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Update: 1.48 fps dropping to 1-5 fps at times un playable
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Game Update: 1.48 has caused random players fps to drop into the low tens and is unplayable,ie: cpu 16% ram 50% gpu 20% 3fps {F26626} {F26627} {F26628} {F26629} {F26630} {F26631} {F26632} {F26633} {F26634} {F26635} {F26636} {F26637} {F26638}


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play a king of the hill game and at some point it will happen in a full server with lots of air units helps.

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this isn't like those desync episodes where it all freezes, its the game turning into a cartoon with paper thin animations buildings disappearing etc.

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I have noticed if your in a vehicle viewing with thermal you do not get the lag issue in town but as soon as you switch to normal view you do.. also 3rd person was doing whilst i was driving but not first person view.

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DnA added a comment.Jul 22 2015, 11:28 AM

Is anybody affected by this using the Steam Client opt-in Beta? Until yesterday, it contained a bug that could cause a severe performance drop when it was downloading Workshop content in the background. This should now have been fixed by Valve. We'd like to know whether this has helped anyone also with this issue, or the two are completely unrelated.

The fps drop and glitching usually happen about one hour into server start and in heavy scenes, e.g. large town with many vehicles and players fighting each other.

I dont use steam beta and dont use workshop

one more... time i repeat... its related to Objviewdistance.



I dont use steam beta and dont use workshop. i'm not downloading when i'm playing.

Look this

Havena :
one more... time i repeat... its related to Objviewdistance.

I think the same.

Lex added a comment.Jul 22 2015, 12:50 PM

Hello DnA.
How to check Betta? Betta is not enough servers and they empty. There is no place Betta with whom it could be tested.
Nobody will want to test Betta alone)))
I will try)

DnA added a comment.Jul 22 2015, 1:14 PM

Hi Lex. I was referring to the Beta of the Steam Client application, not the game. But since several people here have stated not using it, and still facing issues, we can at least determine that there's more going on.

@havena: Would you be willing to produce similar logs for 1.46 Legacy by performing similar tests?

@DnA sure,
FPS down to 19, when i set viewdistance 12K / obj 6 K.

Are u sure objdistance are OK on 1.48?
set objview at 3K on 1.48 as the same effect on FPS as 12K on 1.46.

Perhaps the display/number of meter is wrong ? perhaps divided by 4?
a bug related to new command getobjviewdistance? can u take a look on commit related to this command and confirm its not related?

DnA added a comment.Jul 22 2015, 2:31 PM

@havena: Thanks a lot. is only a getter of the value; it doesn't affect the engine itself. When you don't use that command in your tests, it will still drop in performance, right? But we'll not rule anything out and keep testing object view distance generally.

It's also possible we're seeing a mix of issues here, so we're trying to isolate things and find common factors (e.g. overall performance drops versus crippling but temporary chokes as seen in some of the videos above).

Maybe use better CPU and GPU usage?

@DnA thx,

i dont think its related (happend before 1.48) but "setViewDistance -1;" mess.
after use it, display on video menu is totaly wrong (ex : display 6K, reality 2K).

I have try viewdistance & objviewdistance on 1.46/1.48 RV mission and its look work nice. view distances are correct.

Yes its a "temp" issue depending on objdistance & number of players/obj in area

Adam added a comment.Jul 22 2015, 3:35 PM

Could somebody please try setting their view distance to minimum and see if the issue still persists?

EDIT: This wont work on some MP servers due to servers forcing certain view distance upon clients.

DnA added a comment.Jul 22 2015, 3:04 PM

@havena: We know it's asking a lot, but it may help progress if you could try testing the game data from 1.46 with the game engine from 1.48 (basically all addon PBOs from 1.46 in the 1.48 installation). That way we could try to rule out data corruption. We still have no PC in our company that can reliably reproduce these issues, so your help is very useful.

Hi there.
I'm from an Italian community (2RGT) almost 40 players wide and we experience the same annoying problem. Normally we always play modded Arma 3 on a regularly updated server.

Immediately after the update we noticed a global FPR reduction in any situation and occasionally a huge trop to an unplayable level of 3 FPS. Relaxing or rebooting doesn't help.
Furthermore there's an increased tendency to ArmA crashes, especially in low FPS moments (almost 15 crashes in an evening, honestly too much).

The mission we played yesterday was exactly the same we successfully played last week, without ANY FPS drops or crashes.

Two days ago we played in Chernarus (another previously played mission) and no huge FPS drop was noticed.

