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Character Locked Out Of Database.
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I was in the server DayZ US Northeast 0-1 (stress test) with IP Address of at around 3:35pm EST and all of the servers restarted and I was kicked at the same time the game had crashed. I then restarted the game and when I attempted to load into the same server at around 3:43pm EST, it said Character Locked Out Of Database. I waited the 5 mins and tried again, same result occured. I attempted loading into DayZ US Northeast 0-2 (stress test) with IP Address right afterwards and the same thing had occurred. I believe I was in a field near a soccer field and a tree orchard to what I think was Berezino. I was not in the game long enough to exactly know where I was. DayZ Folder Files from C:\Users...AppData\Local\DayZ are below. My steam link is


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Be in a server right before a server restart and be kicked from the game. Attempt to log on to the same server that you were on before the restart and it should show up. That is how I have been reproducing the issue

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