock the problem to umplayability.

Additional Information

My system is:
i7 6700k @4.5 Ghz
Nvidia 1080Ti
256Gb SSD Samsung 850 EVO M.2
16 Gb Ram

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Roddis created this task.Sep 5 2020, 2:43 PM

This is easier to reproduce on servers ran on AMD processors. This is plaguing the dayone server community as well.