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Sophisticated considerations on how to get rid of the blurry mid range textures
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As we all know the mid range textures are very blury and dont fit into the otherwise brilliant looking game.

Just compare these two pictures:


Both are taken with the same settings.

<b>With my system the look can be improved by a huge amount - with comparable few effort.


I wrote a sophisticated elaboration about this theme with lots of examples and explainations and a good way to improve the mid range.

You can find it here:

This topic originally grew out of this discussion:

I hope I am able to convince you with my considerations.

With your help we can make Arma even more beautiful!

Best regards! {F18002}


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BIS Please do this, it is a great well thoughtout suggestion that will add a considerable amount to the Game.

Superb work NordKindchen

The way I read the Isuue history this has been assigned to somebody and it's priority set to high by someone from BIS. I guess we won't have to worry about this getting implemented :D

Already upvoted, but just to show the devs that I care ;)

I love the screens since it really will make camo useful. Currently enemies (and friendlies) are spotted too easy since the background is too dull. With this implemented you really need to look twice to identify a camouflaged unit from the surface he's walking on.

Hopefully we'll able to see this at the Beta!

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Hi guys.
I just noticed on dev version those mid rane textures are fine. So hopefully they are going to fix this

It has 524 votes right now, if they dont consider it, well.....
So i wouldn't worry.

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totally agree.

Still feeling that the game misses a lot through this.

This would be a massive improvement to Arma 3`s visuals! Not least when you are sniping as those blurry mid-range textures are all you see then

Awesome looking. The terrain in the distance has always drived me crazy

600 votes....2 against...

And all we get is "REVIEWED" - I think this is in my top 5 of suggestions on this Tracker. I don't think I'm alone.

I would at least like to know what the Dev's think, and I believe NordKindchen deserves a bit of recognition for the well thoughout and comprehensive contribution,.

added two pictures - thanks for your support guys!

Are you only implenting more colours on the grund or are all this colours bushes and grass?
If you only implement more colours this would probably make the game a bit better looking but less realistic.
In my mynd the zones where the grass and the smaller bushes span should be made far bigger (to around one kilometer).
Only changing colours makes nothing more realistic.
If you did what i wrote one sentence above i am soorry and wish you all the best with this, but if you only implement more colours i hope the devs won't change anything.

Damn, now that's how you complain about something! My comments and suggestions seem tawdry and insignificant in light of this one. Thumbs up.

Yeah, umm... I'm usually patient (contrary to my alias) and of the silent type, but now I must say; please don't let the current textures be the textures you're planning for the final release. If you are considering that, you should also consider firing the guy who told you that those look good. They do NOT look good. So, please, for the love of all that is holy, please fix those. It not only looks horrible, but is awfully un-immersive.

Think what you want but this is only a try to conceal the real problems arma is having with the mid range textures.
There should be more grasses and bushes and the thing would also be done but not in a way that probably looks a bit nicer but ruins a load of othe things like hiding behind bushes and so on.
On the other hand you are right that this looks a bit nicer, but on the other hand it is only a weak try to hide the problem that the arma 3 engine seems not to be able to display many details in the distance. Only adding more colours probably maes it nicer, but doesn't solve the real problems!!!!!!!!!!
Think about his guys.

Fred41 added a subscriber: Fred41.May 7 2016, 12:32 PM

... what a difference, thanks for your work NordKindchen ...

@silenthunter000 What you said is a given, but unless we are running 8 x Cores, with a PNY QUADRO 6000 6GB Professional level Graphics Card then we aren't going to be able to render every bush and blade of grass within 1km of the player, I mean that's an area of 3142857m2.

And the View distance on ARMA 3 can be enormous, which only makes the problem even bigger.

What Nordkindchen suggest is the best compromise, I've seen and gives an exponential level of benefits versus a small CPU/ GPU overhead.

When will this see the light of day??? =(

This make texture look better with LOD at distance. Still to much overcontrast in tonal.

i also think it is too much contrast, but this could easily be adjusted by the designers.
nord's example pictures should be seen as an example of how easy it would be so significantly increase graphics. they are not about art-direction!

702 votes already!

would be cool, if we could get a response from the devs, if they are considering nords solution, or at least considering some sort of improvment?!


+1000 it is useless to make a new game engine including a new graphic engine if the texture was not optimized at all.
Even a mods on the first week of the Alpha was create for fix it (so it is NOT hard or long at all for dev to do it)

Oh how i wish this was a new engine! But its not, it's just another iteration of the same engine, with some upgrades. But i would have assumed the upgrades would include fixing these issues.

That mod makes a slight improvement, not a major difference really. But still kudos to the modder for being pro-active! :
ARMA 3 will be using the newest version of Bohemia Interactive's own Real Virtuality game engine. New features compared to previous ARMA games include
It is a new engine, graphic, physic for sure, not sure for sound and AI, they just use same setting than Arma 2 until the final settings for the new settings was release.

And mods cause issue with servers anyway.

Newest version, that is right, but it's still the same engine with the same set of problems. Not a new engine, just a new iteration.

