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Add ability to climb onto/over objects
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In reality one can climb objects higher than their waist, however in arma arms can only hold guns and drive cars, perhaps an animation somewhat like the vault animation could be used to lift players onto higher elevations. In the attached picture one can see that a normal human could get onto the roof of that building but the player in ArmA can not. {F17676}


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  1. find higher than waist wall/obstical
  2. try to climb
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There's a mod which implements something like that already; proof of concept video:

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short step jump be good too

Honestly, more people would be interested in playing Arma games if they had the ability to climb sand barriers, and small walls! If they don't fix it i'll stop playing! It is total neglect, in my opinion. If a person doesn't want to use the feature, then simply don't! That doesn't mean those of us who want it should be punished! There have been enough votes in several closed issues! BIS, do it, stop skating over the issue!!! If you are good at developing a war simulator, why would you unrealistically limit a soldier!

@ The developers

Just tell us no if it's not gonna happen! Then i may be able to get over how mad it would make me by the time of release. I just don't see how telling us now obligates you to fix it now. If you were to say it would come out with the full release, then i'll stop complaining just knowing i will be happy with the finished product. But right now i'm severly discouraged because we are not getting any feedback about issues most would enjoy. And honestly, i'm not having 95% of the bugs people are listing, so i have nothing else to write about but features.

Edited the title for clarity.


Awesome! This is good stuff! I know i'm a pessimist, but i was getting worried about this being overlooked. Thanks for reviewing this feature! If this is added by the developers, i will be pumped up big time for release!

I have a lot of friends who want to buy a PC and i think if this game turns into what it could be, this game will probably be the reason they do.

I truly think this feature will enhance the game in many ways. I really can't wait to see the animation when if and when it is complete. Does anybody know he likelyhood of a feature being assigned after review??

Can't up vote this enough. How many times did i get stuck in a place i could easily hop over or climb in real life. Sure i'm not fast like a parcour dude but i still can climb a fence! I'm guessing a soldier can do it even better than me. :)

Stop laughing at me FENCE!

edit: I'm remembering DayZ.... Fence+Zombie = "Oh shit!" Moment.

watch this video, someone already made a mod for it, and it looks effin sweet! This is exactly what we need!

Somebody add this into the description maybe?

Also side note. 0;48 to 0:50... BIS really need to fix that awkardness.

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Wow deja vu just had the same experience even took the same picture and was about to request it as a feature, but thx for saving me the trouble :D

It would be nice to have but you know, this will be really really hard to implement. It will require hundreds of new animations (one for each construction) + with this engine it will be really bugged.

Sniped, look at above post, i linked a vid that sites this is done already

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a solution might be:
press v to vault
hold v to begin climb/mount (of face-level or lower surface)

using a hold bind would prevent it from becoming a canned animation sequence, this way it can be easily triggered and just as easily cancelled mid-climb.

+1 for TPenn for that comment. This basically mimics the current movement system, so yes thats awesome. Also allows access to cancel animation on the fly without leaving you at an disadvantage when suddenly out of nowehere bullets start coming your way lol.

rogerx added a comment.May 1 2013, 2:40 AM

Sort of like the idea of using 'v' for both step-over and climb-over, depending if the character is directly in front of a log or a tall fence.

Likely, this step-over might already just be a stub for a climb-over function.

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In SMK Animations you can vault over walls while running up to them, as long as you weren't wearing a back pack.

Same guy is making the animations for arma 3, so theres hope yet, just as long as it isn't dependent on a turbo key it will be good.

There are some mid-tall objects(like a fence that is too high to be stepped ov er) that can simply be climed over in real life have to be detoured around in the game. In some infiltrate mission, a detour could be lethal to your whole mission.

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Navy SEAL's obstacle course. This man easily navigates up a tower about mid way through by jumping and grabbing on the the ledge above him and pulling himself up from there.
In another portion the man jumps up and grabs onto a log, climbs onto the log, and then jumps to another higher log before dropping to the ground. There is also the "Incline Wall" and "Vaults" where the man grabs onto the ledge of the obstacle and jumps over to get over the obstacle. IMO these would be better than the current vault/high-step animation.

bez added a comment.Jun 3 2013, 8:06 PM

it should be bound to the same vault-over key
and should just auto detect that the wall is higher than your waist
then it will trigger the correct animation.

Simple as that.
OK maybe not in the ARMA world... :/

-, modders gonna do that

Yes modders will most probably do most of these requests, but still, the lack of these things featuring in ARMA makes ARMA feel very incomplete, and also secondly, if something is natively integrated, it is beter, modders can then just work on improving it.

