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We need extended underwater functionality and a underwater pistol
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Why not have the option to carry an underwater pistol, like the HK P11? In real life, special operations units can carry their "normal" weapon such as the m4 or mp5 on their back when diving, for use on land. In game, just like real life, the underwater rifle is inaccurate on land, and using STANAG's only helps a bit.

If we had the option of a weapon such as the p11 for underwater use and then a "normal" gun for land use it would be great. A dive knife would also be a useful addition, as well as underwater explosives and mines.

Although some of these next things have already been mentioned, we should also have the capability to reload while swimming and shoot whole moving, although the shooting should be inaccurate (just like standing/fatigue). I have been caught reloading by enemy divers, even though in real life you would be able to move to get out of the way - you won't reload nearly as quick, but at least you wouldn't die.

We also need dive lights and glowsticks, both for the player and the option to colour code teams through the command menu and have the divers use chemlights specific to that assigned colour.

This has been mentioned, but we should get NVG's for the divers, at least in inventory for land use. You could even create another type of diver, so you would have divers w/ and w/o NVG's in the editor. I do think it should be standard that they have NVG's at least for land, but there are water-useable NVG's in real life, but they are limited to depth (another easy thing to implement, just have them start to black out when you go below ~20-30 m).


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Maybe have the NVG's in a sealed bag so you can open them up when on land? I don't know about the underwater movement though. While I agree that it does need a little refinement, diving with all that gear on would be cumbersome I'd imagine. And while you feel bouyant etc, it still has mass which means you have to acellerate said mass around. So all that kit means you'd also have to fight the gear's resistance to the water itself, i.e. making it tougher to turn fast and manuver. Personally, I think the addition of det packs would be a short term solution. Take the SCUBA showcase for sabotage the boat then deal with the divers that come after you. No problem, you then (at least I had to), have to surface and dispatch the rear gunner and the commander who mans the GL. Every time I did NOT do this that GL gunner was killing me on shore. This would easily be solved with just taking along a demo pack. You're playing a frogman in this scenario after all! Blow that boat sky high and you don't NEED to worry about shooting the divers :)

Guys on shore: "they sure have been out there a while in one spot"
boat: *KABOOOOM*
Guys on shore: ".......guess Fred had beer with his chili again"

Maybe by 2030ish we could have a repeating or gas powered spear gun? :)

you can already have NVGs in the inventory or in the backpack.

upvoting for the move while shooting and reloading stuff

Agreed, an underwater pistol would allow for basic underwater combat while allowing divers to use their main weapons for land warfare.

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