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"Touch off bombs" has priority over EVERYTHING.
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When you have explosives that can be detonated remotely, that option is the default at all times. Even when looking at a door, etc. If you accidentally hit space bar to open a door or what have you, you detonate the explosives, which can potentially screw you.
It seems a little silly to need to have somethign like that easily accessible. Chances are if you're control detonating something, you've got a second to scroll to the option first. But if you are in a combat situation, opening a door this second or the next can mean the difference between life or death.
Similarly, trying to set timers can be a bit precarious as well, as it can be easy to detonate instead of changing the timer.


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Place explosives that can be remotely detonated, try to open a door by pressing space bar, etc.

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I think that the command should either be later in the scroll menu and not the default option outside of the menu, or that it should be replaced by a keyboard shortcut (best of both worlds).

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...or add a detonation device to the inventory (grenade subset or implementation like the radio, GPS, watch or compass). That would make sense - nomore "magical initiated detonations".

You could even implement it that way that every pipebomb has its own button on the device and a "detonate all" button. detonation one by one would be awesome to use...

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If I remember correctly in ACE for ArmA 2 they have a safety dialog option. Such a option that you have to trigger view the action menu would make since.

  • action menu - click safety off <c4>
  • action menu closes and c4 detonator safety is off.
  • action menu - click to detonate <c4>
  • action menu closes and c4 blows

Safety would be a decent option, but that doesn't solve the issue of interacting with more pressing things like getting into buildings/vehicles.
ACE also didn't just have a one buttons detonates all thing either, as I recall. Each piece of ordanance had it's own det control.

Jukk added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 9:23 AM

Yes, this is a major hindrance when trying to do something other than setting the bomb off.

SYSTEM added a subscriber: SYSTEM.May 7 2016, 11:42 AM

perhaps ace solution was an engine limitation, wich should be not such a big problem for bis developers?

Agreed, the contextual menu should always be prioritized based on face value - what's in front of you (door, ladder, ammo box etc).

An easy fix for this would be to put "Touch off bombs" last on the contextual menu, so that a player wouldn't detonate anything by an accidental key press, but would still have a fairly quick access to this option via mouse Scroll Up, which rotates the selection back to the last item.

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I'm in for the remote trigger, so you had to select the item in the action menu, and when selected you could press fire"prim. mouse button" to explode instead of putting it in the action menu thats also used for picking up things, reloading, setting a new bomb entering vehichle etc.

Yes, "touch of bombs" needs to be at the bottom of action menus.

Bump. This seriously needs fixing.

+1 to Tourorist's suggestion and/or a dedicated key press - I vote "2xB" for 'Big Bang' :-)

If the action/context menu works anything like addAction ( ) a priority change *ought* to be a fairly quick fix.

Explosives detonation should be mapped to its own key. The action menu is cluttered enough already. A detonator item would work (cycle to it in the weapons menu and 'fire'), however a keypress would be cleaner.

Others have suggested that a detonator item be required to set off the charges (like having a repair kit enables you to fix things); this way, other players could retrieve the detonator from your body if you died, allowing them to detonate charges you placed earlier. This would remedy occasions when a player sets a charge but is then killed, leaving his team mates no way to continue with the demolition.

@JoeOBrien: because the keyboard mapping isn't cluttered?

I don't find remembering keys half as annoying as cycling through a bunch of different actions in the middle of a fight, or even in normal circumstances, in a menu that suddenly adds more actions when you get near another object, altering your selection and possibly causing unwanted results. You never had any First Aid/Drag/Weapon M9 issues in Arma 2?

A keypress is cleaner. A detonator in the weapon menu that you cycle to and click to detonate a charge would be acceptable but that too adds clutter to another menu that doesn't need it.

+1000 @JoeOBrien

Or atleast they should make the action menu dynamic but without altering our current selection :-\

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I made a suggestion in the other explosives ticket regarding this, a detonator that can be selected via the grenade selection and also be used by pressing "g" would clean up the action menu and not require additional keys.