Why not,seems like the logical next step, vaulting in ArmA 2 was a huge yet incredibly simple leap forward tactically wise in the simulation, players no longer dreaded the mundane picket fence when it came to engaging targets in an urban space. Definitely a lot of testing will be needed for such a feature since even something as simple as vaulting low objects has been known to be a bit clunky at times in ArmA 2.

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Yes please.

It's not hard to hard to climb over walls and etc, provided you're not carrying a giant rucksack full of equipment. It would be really useful if you could have a buddy boost you up onto a rooftop or use a ladder, preferably both, so that you can do things like crawl up onto buildings or nooks and crannies which could provide very useful, turning the tide of a battle in your favor.

The only example I could think of this would be from the movie Zero Dark Thirty where a sniper gets boosted onto a rooftop during the raid scene, and then his buddy hands him his rifle.

This is a definite must have in future versions of Arma. I think that the action should take much longer than a typical vault, and should not be as quick as the one in the posted video.

I also think it would be great to have both the option to do a one man climb or have two people to help climb.

I think this could simply be added on in the future with the 'v' key already.

When face front up against an object, depending on the height of the object, either step over or pull yourself over.

I also would imagine ladders will be a carry on item, but the portable ladders are extremely heavy.

This needs to be on Arma III!

This shot and simple 1 minute video completly destroy the "realist" idea of Arma 3
This proof that the soldier that we handle in Arma 3 is not able to do 10 percent of a real military parkour training.
I'm bored that always a simulation is just a procedure simulation with NOTHING realistic, i admit that the "free jump" feature is not a good idea but the JUMP OVER feature is needed, the actual "step over" is ridiculously too long and unrealistic.
Even when we climb a ladder we can't shoot while be in a ladder, i'm sorry but in real life i can use both feet and a SINGLE hand to stay on a ladder and if i get a weapon i will be able to use it, the ladder animation is also really horrible.
We need MORE human character.
Even when we fall (from 1m or so) its is the most HORRIBLE and RIDICULOUS result i have ever see, no animation of the guy who bend his knees, it touch the ground and stay straight like a wooden log, this is a ridiculous visual effect, and way more ridiculous is that he have a delay before start to move again, like a robot who can't bend his knee and who restart after the vibration of the motherboard who crash his system.
I'm bored to control a robot with unrealistic restriction.

ability to climb through windows would be awesome, so you could quickly get out of a building

Fa11en added a subscriber: Fa11en.May 7 2016, 12:01 PM

this would ad so much more diversity into infantry combat and the game as a whole, I believe this is truly needed

we should be able to at least climb a 6 foot brick walk like soldiers did in Iraq etc. would probably have to implement an object height check function then play the right animation vs the object in front of you, definitely needed feature

This would be awesome - I imagine how cool it would be to climb low roofs, too

As long as they don't go all Assassins Creed Parkor style with this idea i absolutely love it.

+1, either the soldier should be able to do this alone with limited mobility and speed, or use a partner to vault over the wall. Games of the old times have done this flawlessly, and there's no reason a game of 2013 should not be able to implement this. Worst case scenario, people do it to look funny, but people do that anyway with Q and E and the vault feature. This definitely should be implemented.

Lol the ability to push people. Would so want to push someone of a building.

+1 if the weight will be considered. I dont think you can easily ninja-climb a wall with a whole weapon armory on you back.

well they carry bout 40 to 60 KG's of gear.. Thats allot and dont forget they're loadout is bulky large bag, bulky weapon, Ammo on vest that could block them. So yes weight should be included and affect Speed. Also a animation where he gets stuck and unhooks himself would be awsome.

Val added a comment.Jul 10 2013, 1:48 PM

It would be good to see those animations implemented in Arma 3, and of course weight of your equipment have to affect the amount of stamina reuired to perform them and probably the speed of those animations.

Just get me over an obstacle quicker than step over, or climb up waist high object then I am happy

Nha full 2 M high walls helping your m8 by lending him a hand. Look at BF3 cutschene in the town.

The mod is sweet! but a ingame would be better (with ai doing it too)

Yup, very useful, too many games have a contextual vault and not having it in Arma III wouldn't be a nice thing.

It would add a whole new dynamic to gameplay.

Another thing to consider is that there's no "jump" action which fulfills the vault role to some extent in other games without vault.

I think core game functionality (which i consider this to be) should be the devs' responsibility, not modders'.

We definitely need this. Yesterday, I was in situation where I could escape if I would have been able to climb over the wall, but of course I was not and got killed because there was no other way to escape quickly.

