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May 10 2016

pilotbaxter007 edited Steps To Reproduce on T63740: Allow rifles to be equipped in both the primary and secondary slot.
May 10 2016, 12:52 AM · Arma 3
pilotbaxter007 edited Steps To Reproduce on T63733: We need extended underwater functionality and a underwater pistol.
May 10 2016, 12:52 AM · Arma 3
pilotbaxter007 added a comment to T62920: AI needs building usage routines.

I second this idea, we need to be able to execute proper CQB missions. Especially with the new diving system, this lends itself to special ops missions.

This is the time to implement this, with the game in alpha, and it also should be easier to add units to buildings in the editor, without complicated scripts. I was trying to make a mission for ARMA 2 and this was one of the issues - it was nearly impossible to set up units in buildings easily and have the AI execute CQB operations. One thing you could do is have a module that would populate selected buildings w the desired AI units, and either lock them into the building or allow free movement (i.e. for hostage missions, you don't want the OPFOR to leave the building as soon as you approach). A 3D editor would be perfect, but the next best option would be a way for the mission maker to walk around in the preview mode top where they want to place the unit, and select a "copy data" option from the menu. Back in the editor, you would just place a unit in the general area, copy the data into the init field and the unit would be put into that place in the building - and stay there.

Ideally, one should be able to point to a door or whole building with the in-game command menu and select a "clear" or "breach and clear" .etc type command, which would then have the ai clear the building.
This would also lend itself to the use of flash-bang grenades and other non-lethal weapons for taking prisoners and hostage rescue missions.

May 10 2016, 12:20 AM · Arma 3

May 9 2016

pilotbaxter007 added a comment to T61061: "Touch off bombs" has priority over EVERYTHING..

Like others have said, this should not be the first menu option. Even better, why not have an ACE-like explosives "action" in the menu that would:

  1. if the explosive is just being placed, you could set it up and remove the safety. This would require the player to be close to the explosive and aiming/looking at it. Set-up options would depend on the explosive and could be configured to be really simple, such as only having a safety pin, to complex like the m2 SLAM in ACE2.

BI should build in the options for modders to later add in different detonator and initiator options, such as IR triggering, radio command det (which could include short or long range, such as a cellphone for OPFOR), direct command det with detcord or electrical wires.

  1. Once it is time to detonate, and depending on the setup options, this would bring up a dialog to "remove safety" -> then detonate/touch off bombs. The bombs should be able to be detonated individually or all at the same time, and this would depend on the type of explosive and how it was set up.

This should be tied to a "clacker" item that the player must either pick up separate or is added to inventory automatically with certain types of explosives such as explosive charges.

Finally, we need a limpet mine for the divers that can be configured for different detonation options, such as command detonation (hit the button and boom), timer, or magnetic (can place in a harbour or similar area, will detonate when ship/boat passes over it).

May 9 2016, 10:40 PM · Arma 3
pilotbaxter007 added a comment to T60456: Let mission designer decide if they want allow players to wear enemy uniforms or not..

AFAIK, wearing enemy clothing is only illegal IF you are engaging the enemy/acting hostile. Simply walking around in enemy territory with an enemy uniform on is not a violation of the GC AFAIK.

For example, one could use an enemy uniform to move around an area, that's OK. But if they have a weapon or start shooting, then it is a violation.

Besides, not all factions respect these treaties, look at the terrorists from ARMA 2 OA. It should be an option just for the purposes of the simulator.

What you could do is to prevent enemies from detecting a player an an enemy provided that they were unarmed or did not have a visible weapon. The MOMENT they start shooting or have a visible weapon, the enemy will recognize and attempt to kill them aggressively.

May 9 2016, 9:45 PM · Arma 3