EDIT: The second mission was in Pakistan, not Chernarus. :-P

naphi added a comment.Jul 22 2015, 3:17 PM

i also noticed these extreme frame drops and performance issues while playing king of the hill ... at wasteland chernarus by samatra i had no performance problems at all

DnA added a comment.Jul 22 2015, 3:35 PM

@2RGT_Always: The sessions during which you had the problems were all on Altis, or also other terrains? I'm asking because of your statement about Chernarus not having the issues (can you confirm that was also on 1.48?).

DnA added a comment.Jul 22 2015, 4:44 PM

Thank you Daniel! We've found our first clues and are trying to hone in on what's causing them with the programmers. However, this may not be the 'MP choke issue', so keep the data / logs coming.

@DnA: The session was in Takistan (not Chernarus as stated before).
However we had no issues on the mod map. Big problems were found on Altis.

All the player and server as well were updated tu the latest release 1.48

EDIT: We're planning other missions (which were working fine before) with others maps either mod or vanilla.
I'll give a feedback ASAP.

DnA added a comment.Jul 22 2015, 5:14 PM

Understood. Technically even Takistan in Arma 3 is a mod ;) Can anyone else share whether they've seen these issues elsewhere than vanilla Altis?

Please consider also:
May be a problem linked with how the versions 1.48 et dev are installing files.
Or Steam interface.

Yes, Kunduz map and happen quite frequently! Tried to mess with lowering and maxing the object distance and notnhelping or actually making it worse

For what its worth, my 1.48-related FPS issues are now resolved.

I didn't do anything in particular, I suspect BattlEye was the cause.

As after a some nasty BattlEye crashes (no message received client ejected from server) and a client BattlEye update, my FPS return to roughly 1.46 normal.

I have 2 servers running epoch upgraded to 1.48 my Australia map server has been and continues to be completely fine since the update however my Altis server has been experiencing the low fps issues client side ever since upgrading to 1.48

Was there a small update for Arma today? Earlier I was getting hit hard with the issues. Then I logged out of arma and noticed an update in steam for arma (not workshop related). Since then I have resumed playing and so far so good but still too early to say for sure. I would disagree with the battleeye comment if it doesn't run when playing SP missions because that's what I've been playing and still affected by this. However the comment about 3rd person may be a clue since that's when it was happening to me earlier today. Will continue to test the 3rd person theory

Just confirmed small update was by battleye (2.5mb).

"Was there a small update for Arma today? Earlier I was getting hit hard with the issues. Then I logged out of arma and noticed an update in steam for arma (not workshop related). Since then I have resumed playing and so far so good but still too early to say for sure. I would disagree with the battleeye comment if it doesn't run when playing SP missions because that's what I've been playing and still affected by this. However the comment about 3rd person may be a clue since that's when it was happening to me earlier today. Will continue to test the 3rd person theory"

BattlEye now runs at all times, from the moment you launch A3 to the moment you close it.

in addition to the 2.5mb update, there was also an earlier automated client update. IIRC the 2.5mb update was for BEServer, while the earlier automated one (which coincided with my improved client performance) was for BEClient.

Yesterday evening we had a mission on Stratis and no FPS issue was found.
We also updated (manually) BattleEye, as suggested here.

I'm not sure to state either it's a map-related problem or BE problem.

DnA added a comment.Jul 23 2015, 10:32 AM

FYI: The BE update via its own auto-updater and Steam were the same. We've agreed with BE to roll these out on main branch so the update reaches everyone quicker. The BE files in your A3 install folder are basically a mirror copy. While the BE update may have done something to improve the situation, we believe there's still more going on and are still trying to find it.

Are you guys having this issue in first person view too? Because every video about the issue is in third person mode.

Try it: Play in first person mode ONLY. Not even once switch to 3rd person!

Edit: I will try the opposite, because i always play in 1st person and i haven't noticed this kind of degradation.

@danczer: We play with game level set to Elite. Hence, we always play in First Person and the FPS drop found was definitely consistent.

No idea about Third Person game.

If this isn't gonna be fixed any time soon, please consider doing a version rollback on the main branch. My server used to have 60+ players before 1.48 at this time of day (7 p.m.). Now there are only 9 players in it.

The same rapid population loss happened once when 1.42 came out, where it crashed my server (on Linux) every 10 minutes for an entire month. It took us 3 months to restore to current population since the fix was released.

Summer is a great time of year for servers to enlarge their player base. But the situation now is exactly the opposite. Regular players in my server are moving to other servers running Stratis, which are not plagued by this bug. Based on our experiences with the last population loss, if this bug won't get fixed soon, quite a few of them will never come back.

