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Character locked in Database
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I joined UK 0-2 got into the loading screen and while I was in the loading screen the game then crashed/ closed itself. Then i started DayZ again wanted to join UK 0-1 came into the loading screen and at the bottom of the loading screen it said "Character locked in database, remaing attempts 5" so i waited for the attempts to finish and then i got kicked with the reasson "character locked in database". 5 mins later i tried to join UK-03 and was locked again. I haven't tried any other Servers. I'm gonna do that now and update this report in case it will work on other servers.


Have Not Tried
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  • Join a UK Server
  • Get kicked for character locked in Database
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Event Timeline

  1. Try on DE-01 didn't work Character still locked.
  1. Try on US Northeast 2-1 didn't work Character still locked.
  1. Try on UK 0-3 after I changed my Character didn't work Character is still locked. I'm gonna stop trying now and will wait for a "unlock of my character" also I'll upload my crash dumps in here including my DxDiag and I also have -"dologs" in my DayZ properties enabled! Hope this helps.


I'll now delete my "chars.DayZProfile" located in >"USERNAME" > Documents > DayZ. According to a friend this helped him even though his character was deleted and he had to respawn with a new one, but it's a temporary solution.

Nevermind i tried one last time to join a Server which was a UK one and now it works without deleting my "chars.DayZProfile"