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house added a comment.Mar 15 2013, 3:37 AM

+1 for detonator item, press f to cycle to it

I'd agree that maybe it shouldn't have a higher priority than opening a door, but I think that the action menu is an appropriate place for detonating explosives.

Reminds me of bad interface design in EA's "Seal Team". My whole team was pinned down by enemy fire and while scrolling through weapons in the heat of the combat I accidentally planted satchel charges on a timer.

Like others have said, this should not be the first menu option. Even better, why not have an ACE-like explosives "action" in the menu that would:

  1. if the explosive is just being placed, you could set it up and remove the safety. This would require the player to be close to the explosive and aiming/looking at it. Set-up options would depend on the explosive and could be configured to be really simple, such as only having a safety pin, to complex like the m2 SLAM in ACE2.

BI should build in the options for modders to later add in different detonator and initiator options, such as IR triggering, radio command det (which could include short or long range, such as a cellphone for OPFOR), direct command det with detcord or electrical wires.

  1. Once it is time to detonate, and depending on the setup options, this would bring up a dialog to "remove safety" -> then detonate/touch off bombs. The bombs should be able to be detonated individually or all at the same time, and this would depend on the type of explosive and how it was set up.

This should be tied to a "clacker" item that the player must either pick up separate or is added to inventory automatically with certain types of explosives such as explosive charges.

Finally, we need a limpet mine for the divers that can be configured for different detonation options, such as command detonation (hit the button and boom), timer, or magnetic (can place in a harbour or similar area, will detonate when ship/boat passes over it).

insum added a subscriber: insum.May 7 2016, 11:42 AM

Grenade subset would be perfect for a detonator instead of using the menu.

I would add a detonator to the list of grenade types if you have explosives in your inventory or on the ground. Then you just switch your grenade to it and hit the grenade key to detonate. Better yet it would be cool to actually add the detonator as a separate item that gets added to the grenade list when you have it.

never had this problem. learn to use scroll menu.

insum added a comment.Mar 24 2013, 8:54 PM

Nice input johncage but scroll menu still prioritizes touch off bombs and you HAVE had that problem if you are playing the same game as everyone else. Weather its a problem to you is a different matter but its clearly a problem to many.

Setting off explosives should involve a device you switch to and press button. Another ticket was created asking specifically for what I just said.

Touch off priority reduced.

touch off still at the top of the menu

Fisgas added a subscriber: Fisgas.May 7 2016, 11:42 AM

I can confirm this, putting them down is at the top as well.

please re-open ticket...

Sounds like a regression.

Fisgas added a comment.Sep 7 2013, 2:14 PM

Still not fixed.

This definitely needs to happen, and I am all for the detonator Idea.

Still experiencing this at release version.

IDEA: add a detonator in gear menu.

MP4-18 added a subscriber: MP4-18.May 7 2016, 11:42 AM

Seriously can't you just fix the problem?! This happens every time I plant a bomb. In game you open doors millions of times. It becomes a level of CLASSICAL CONDITIONING and you hit that action key every time you get to a door.

The problem is that instead of opening a door it gives you an option to kill yourself. Actually first appears door opening icon and immediately that icon changes to touch off, BOOOOOOM.... DO SOMETHING! This is silly.

tell me about it..... i killed myself in the campaign and i had to restart because of this shit stupid thing

I think they stopped bothering about the issues on here. There was another one that was never fixed and a couple of weeks ago was marked as closed and fixed.

Submitted over 1 year ago and still not fixed. Sometimes I got the feeling BIS likes to frustrate people.

check today's DEV changelog

Any luck with the fix?

Seems to be fixed, I appreciate that.

Thanks, marking fixed.

Mass closing tickets marked as resolved more than 1 month ago.

If the issue is in fact not resolved, please create a new ticket referencing this one and ask for it to be re-opened.