So, please consider a version rollback if this bug isn't likely to be fixed in a short time.

Yes 1st person too. I can snipe with scope in two different magnifications. I use the lower to make out enemies (towers are not visible sometimes but players always) then zoom and shoot through. Pretty weak and no fun actually, but it works..

naphi added a comment.Jul 23 2015, 2:12 PM

@danczer .. i only play king of the hill hardcore (first person only) ... so yes the frame drops and heavy performance issues occur there as well

DnA added a comment.Jul 23 2015, 2:12 PM

We have a working theory that may result in a RC of a hotfix soon. However, it's still not clear whether this is one or multiple (dependent or independent) issues. By the way, the only reproduction we do have shows better results when deleting the DLL folder, and thus using the default Windows memory allocator. This allocator is probably slower, but handles the memory situation we suspect may be a factor, in a more graceful way.

We can't afford to wait for 1.50. By then my server is very likely to be dead. And it is impossible for us to inform the workaround to every player that has left my server for other servers. And even if it is possible, I highly doubt all of them would accept a non-perfect solution.

So please do a version rollback. Then you can take your time to test your code.

Yea, we lost most of our server players. Just as we started to gain momentum too. Makes us look bad.

Also I agree that the Battleye updates did not address the issue. We are still seeing the FPS drops.

i have been having the same issues in the single player it happened for me when i started to play the armed assualt showcase.i brought the view distance down to minimum and did not have the frame rate issues.

DnA added a comment.Jul 23 2015, 4:08 PM

@lunditic1: Were the symptoms as seen in the videos above (low quality models / textures, animation glitching, character components flickering) or 'just' lower frame rate?

In our case, the low frame rate is always associated to glitching and flickering.
We also realized that not all the players are affected at the same extent. Few did not complained at all.

Lex added a comment.Jul 23 2015, 5:11 PM

Experimented settings in arma3launcher. I have no blinking of textures, there is no failure of animation, FPS lower than on 1.46. But I cannot get rid from a lag on the server. It does game not real, awful. Even when on the server to ten players. Soldiers and equipment slip AI in shots, sometimes can unexpectedly disappear in other place or appear before you. It is similar to continuous desynchronization with the server. But according to information on players desynchronization is not present, or partial and not high. Desynchronization at one player always influenced operation of all server, there was a falling of FPS. Removal of the player from game leveled a situation. Now players with desynchronization are not present, or it is not visible.

If you do not find 2 hours time, to come and test it for any public server, likely and at 1.50 the problem remains.
Try this server
Perhaps you receive new emotions and experience from the CTI mode.
Additional MOD it is not necessary.

Same Problem here. Only occours in bigger missions (not only one helo in editor).
Downgrading to 1.46 legacy solves the problem.

DnA added a comment.Jul 23 2015, 5:44 PM

A fix attempt (14 MB) is now available in Steam RC branch, using access code: Arma3Test148RC. It should be MP-compatible with main branch 1.48. Please let us know whether it improves the client-side FPS issues in any way (even a little).

Tophi added a subscriber: Tophi.May 8 2016, 12:23 PM
Tophi added a comment.Jul 23 2015, 5:44 PM

i dont know if it help, but it does for me...

I did 2 things increase virtual memory and totally disabled Nvidia shadowplay even if you don't have activated still running in the background it gives me 10 more frames.

no more crash for me so far sometime drops to 7-9 but it recovers right quick.

so i assume is something related with the nvidia shadowplay

I can't reproduce this issue. I tried everything. New profile, removed dll folder and nothing. I played 1 hour epoch, finished the Armed assault showcase and still nothing. My DXDiag is the

i just had a low frame rate it dropped to 1 fps after i got out of the panther and then when i left to the menu it was still at 1 fps. i havent come across the glitchy terrain

i tried the update and it seems to have sorted out the frame rate at least for me. and while flying over kavala to see how much fps i would lose(lost only 1-5 fps) i did see some of the the buildings glitching although it not as severe as the above videos. i dont know if it was not as severe because of the update

I've seen the videos where those character models flicker in (with the arms forming a triangle). I have seen this problem a long time ago, in BWMod, there was some problem, can't remember. It was in vehicles. Instead of a proper driver there was this statue like character model.

Update helped.

At this Moment is it fine for the Players on my Server. But dont be rash. Lets try it a few hours.

