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Oct 30 2016

Tap-Rack added a comment to T80002: Helo DLC feedback 5 - Helos explode with almost every crash.

The fact is explosive devices and fuel tanks in real life are designed to prevent explosion even in catastrophic situations. The question is how BIS can decently issue an advanced flight model for helos and soon for planes (which I can't wait to see...) without adressing this issue ?

Oct 30 2016, 11:10 AM · Arma 3
Tap-Rack added a watcher for Arma 3: Tap-Rack.
Oct 30 2016, 10:58 AM

May 10 2016

Tap-Rack edited Steps To Reproduce on T73934: Game physics to be reviewed.
May 10 2016, 6:54 AM · Arma 3
Tap-Rack added a comment to T63862: Arma 3 - AI Supression.

Vote Up please, this will improve gameplay in coop missions.Not only considering enemy AIs, I'm fed up watching my AI team not reacting when under fire and dying...

May 10 2016, 1:02 AM · Arma 3

May 9 2016

Tap-Rack added a comment to T61802: Add ability to climb onto/over objects.

Absolutely a "must have" feature ! Can' t wait for this to be implemented. Especially concidering how intense CQB would become. Climbing over vehicle or team mate to get to window or roof is a common practice in real life CQB so why not in arma3 ?
Of course keeping in mind weight and stamina... We don t want bunny hops and long vaults.

May 9 2016, 11:23 PM · Arma 3