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Aiming down sights has a very long delay if not done for a while
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Gun out, when not done for a while, ADS'ing while have an unusually long delay while on a server.
This delay gets increased further by whatever your ping to the server is.

The animation is not properly played, too.

This will get you killed easily in a crucial situation (i.e. suddenly running into somebody and it takes you over 1 second to raise your gun)

Example: (in this clip it takes over 1 second before my character even does anything)


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Be connected to server
  2. Have gun out
  3. After not having aimed for a while, the next time you attempt to ads, it will take longer than unusual, but skip the animation.
Additional Information

Version 1.12, Bug has existed for the last 6 months I played

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This bug still occurs as of 1.13 stable, sadly.