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0.63 Character locked in database error
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To whom it may concern,
I was playing DayZ and got disconnected from a server just now. Now when I reconnect to any server it says Character locked in database error. I've looked at potential ways to solve this and the only way I see this is if there is a ticket filled out for you guys. I tried the "-dologs" command to launcher options seen on twitter and no luck unfortunately. Could you please assist me in anyway to solve this issue? What I played so far is great in the game and I'd love to experiment even more if I could. I got kicked from US NorthEast 0-2 but when I connect to any kind of server it won't let me access.
Thank you,
Don Schmidt


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

I try to join a server and it gives me this error code. Could be something in-game producing this.

Additional Information

Whatever you guys need to do on your end, if need be. Please do so at your convenience. Have a great day!

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