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Arma 3 - AI Supression
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Wondering if it is possible to add a posibility to supress the ai.

5 man team agains 10 ai, beeing able to supress the AI from attacking is a good realistic feeling.

Not only the player shoud be afraid for the bullets :)


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yeah, there is really no point for AR ive you cant suppress

even though i agree,

duplicate of #0005645

sorry im wrong, this one is about ai while the one i linked is about an effect for human players

I agree with this totally, btw 5645 is mine, but i mentioned it for the AI as well, because suppression is a vital tactic that is used very freaquently, especially against a bigger group of enemies. Both AI and human, and the game doesn't really add much for suppression, its like everyone, even the AI play like chuck Norris =/

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Suppression in the past has been provided by a number of methods; SLX, GL4, TPW_AI_Sup. With Arma 3 I can see perhaps TPW coming across but the rest won’t ever make it across, I don’t think. To have this as part of the standard in-game AI is very important to add realism to the game-play.

I’ve used all the ones named above, they all work well, so putting it in-game as standard should not be too hard to do..

Agreed.. I don't get why BIS just don't hire the groups that helped made ARMA 2 more complete with these mods, it should do a great deal to improve the series by giving these guys the tasks to do what they have been. Sure it would cost them, but it would be worth every cent, just up the price for the product, at least we know we will be getting a better deal.

And yes, they can always mod it into the game, but it would never be the same as the features being natively implemented into the game.

Related to #5645

support this 100 percent

Well to also add ArmA has never taken into consideration that suppression alone is a big tool in an infantry's arsenal.10 guys patrolling through the bush and a LMG attack would suppress if not change the course of events.

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I mostly play as an auto rifleman with the Zefir. It is very frustrating to engage a 3 man patrol in the open field with heavy fire and their only reaction is to carefully kneel down, take a deep breath and snipe me out of my cover. Bastards.

Ther is a script/mod yet for this, it is called "TPWCAS", but will be a nice feature to be implemented in the vanilla version.

This is one of that features that shouldn't be a mod but an oficial feature, upvoted +1.

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Vote Up!!! We need this

Vote Up please, this will improve gameplay in coop missions.Not only considering enemy AIs, I'm fed up watching my AI team not reacting when under fire and dying...

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This is such a needed feature for the game. Please find a way to make this happen BIS!

Marking resolved with Marksmen DLC release.