@DnA RC work fine for client fps drop but not for server crash :

TOMMEH added a subscriber: TOMMEH.May 8 2016, 12:23 PM

Added a DXDiag of my own 'TOMMEH-DXDiag.txt'
I thought the sound lag and texture lag was a sign of my hard drive/RAM/VRAM dying. I've even brought an SSD and some new Corsair RAM sticks to try and mitigate what I thought was a hardware problem from my end.

I've been getting white textures when I load into CPU intensive gamemodes like King of the Hill (white hills and unloaded player models). I know my hardware is fine because none of these problems happen in ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead, DayZ Standalone, Battlefield or Grand Theft Auto V.

I'm pretty confident the sudden decline in performance is caused by the latest update which added HDR lighting in preparation for the Tanoa expansion. I'm also sure there might be some kind of memory leak. ArmA 3, being a 32-bit game, shouldn't take more than 4GB of my RAM up, yet with no other significant processes running, the task manager says the system is using 7.6 GB of RAM! All CPU, GPU temperatures and usage levels are normal (for ArmA at least) making it quite clear it must be caused by either a software conflict (drivers or something) or simply the game itself.

I really hope this is patched with a hotfix because the game dropping from 30-45fps down to 2-5fps is frankly ridiculous considering most people's hardware is adequate.

@DnA fps drop fixed but Shadows and some details are struggling to load when you enter a town

Adam added a comment.Jul 24 2015, 9:56 AM

"i just had a low frame rate it dropped to 1 fps after i got out of the panther and then when i left to the menu it was still at 1 fps. i havent come across the glitchy terrain"

With the hotfix or without?

For BI Devs - i would contact with AMD, Nvidia (just to make sure) - they released drivers (AMD released WHQL) and this may be the issue. Also other game suffer for memmory leaks last time like GTA V. In GTA they solved this by patch, but as for me - they are cutting your wings - your game is runing fine, then they release driver update and stutter appear. They dont talk with companies about this, companies (like BI) must search problem on their own. This is getting more bad from year to year. Brfore 10 years it wouldnt be possible. So BI, you've got my respect here that you are still working, but seriously, fix the most importaant features from basic build of the game like Clouds, terrain issues (with grass,and objects in the air over distances) - make more video options, sound placement, and for god sake ai driving reverse AS THEY SHOULD. for now one they are often (too often stuck and making circles), and rest if AI issue - this all things is base of your game, its biggest part if it. Making new content will not help is those points will not be fixed. I know it require lot of work and i'm wondering why you didnt used operation flashpoint Dragon Rising engine.....

that was without the hotfix

Adam added a comment.Jul 24 2015, 12:54 PM

"that was without the hotfix"

If i understand correctly you are no longer experiencing the issue after hotfix.

pretty much yes

Adam added a comment.Jul 24 2015, 1:12 PM

All right, thank you.

DnA added a comment.Jul 24 2015, 1:13 PM

@havena: Measurably more so than in 1.46 or older versions?

The RC patch seems to work somehow. The FPS drop has relieved. But the FPS is still not on par with 1.46. The glitches such as slow texture loading, simplified 3D models and guns/launchers detaching from player models while running still exist.

However, the RC patch should be enough to stop players from leaving my server. Please do push the RC patch to the main branch before this weekend.

@DnA for shadow and textures details? yes i think.

Lex added a comment.Jul 24 2015, 4:24 PM

Played two hours with RC the version today, the picture is much better. At start of game on the FPS 50-60 server. After an entrance to equipment 35-40. At an entrance to equipment, a view from a cabin and a view from equipment from the third party, FPS is always lower. Did not return to initial FPS.
It is all the same best of all in my situation. Small a frost the screen is not present, AI a log is much less.
I try on other server today. I will look that from it will change.

The latest RC (20 MB) degrades the performance by roughly 20%, although it seems that it has relieved the texture loading problem to some extent.

And the explosion sound delay is back.

unfei added a subscriber: unfei.May 8 2016, 12:23 PM
unfei added a comment.Jul 24 2015, 4:47 PM

With the RC patch from yesterday, my ArmA runs smooth as sill. On Altis I experienced rock textures to change even when close, but not sure if that was before. Settings are as in my last screenshots.

Tried the hotfix and the game still spikes at random times like before. There doesn't seem to be an improvement, at least on my part :/

Don't have textures or models popping up or slowly loading like others, but then again I didn't had that even before RC. Just the slowdowns and lag spikes.

pops added a subscriber: pops.May 8 2016, 12:23 PM
pops added a comment.Jul 24 2015, 11:12 PM

I uploaded a set of crash data and my dxdiag after this issue occurred again. Running vanilla, no subbed Workshop items. Crash happened after heavy stuttering, "Access violation" etc.

