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Let mission designer decide if they want allow players to wear enemy uniforms or not.
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My suggestion is to allow mission designer to decide if they want players to wear enemy uniforms or not. I suggest to add it in form of scripting command so mission designer can control it in any way they want. This rule should not affect enemy AI and they still should spot and engage enemy players regardless of their uniform (behavior change can be implemented through scripting on mission side)

Suggested syntax:

enableEnemyUniformUsage enable
enable: Boolean - allow usage of enemy uniforms

This option is set to false by default as it is now in alpha.


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Ezcoo added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 2:10 PM

I'm strongly against this. I think that having this kind of script command would cause much, much more problems than bring benefits in the game. It would be attracting script command to abuse to script kiddies, because having an enemy uniform on the player could result in great confuse and mess in the game (especially in the missions where it wasn't allowed, because players wouldn't be expecting it). It's also against Geneva conventions.

You can already hack enemy clothing on a soldier using scripts, people will make it happen, whether it's against the Geneva convention or not. Besides, we want at least to be able to wear civi clothing, that I know isn't against any real life stuff (ether that or a LOT of special forces around the world have broken those rules, haha.) I think bis should embrace this and make it work, it's what people want, though I do agree there should be a way to limit if someone can put on civi or enemy clothing in the mission. Though as a note to the OP, I think bis should make it so AI might react to you based on your clothing, even if in a simplistic way.

Ezcoo, both your points are wrong because it is already possible to make any unit wear anything with scripts.

we need this option

Ezcoo added a comment.Mar 9 2013, 10:53 AM

Roger SaMatra, that's sad then... But unlike you said, it's still against Geneva conventions and thus I still vote down.

AFAIK, wearing enemy clothing is only illegal IF you are engaging the enemy/acting hostile. Simply walking around in enemy territory with an enemy uniform on is not a violation of the GC AFAIK.

For example, one could use an enemy uniform to move around an area, that's OK. But if they have a weapon or start shooting, then it is a violation.

Besides, not all factions respect these treaties, look at the terrorists from ARMA 2 OA. It should be an option just for the purposes of the simulator.

What you could do is to prevent enemies from detecting a player an an enemy provided that they were unarmed or did not have a visible weapon. The MOMENT they start shooting or have a visible weapon, the enemy will recognize and attempt to kill them aggressively.

SGTIce added a subscriber: SGTIce.May 7 2016, 11:25 AM

If you voted against this you're a close minded idiot. That is all.

The use of scripts like the virtual ammobox to equip other factions uniforms is client side. Other players see you as if you are wearing the default uniform for the class you selected.

Honestly this should be an option for map makers because not every map is about america vs iran and the majority of players do not have the time to download specific mods just to visually sync up on a single map.

I only have one word to describe this ticket: UPVOTED!

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Loki added a comment.May 11 2013, 12:29 AM
  • terrorist, cartel, bandits, militia, paramilitary, bad guys
  • undercover, the trick is to bluff the enemy
  • if forces not exist in this way it's really unimportant which clothes the wear

As i know in the most countries it is not allowed to wear uniforms with official signs, no matter if armed or not. Also it is not allowed to mask the face in the publicness.

I can't say I am against it, because I agree, spies and moles are a real thing, people do go under cover as the enemy, and it is very risky though. But this can be used creatively. So I am pretty open to it.

BIS just need to impliment the rules of the Geneva Convention properly. As a soldier wearing your rightful uniform, you are able to surrender your arms and be taken prisoner. Under circumstances of solo game play this can just end the mission as if you died. But being caught wearing enemy uniform, if you engage with the enemy, or get caught out, you will be treated as a spy, and most likely executed =)

As for getting caught out, lets just say if you are spotted as an enemy and you are not following orders, or enemy soldiers get too close to identify you as not one of them, or perhaps approach or point weapon raised at any enemy unit, they can turn on you instantly. Almost like throwing a little hint of hitman gameplay into the mix. I'm sure it wont be much of a feat to do.

This may not be a very high priority feature though, so no pressure to make it an absolute must. This can also be welcomed as a later addition via DLC or expansion.

Not wearing masks? Tell that to SoF.

Insurgents, and other non-established militaries don't tend to care about rules.

Throughout the iraq war they've walked up in friendly uniforms/killed people.

They don't need to implement the geneva convention, it has nothing to do with that. If someone wants to have it that way they can script it.

pilotbaxter007 is right, wearing enemy uniforms is only illegal if doing so while engaging the enemy, it is perfectly legal to wear enemy uniforms as a ruse just as long as they're discarded before engaging the enemy.
"National flags, insignias and uniforms as a ruse – in practice it has been authorized to make use of these as a ruse. The foregoing rule (Article 23 of the Annex of the IVth Hague Convention), does not prohibit such use, but does prohibit their improper use. It is certainly forbidden to make use of them during a combat. Before opening fire upon the enemy, they must be discarded".

The ability to wear any uniform just adds more freedom to the game.
Why are we so concerned about the Geneva Convention when it's just a game?

I think that some people forget that this kind of sandbox game allows you to do a lot more than just create realistic war scenarios. If someone wants to create a spy thriller scenario or one where a soldier can put on an enemy uniform to help him blend in to escape captivity, then this can only be a good thing.

Biggest problem is some people don't seem to realize the geneva convention has nothing to do with it. The way things go in ArmA are not a 1 : 1 reflection of reality.

Low priority, seems you need your priorities straightened out.

Ceh added a subscriber: Ceh.May 7 2016, 11:25 AM
Ceh added a comment.May 24 2013, 1:05 AM

Many things we do in Arma are against some convention or law... so that shouldn't be an argument IMO. Furthermore, if someone is "caught" IRL, he faces consequences - I mean, GC doesn't magically prevent such things from _being able to happen_ - so let's have an option and simply "govern" its use by being able to disable it, or even make a GC mod that would punish it :D
Now, a real issue is dealing with AI and some other aspects of the game, but that could be dealt with.

Whoever disagrees because this is against the Geneva Conventions, does not understand what ArmA is.
ArmA is a sandbox military game, where mission authors define the game rules.
If a mission author decides that all factions should fight conventionally only, he can disable this feature, otherwise an author should be able to enable this.
Some missions might be themed about covert ops, that are based on false flag operations, some missions might involve rogue factions, so obviously this feature should be available.

Maybe it could be a difficulty setting? Anyway, we can finally do this, make it so enemy don't shoot but friendlies do, please. It would make sense, assuming either not everyone on your side has radio or your don't.

Just because it's against the Geneva Convention doesn't mean it shouldn't be allowed. I can also fire a rocket launcher at a civ's car, but that's not very legal. Likewise, we should be able to wear enemy uniforms, and suffer the consequences.

The new command has been added awhile ago: forceAddUniform. This thread can now be marked resolved.

This ticket is not about scripting commands but about letting players wear enemy uniforms through menu.