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"Aiming Deadzone" : Spawns Negative Acceleration + Inusability.
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Aiming Deadzone in its current state is unusable.
The mouse, negative accelerates way too much after touching the collision zone.
In cases with default configs (Prerendered frames+Smoothing+low sensitivty)
The mouse crawls to a stand still when trying to move it slowly.

I think that besides fixing it. Aiming deadzone should be revamped partially.
The extra pull necessary to move the deadzone is unrealistic.
Right now your upper body moves independently from your head. Causing you to pull extra on the mouse to move your head into a diffrent direction.

(I dont know if this feature was implemented with trackir users in mind and if they have the ability to move the deadzone while looking into a other direction)

But technically its only physically possible with conscious effort (Try to pivot your upper body with a imaginary gun while holding your head still irl ).

I think that the aiming deadzone should control your whole upperbody(+head) independently from your lower body allowing for more control + speed. (Operation flashpoint)
Its exactly the same as normal aiming deadzone but now your head moves alongside your weapon. (like regular view)

Possibly with a way to sync lowerbody animations with your upperbody so that on touching lowerbody collision(pivot stance limit) the animation updates and there is a continuous mouse speed overall. allowing for more control in both normal and trackir users.
(trackir users should have less headmoving to do seeing your head already faces your weapon)


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Go into options>Game>Aiming Deadzone>Move slider to the right.

Exit menu and aim on different speed levels.

Additional Information

video that describes and temporary fixes the issue

what i was meaning to say in so many words was,
why not have aiming deadzone work like currently available via aiming the gun while holding left+alt (view button)
but without stance restriction and ability to enable turn left turn right fix.

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Found a old thread that maybe explains it a little bit better.

The Aiming Deadzone is just horrendous in Arma 3. You said it best, defk0n

I personally have been using deadzone in ArmA 2 a lot, and trying to do so in ArmA 3 is a pain. It's a staple of the series, a little tweak that helps a lot compared to the twitch'n'spin of shooters, so this is something Bohemia -really- need to fix.

Why would anyone vote against this? This needs to be fixed, please, BI.

defk0n added a comment.Mar 9 2013, 5:56 PM

After thinkering with the controls i found a solution to make arma behave exactly as explained above only with minor bugs seeing i dont think its meant to be used like that.

My video reviewing it.

Bumping. This problem is major for those of us who like to use the aiming deadzone feature, and I would very much like to see a fix.

I completely agree, I can't use any deadzone now because it's near impossible to track targets when looking down the sights/scopes.

Having an aiming deadzone is one of OFP/Arma's key features IMO, it needs to be fixed!

Just out of curiosity (and a certain amount of admitted elitism when it comes to not using aiming deadzone), why do you guys use it?

I use aiming deadzone for several reasons - For one, moving around only my gun (Which is reflected on my character's model) presents a smaller visual movement than my entire body turning, which will attract more attention in PVP.

For another, I very much like the way it lets me clear rooms and turn corners while exposing less of myself than if I had my weapon centered.

Finally, it's a gameplay element many other shooters lack, and it helps everything feel much more natural and fluid, complementing ArmA's more realistic movement physics.

Same as Coyote. Also, I like using it in third person just as an added visual detail, sort of.. +1

@The Coyote
"Finally, it's a gameplay element many other shooters lack, and it helps everything feel much more natural and fluid, complementing ArmA's more realistic movement physics."

How would you counter this?


*wakes up*
Look at, It "fixes" the exact issue "dslyecxi" writes about. Everybody knows aiming deadzone in its current state is not 100% realistic. Thats why we have this ticket.
His opinion doesn't matter on this issue for that he tries to disregard a whole game mechanic due to it not working correctly besides trying to fix it.

With the amount of viewers he generates - he could have resolved this issue along time ago.

I still say the old Infiltration mod had the best deadzone and may have been one of the first games (if not the first), to use it.

As it is in A3 it feels "sticky" to me. It works well enough in A2 but now it seems odd. Even messing with mouse filtering etc it just feels off some way.

Firstly, I was asking about aiming deadzone in a more general sense.
Secondly, this ticket is to fix the bug with turning when you hit the edge of the freeaim zone, not about what that dslyecxi is talking about on that page.

What I was interested in (and I should really have taken this to the forum) is why people use freeaim at all, when in my view (for the same reasons displayed on that page) it's not at all realistic.

@Concurssi, since we rely on computer monitors for gaming, and there's no analogue yet to simulate visual focus and peripheral vision, the current aiming deadzone setup works just fine. While it's true that in the real world, the shooter's head will move with his rifle, I just like the feel of the gun's movement on the screen.