Lara Croft can do it since 1996...

@cyrilator :D :D :D! +100500 :) But Arma is Arma because its Arma :)!

Devs, lets do it, make more dynamic movements in next DLC

the features provided by the show mod look very reasonable. It preserves realism and enables players to use the environment in a more dynamic way.

I'd really like BI to include this into the game. It would put the gameplay up to a new level like the new stance system did.

Absolutely a "must have" feature ! Can' t wait for this to be implemented. Especially concidering how intense CQB would become. Climbing over vehicle or team mate to get to window or roof is a common practice in real life CQB so why not in arma3 ?
Of course keeping in mind weight and stamina... We don t want bunny hops and long vaults.

''Parkour'' in Arma 3? you got my vote +1 This shouldn't be a mod but an oficial feature.

+1! YES - video of mod looks awesome. PLEASE INCLUDE THIS IN THE GAME!

True Combat: Elite had this style of "free climb"... in 2006! From an indie developer working on a free game. Same bind as "step over". When presented with obstacle too high to step over, checked height to see if it could be mantled (with weapon in hand). Above head height usually required freeing both hands before grabbing edge and climbing up (same with ladders). Holster/sling or toss backpack/longarm up/over before climbing?

A solid +1 from me too.

Also consider:

  • controlled drop from top of walls, storage containers, etc.
  • climb over fence, wall, etc.
  • boost/supply hand hold to help others up higher obstacles.
  • Run + Jump from roof top to lower roof top, balcony to top of vehicle below, (base jumping anyone?), etc.

Getting DOWN in ARMA3 is just as unrealistic as getting UP! Every airborne learns to do a controlled "fall" to the ground, even encumbered, and disperse extra energy with a roll if needed. Like pulling yourself up on a ledge we should also have the ability to reverse that action so your feet are as close to the ground as possible before dropping that last bit of distance.

A "jump"... down, would be very realistic as well. Ever tried to hit the water from a cliff? Currently it means sliding out of control down the rock face, and taking damage, rather than leaping out a bit to hit only the water. Special Forces don't do this from helicopters?!?!

I seem to recall that BIS likes the GTA series. Well, in GTA5 they have the best anims for walking over small objects, climbing up onto any surface low enough to be climbed upon, and climbing fences and ladders. And the example video for this has that all, except ladders (but I saw another yt showing smooth ladders) so...get it done! please?

Jump if obstacle is lower than waist, climb if higher. Jump should be fast, Climb should be slower.

I agree, however only if this is made optional. May something like -> player/npc setMaxClimbHeight (>>meters<<) <- wouldn't be bad at all.

No jumping. Climbing and leaping (to clear short gaps or a low obstacle such as a small fence or fallen tree trunk) are fine though.

Moving through a city or base without climbing controls feels ridiculous, it's a monotony of walking around around to find a gate or opening to a wall that you could realistically climb over without even using your arms. Definite +1.

1000th upvote! Do I win something? ;)

They should probably group the jump bug/feature in with a "Close Quarter Combat" or "Hand to Hand Combat" feature request or bug.

There's always going to be another XYZ feature after a jumping feature is deployed, hence the grouping.

I think the current implementation of easily walking around or an atop smaller objects is fine and dandy, albeit sometimes causing other anomalies such as uncontrolled standing when crawling over an object.

The main reason for a jump request, is for simply avoiding trouble. The area where jumping would be most feature rich is within hand to hand combat scenarios. (Of which, players are still looking to take advantage using a slide of hand motion!)

As far as climbing, I tend to agree it would be great to scale a rock wall. (Was this bug renamed from a jump feature to a climb feature?) But again, albeit, the advancement gained from climbing objects against CPU escalated AI (artificial intelligence) is extremely minimal.

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something like in the video... but a bit slower :-), please add this

(in arma 2 there was a mod for it right? - mostly animations which made arma 3 better than A2, but climbing over walls included in mod)

sounds good to me

dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.May 7 2016, 12:01 PM

There is already an Arma 3 Mod that does this: I used it for a long time and it works just fine...
But there is a problem if you climb onto things you shouldnt be standing on like vehicles where you just hover above the vehicle... i suppose there is a layer in the model that says where a player can stand (roadway lod) as said in the armaholic page, and its missing on those objects.. That would also have to be fixed if possible.
It just also has some bad features like a key that defaults to f that lets you exit a vehicle every time you press it...

oh yes please soldiers can climb but not in arma3 ? actually sad because we have to add it as a mod like ace3 does that whould be in vanilla