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Character Locked in Database - was eating some beans
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I was at the train station just south of Novodtromovitsk overlooking the town, having just finished looting the buildings. It was day, perhaps moving to sunset. i had opened some beans and had just started eating them, while looking over my shoulder using the alt key. I used a can opener to open them.

I ended up seeing the red "cannot communicate with server" message with the countdown (i forget the actual text, but its the old school one thats always been there when you lose connection). When the countdown finished, i went back to the main screen and saw the kicked message. I tried logging onto another server, as the one i think i was on was now full. I saw a countdown, waiting to respawn was the message with it counting down from 80. I hit esc and exit. then i tried another server and encountered the character locked message. I have tried numerous servers and other surivivors to get on, but no go. I've attached all my logs.

I had a pretty full pack, nothing out of the ordinary. rifle and firefighter axe on back, spawn backpack, pretty full. was wearing stab proof vest, motorcycle helmt, military pants and boots, firefighter jacket.

The server i got booted from was a southcentral stress test .63 server, forget which one ( or ...141.107:2902 or ...141.107:3002) . my steam is{F243267}

playing on version 0.63.147063

I took part in the first big .63 test and had a locked character then as well, but it was fixed in a few minutes. i also switched survivors that time, tho it loaded the survivor that was locked before.

PS - i have attached all requested files, tho i didnt see the -dologs msg. hope the info is there for ya.


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Windows 10 x64
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I'm back in as of right now! not sure what i did. i got a waiting in queue on one server, then kicked cuz i lost connection. then tried again, saw locked msg, then suddenly the loading screen popped. my can of beans was in my hands unopened.

well, i'm locked again now. same thign as before. this time i wasnt eating, but running through the aforementioned town with random guy i bumped into.

got the red lost connection to the server msg, then kicked. then rejoining gives me the character locked msg. {F243309}here's the dump files lol.

not sure if this is helpful, but heres a post mortem. i was able to get back on again about 20 min after my last comment. It happened the same way, i tried to join a full server and got the queue message. it said i was number 2. then i waited till i was kicked. believe it was for losing connection. the next server i tried to join, i was in. i played for a few hours before finally getting the red lost connection message again. that happened after running through nw airfield. it happened in the field soutwest of the airfield while i was sitting under a tree.

i did notice that right before i lost conenction, i was having difficulty moving guns from the ground to my hands. i was picking apart akms and pulling mags off. the game wouldnt let me swap the guns. i had to place them on teh ground before i put them in my hands. stuck out as it wasnt doing that earlier, then the crash followed about 10 min or so later. added another zip of the user folder {F243581}just in case theres something in there.

MrUnicorn changed Operating System from Windows 7 to Windows 10 x64.Jun 2 2018, 8:10 PM