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Alt-tab at night causes stange colours
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Just noticed if I use ALT-Tab at night 11-12pm as long as it's very dark upon re entering the game the screen colors are completely messed up.

If I switch to night vision they get reset correctly or ALT-Tab while using night vision it's ok. {F18371}


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Set time of day around midnight don't use night vision.
ALT-Tab to desktop and then go back to the game.

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Only noticed it since the latest beta 0.53.103342

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Forgot NVidia 680

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There is a quick fix but only if you are using night vision. Just turn it on and off and the colors return to normal.

Exactly the same for me... on ati 7970 GE.

Confirmed for stable version too.

I have had the same problem as well.

Confirmed for HD7950 also in daylight (rare but happens) and also confirmed the NVG fixes the problem or, if you don't have NVG, alt-tab and then use the taskmanager to switch back in the game (right click > show in front)

Nvidia 570 - happens for me too - Im getting in on previewing missions in the editor. - Im also using track IR - not sure if that makes a difference.

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NVidia GTX560 driver version 314.22

Can confirm similar issues on a hd 7750. editor works fine, stable alpha release is also fine. occurs at all times of day for me on developer build when alt-tab out of fullscreen game. nvg's are a temporary fix also.

I can confirm this. I am using an NVIDIA GTX 680, made by Galaxy, with 2GB VRAM.

Just an addendum: Will only occur in fullscreen mode. Use windowed mode as a temporary fix.

also happens in editor mode

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Yes it does happen to me when I am editing the mission. If I play the mission, stop it, and go back in preview ... I get that thing.

It is also at night.

Note that I have that thing only since the last upgrade. It was not like that before.

I can confirm this also, all of the geometry colors messed up after Alt+Tab to Windows and back as well as just changing Cloud Quality, HUD and Inventory were still normal tho.

Screenshot of the issue:

Can definitely confirm.

Seems to be HDR related issues. Change it from Normal to Low, or vice versa, on notice game going from white to rather black and blue and vice versa.

Edit: Happens on AMD HD5870, 13.3 Beta 2's.

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Reproduces with latest nVidia Drivers on GTX560 ti and GTX570 hardware.

Same issue with GTX580 Alpha v0.52
Happens also a lot when starting a night mission (without doing Alt+Tab)

Same issue here GTX 560 Ti
Drivers 314.22

Same issue on ATI Radeon HD 6770

same issue here on nvidia 560ti with 314.07 drivers on win7 x64
now aware of the NV trick will check if it works.

same issue on Intel HD Graphics 4000


Same thing

Crossfire Radeon 7970

Well, then just play at day :p

WORK AROUND: turning on night vision and turning off fixes the issue.

be aware changing in game quality settings can also reproduce this bug.
NV fix also worked here.

kekos91 added a subscriber: kekos91.May 7 2016, 1:03 PM

Same issue on ATI Radeon 4800 Series

I can confirm this. I was in the editor previewing a night mission. While I had the game paused I alt tabbed out to check something on the wiki. Then tabbed back in and saw similar results. Lots of colored dots and other odd effects. I hit escape and suspend back to the editor and previewed the mission again and saw the same odd color effects.

Nvidia GeForce 580

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Same for me ATI 7850

Fix in development build

Mass close.