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Character Locks Stress Test 17
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Windows 7

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Hello everyone and thank you for the reports.
Can you please let us know under this ticket which specific actions you were doing prior to the character becoming locked in the database and for how long was your character locked approximately? Also, do you know if the server was still online upon receiving the character lock or if it has been down?

five_seven_clown added a comment.EditedJun 4 2018, 2:41 PM

I was doing the fist emote. F8 I think?
I was in a group of 5, many of us were emoting to each other.
On the road just north of the checkpoint north of Electro.
Character never unlocked. Waited 6 mins and tried for maybe another 25mins.

The server went down and the client crashed. The server was up when I tried rejoining. It may not have been fully up when I first rejoined, but others in the group got in fine. Only one other person in the group got locked at the same time, client crashed as well (I think), also wasn't unlocked after 5 mins.

Unknown Object (User) added a subscriber: Unknown Object (User).Jun 4 2018, 2:48 PM

My locked characters unlocked themselves by waiting 5/10 before joining back the server. I don't think there was an specific action that triggered it.

Ingal removed a subscriber: Ingal.Jun 4 2018, 3:12 PM
Ingal added a comment.Jun 4 2018, 3:26 PM

I've unsubscribed the task, but still get like 100 gazilion mail about it. Help!?

Valach added a subscriber: Valach.Jun 4 2018, 7:21 PM

I wasnt doing anything specific. I suppose that you turned off server where I was playing at that time at 11:30 PM . At that point I wasnt be able to play on any server. I waited more than 5 minutes and then tried to join random server. I saw locked message again and after few auto attempts locked message disappeared and it looked like I am connecting. Few second later while connecting I was kicked out.

I mean that kick In my case caused that some unlocking procedure (sequence) on server side was not finished and I stayed locked.

There is my ticket where I described more detailed what happened:

Ingal: In right corner click on your avatar -> settings -> email preferences (I prefer notify option).

My first lock happened after just moving within sight of Novodtromovitsk (sp). I had just finished looting the train station on the southern hill. I had used a damaged can opener to open a can of beans. I began eating them. During the eating animation, the red connection message appeared and i was kicked from game. I can't recall if the server i was playing on went down or not, though I remember thinking it may have been down. This lock was the longest, lasting approximately 17 minutes. When i finally saw the lock removed and was able to get back into game, my can of beans was in my inventory, unopened.

The second lock occurred after running into another player in the aforementioned town. We went to find the water well and began running up the street. About 2 minutes into this run i saw his character frozen, then i recieved the red connection msg. I was kicked shortly thereafter and character was locked. This lock only lasted about 5-10 min. I remember loading the servers on the browse screen and having to refresh as not all were showing. Not 100% sure if the server itself went down.

After a long looting spree through the NW airfield I saw the red connection msg again, so perhaps a 3rd lock. I did not check to see if I was locked as it had become fairly late at this point (was about 3am here). Waking up in the morning saw the servers had been shut down, so couldn't check the status. I had been doing a lot of gear manipulation, like picking up akm's and mp5s and removing parts (mags and stuff), loading ammo etc. Near the end of this looting spree I started to have difficulty with moving items around and into my pack. I would attempt to move an item into position, but it wouldn't take. I had to place things on the ground (vicinity) and then place them in my hands before manipulating anything. Eventually i moved out the SW corner of the airfield and into the treeline. I received the disconnect error while sitting under a tree for about a minute. Again, didn't double check if I was locked as it was pretty late at this point.

original ticket with requested files is here :

I logout and try join to SouthCentral 1-2, the countdown of 90 seconds appeared, I did not want to wait and I pressed escape, then I wanted to enter the previous server and the message appeared "carácter locked", i play like 3 hour and the server are online when this lock happen

When my character got permanently stuck in "Character locked" (did not work with 5-10 min wait) , i tried to join a low pop server (not sure which one) me and my mate connected only to get "connection lost" (server crash or restart) .
So we reconnected again only to have "Character locked in database" we waited for a bit and tried another server , nothing so we waited 10 min and connected first server again still locked (also tested rebooting game , remake character etc). i tried then a couple of hours later and i still was stuck in the database (tried remaking the character before)

Played Stress Test 18 for hours without a client crash