We have players using the performance binaries who still have the problem and players who don't have the problem anymore. Same goes for the RC update. Our server is running the perf1 binary.

Just tried the latest RC update on a 60 player KOTH server, and really it's no better.

All my hardware is fine, and yet the texture loading is just horrific, like no other game I play. DayZ, ArmA 2, Battlefield, GTA V: all fine.

I'm flying a helicopter from the opfor base (fps around 30ish) then I get closer and closer to Kavala and suddenly the game decides to tank it. CPU usage, GPU usage all normal, RAM usage 70% and temperatures are also nothing to worry about. I've also disabled Shadowplay.

As I get closer to the town the FPS literally counts down to 10 frames where I can't even land properly, it's just ridiculous. It's like the texture or object streaming is completely jacked up. All the guys inside the chopper are saying 'holy lag' in vehicle chat while the poor frames continue. I zoom in (which renders in more objects) and this literally halfs the FPS to 5. I've never known anything like it. It's like the game just doesn't talk to my hardware.

There is something really really wrong with the texture/data streaming in ARMA. I was watching a Marksmen DLC livestream and Matt Lightfoot zoomed in to a nearby town with one of the new scopes and the frames dropped down to 10 for a good few seconds. Something really needs to be done about this...before you go adding or creating new content...

Lex added a comment.Jul 25 2015, 3:27 AM

Included on version RC in arma3launcher an option - malloc=system. Sometimes there are lags, it is less than on 1.48. The friend, with the same settings, worse, in too time. Switched off malloc, there are lags of a sound, Players and AI move breakthroughs, sometimes jump back in the way.

This happens almost instantly for all players when anyone in the multiplayer session controls a UAV/UGV.

Using the RC Arma3Test148RC over last 3 days. Related symptoms have resolved since using it. I have been playing on Altis A3 Wasteland v1.2 server.

Intel I7
Win7 64bit OS
GTX 970

Adam added a comment.Jul 27 2015, 9:12 AM


Could you please create a ticket for the degraded server performance / delayed sounds and also attach your dxdiag? THank you!

All seems better with perf binaries. Server runs nice. Been running on full players (60) last night for over 5 hours. Everyt player that complained about fps issues we pointed to the RC to download and then the perf binary.

Still having some graphics glitches and the occasional floating away launcher when carrying on your back.

He got too much spam on named profile, so he have fictional.

Things were going great for a while then all a sudden i got hit with the fps issue multiple times in a row. This was in SP again... I am in RC build. After restarting mission things happen to be smooth again. Same mission/map so clueless what is going on. When issue originally happened it was in different mission as well so I doubt it's mission fault. Was really hoping this patch fixed it but I don't think it's the case for all scenarios. Bummer

I should add I did notice every time I look at downloads page in steam I keep finding workshop content w/ zero bytes even though I'm on latest build from yesterday. But I checked for this also when it was first mentioned and I was confirming when fps issue occurred it was not currently downloading

I know its hard for you devs to find a consistent reply here.
It is hard to reproduce.

I either get the framedrop, critical error, or framedrop + CE. Guess its releated.

With hotfix RC patch, the framedrop is still persistent for me (but not that often).
2 frames at none or very low object models.
Different KOTH server.
View distance however is 3000 (also for objects).
The framedrop occures more often when the view distance is set higher than standard (KOTH v9)


@loudnl Could you direct me on how to use the perf binaries? I've got the RC branch, but I didn't understand what you meant with the perf binaries. Thank you.

@Adam 27/07/2015 19:42:02 - Blocked loading of file 'W:\GAMES\steamapps\common\Arma 3\dxgi.dll' It looks like the whitelisting of the SweetFX .dll's isn't fully registered with Battleye. Should I contact them myself?

Adam added a comment.Jul 28 2015, 9:54 AM

@Adam 27/07/2015 19:42:02 - Blocked loading of file 'W:\GAMES\steamapps\common\Arma 3\dxgi.dll' It looks like the whitelisting of the SweetFX .dll's isn't fully registered with Battleye. Should I contact them myself?

Yes. please keep the conversation on topic. Thanks.

pettka added a subscriber: pettka.May 8 2016, 12:23 PM

@TOMMEH Please do so, the worst possibility is that it's going to be a duplicate report on BattEye side, which is still better than none ;)

You download the right file. Unpack it. If client rename it to arma3.exe and overwrite the original one in the Arma 3 folder.
Same goes for the server one but you name it arma3server.exe

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