This ticket points out one of the few issues that still haunt every release and every engine update. In terms of graphics, something like this is important, all the other snazzy dx11 stuff wasn't really necessary, this and texture/model popping is way more important!

This is a must, BI can't ignore it.

Mock ups look really good. At a minimum this should tie in with the objects draw distance. Up voted

Wow! This really looks amazing! I hope to see it implemented soon :)

arma 3 needs better midrange visuals. bis, make it happen!!!

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This is a really good idea and would greatly improve gameplay for low-spec machines which do not generate as lavish terrain over longer ranges (lower graphic settings).

looks much nicer

and it seems to be that the camouflage etc will work better

There is already command in ArmA 3 that regulated terrain texture detail at distance - setDetailMapBlendPars

Check this little tutorial on how to use it:

It's not gonna help.. texture is small and produce - only for close range..

You might be interested in the last updates we have in the thread;)

Guglava showed interest, and that's good. Keep pressure. ^)

This is a must! Let's go BI - make us all happy :)

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As of now there are 861 votes.

Unlike some other most wanted/voted features this seems to be fairly easy to implement. Come on BI, how are we supposed to believe you put emphasis on a polished product, when it partially looks like a game from the last millennium.

Don't give up, everyone here thinks you did amazing work, even if they don't find the time to voice their opinion. Kepp it up! :)

what is the current progress of BIS about mid range textures rendering ?


if ever BIS doesn't implement your solution, is it possible to release your custom mid range rendering in the form of an addon ?

What the hell does "reviewed" mean. Why not "assigned" if BIS doesn't do SOMETHING OR ANYTHING to fix the terrible midrange textures that would be a HUGE disappointment. This was a huge problem in arma 2 as well.

Is your retexture project for Altis still alive NordKindchen? And is there a "alpha-version" with some areas already covered so peoble can test the performance and the look of it?

The user who made this should work for BI, upvoted. how is this not assigned yet?

marcai added a subscriber: marcai.May 7 2016, 12:32 PM

Hope you're still working on this, Nord!

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Game with this game engine update look fantastic!
Most add to game!

A good one! Or we wil force to hunt down some mods in that purpose.

Why hasn't this been implemented yet?! It's been almost a year and still no updates or consideration from the team? Wtf! You can obviously see from the votes that the community wants this real bad!

Shouldn't this be "Assigned"?

Bumping this for visibility, because this would be a huge improvement over the current implementation.

I dont understand why this isnt implemented yet, must be a kind of "Market strategy" to fix&implement the better things at least or never... NordKindchen created this ticket ~ 430 days ago, till today nothing changed... I am speechless..

Seen a mod that tries to fix this problem. Does a pretty good job, but we need this to be in the game.

You mean the BaBe_midTex textures for Altis and Stratis? If yes, yeah i use them sice they were released, i played tonight 1 mission with Vanilla textures and i was totaly confused^^ i will not play Arma3 in stockquality ever again :p

Yes, that was the one I was referring to. They look great, but BI really needs to put something similar in on their own. There's no reason they shouldn't. You could always turn them off or something if performance is an issue.

I am incredibly disappointed by BIS. Arma had so much potential but its lacking on every corner.

And this feedbacktracker is a joke!

Why do they even assign things? Its like they make fun of us! Its been over a year now since most of the tickets were assigned.

And dont tell me they dont have enough money to do this. Arma 3 and DayZ have payed themselves!

I cant play the game the way it is. The effects look like placeholders, the animationsystem is a complete joke. (
The animation when soldiers get hit looks like a clownconcert.

I cant take BIS serious anymore. And I was a really big supporter. I wish there was more competition in this sector of gaming. Its strongly needed.

I feel like a fool having recommended ARMA 3 and DayZ to so many people. I had faith that BIS would get A3 right but glaring issues like this (amongst the many others) are a constant slap in the face.

I too am a big supporter of BI, and in some areas my support stays strong
but I am having a lot of trouble accepting Arma 3 for what it is because of massive problems like this, sound issues, etc.
And you're right, the feedback tracker is a joke.
Sure, sometimes they'll actually assign some people to follow it - remember when Zeus was released?
Moricky himself was plowing through the tracker, personally responding to tickets, and fixing every little thing we suggested be fixed. It was impressive, to say the least.
And yes, large game breaking bugs are often targeted using this tracker.
But 80% of the time we're stuck with this crap. Anything that doesn't render the game unplayable seems to be of little importance to BI. The worst part is when a ticket is marked as "acknowledged." That's literally saying "yep, you're right. and we don't care enough to do anything about it. we'll just let it sit here, 'acknowledged,' and hope you forget about it."

So is this still a thing? Maybe for the Marksman DLC?

there are a list of issues that would improve the immersion and suspension of disbelief for this game (like sights where the whole screen zooms in) but like demongod said, anything that doesn't render the game unplayable isn't an issue.
immersion is a subtle art and when games get it right, they're fantastic games and everyone remembers them. get it wrong and you're just another shooter.

i have this bad feeling we're only going to remember arma 3 as having such potential...

Any updates from BIS regarding the mid-range texture issue?

i like this

I very love to see some improvement in this way.

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Mid range textures still letting down the graphics fidelity.