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Prone with Launcher?
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I was able to find the animation for it but is it present in gameplay? If not then it should be implemented. {F26832}


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+1 and if there would be an option +1000000000. I dont know why its not implemented since Arma 1, but its present in game anims, there is no mod for that in arma 3 (or i dont know it) and its should be as high priority, same as other animations for launchers - for exampple with normal weapon you can do more animations (by ctr + q,e,a,d,w,s) and with launcher only crouching and standing (still with bug when changing position, very often launcher is hidden to back, and when character is standnig, launcher is back in the hand, wasting time and creating unnecessary danger for player). ACTUALLY ALL ANIMATIONS AVAILABLE FOR SMALL ARMS, RIFLES SHOULD BE AVAILABLE FOR LAUNCHERS.

I looks cool and is realistic, however I suspect problems with launching the missile into the ground by mistake by AI and players. The game is too 'rough' to allow for this fine tuned position. The resulting problems would create a lot of extra work for the devs. This is my feeling why it was never implemented.

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What if the AI just couldn't use prone with launchers? Also it would be cool if launchers behaved like bipoded weapons, maybe even adding the whole resting mechanic for them too.

BTW, raising and lowering tripods to avoid missile hitting the ground?

Regarding the image above, I doubt the AI would have difficulty using the launcher in a prone position as the muzzle appears to be elevated from the ground.

Agree - ai will dont have problems using launcher from prone position - ace 2 proved this, same as ace 1.

Please, apply the changes in 1.52....

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In real life,this would not be possible. Rocket launchers require a bipod to be used while standing prone

I believe most Rocket Launchers can be fired from a prone position without a bipod. Perhaps the bipods are used for heavier launchers or if the angle of the target is elevated.

All launchers can be fired prone.... jeez, i shooted RPG-7 on prone on proving ground, back in 2000's. @Solaire of Astora - please think about your words.

@Fighting Power Please think of your grammar.

Dardo added a comment.Oct 4 2015, 10:20 PM

Keep calm guys.. By the way only specific kinds of launchers can be used while prone

Every single rocket launcher or missile system we use in FDF can be fired prone. They just require you to tilt your legs to about a 45 degree angle to avoid the backblast. Shooting from prone is the most stable unsupported stance to shoot from. Btw there is no such thing as "launcher bipod" thats just ridiculous. The closest thing like that i know is the supporting handle on the NLAW that is supported against your body. Having ability to shoot from prone is crucial as it makes you a smaller target and harder to detect. If the enemy armor detects you, then you're doing something terribly wrong.

Shields is right. Bipod isnt used, Javelins are launched from sitting position. I think Bohemia totally ignored this, its time to write to ACE guys.... as allways when we want some real feature in arma. Its pity that prone launcher animation are added in all previous Arma's by MODS AND ADDONS. THIS MEAN SOMETHING BOHEMIA.

TutSi added a comment.Jan 4 2016, 2:27 PM

Heh, upvoting. All AT specialists can use launcher while they are prone, ALL. This is what you are learning on training.

Maybe some note from the developers?

Why developers are ignoring this? New video with dancing miller is like hit in the face for players. Developers from animations are doing some shitty and nonsense work right now, insted fix something that is lacking since arma1 . I'm leaving this "millsim", its just like sinking ship, or sandbox for developers, not for players.

JAKKAT added a subscriber: JAKKAT.Feb 1 2019, 9:32 AM

So it's 2019 and this request from 2013/2015 is still relevant.
This should still be a consideration for implementation in my opinion as milsim and vanilla players alike would benefit from this like crazy.
It's somewhat annoying if I'm honest that an Alien DLC takes precedent over something so small but yet so big for the wider community, this feature would effect how people interact with your product ArmA 3 for the better and I think it's crazy that feedback that goes as far back as 2013 when the game was in Alpha still is overlooked.

Seriously consider this one please.