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The aiming deadzone might be terrible now, but who cares, there's no point in using it anymore since aim is instant now, might as well remove it completely.

I liked this feature within Arma 2. I was able to move the mouse or aim very little from target to target when prone.

Within Arma 3, ditto, it's horrid and unusable.

I also really enjoyed the deadzone aim in ARMA 2, mainly because i can do miniscule movements to shoot larger groups of enemies without having to move the entire screen, which would either create a bit of motion blur, or depending on how intense things on screen are, I dont get frame drops when shifting the screen, so I still get that non interupted shot.

Mind you, I think the deadzone should really only apply to free firing "from the hip" so to say, but while aiming down the sight, it can lock back to norm fixed with your view with zero deadaim.

Also for the love of god, please make the free look snap your waepon to where you are facing your head, rather than snapping your head back to where your weapon points, or make it optional.

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It seems like it doesn't take the weapon dexterity into account and it's just too sensitive to be usable. I got so used to it in Arma2 but now it's just broken. Please fix it.

agreed. deadzone aiming needs major fixing

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Eh. I don't particularly care, because deadzone is ridiculous anyways.

But, if people like it (for whatever reasons) then might as well try and fix it WHEN YOU HAVE TIME.

Edit: Sorry, let me rephrase: Deadzone is a stupid aiming mechanic, and one that I would rather never see in any game ever again. But, since grognardism dictates that it stays, I'll vote for this ticket.

Heres just a screen I made for better comprehension.


EDcase added a subscriber: EDcase.May 7 2016, 11:30 AM

Its just that the mouse sensitivity is too high inside the float zone and too low outside.

Would be interesting to have separate mouse sensitivity settings for inside and out.

The sensitivity would be fine if the had an option for Red Orchestra type free aim. Or just add controls for look up and look down.

I use aiming deadzone because it helps me make slight adjustments to my aim easier than when my view is 100% constricted to where my gun is pointed at. Without the movement of the entire screen distracting my eyes, I feel I can focus more on the small area that is my crosshair and I am more accurate for it. That said, I usually keep the aiming deadzone bar not higher than 30%. Upvoted!

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The deadzone reminds me more on some oldschool arcadeshooters from the 90s. It's a bit like terminator. Eventually shout BIS give you a robotmodel and fix the head on the center of view. Then that's it what really happen. Don't be shy to try this at home. You say the vision movement irritates and deadzone make aiming easier. I believe that this is a bit easier but it's absolute unnatural.

I agree that it's unnatural. But since we can turn it off, there's no problem :)

If they change the deadzone option like Psychomorph suggested(this will enable natural Low ready) and make the 'deadzone only' turning animation the default turning animation(like this suggestion - ), everybody will be happy.

EDcase added a comment.Jun 8 2013, 4:56 PM


Make mouse sensitivity the same in the zone and outside.
(Like in ARMA2...)


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bez added a comment.Jun 3 2013, 5:10 PM

i don't use aiming dead zone because it's just terrible the way it is now.
You hit the end of the deadzone and you need to move your hand all across
the table to turn just a bit ingame, really bad.

need fixing ASAP

Not even assigned? Oh come on..

I agree, this should be looked into and assigned before final release. The Shacktac guys might think aiming is better according to Dsyl's pre-alpha articles, but I hate it. It makes gameplay worse dealing with it against ninja AI. Just when I had such a sweet and responsive setup in ArmA 2 with the deadzone, but now--and I can't believe I'm even saying this--sometimes I hate playing. I've tried following suggested videos on messing with the A3 dead zone, mouse smoothing, etc. Even with that, everything feels too fast. Heck, even BF3's aiming feels a ton better and I HATE BF3! I'm really hoping BIS eventually looks into this and at least brings back the ArmA 2 deadzone for the rest of us who enjoyed it and find it a lot more smoother and responsive than ArmA 3's chaotic and overly fast 1:1 aiming.

Yup. Think this has been a low priority item, but will likely be fixed before final.

I agree, I enjoyed using this within ARMA 2 at around 5-10% (?) and within ARMA 3 Alpha it is set to off and is still buggy.

Thought I was the only one disliking the bunny hopping within BF3? ;-)

Deadzone itself is totally messed up. Waaaay too quick movement for any reasonable use of the Deadzone. Furthermore you get the impressen the weapons tends to "stick" to the edges of the deadzone. Pity, I always used the deadzone to make the sway a little harder.

BUT, by setting the deadzone very small you can almost "lock" your weapon in this box while shooting: the muzzle is no longer moving up magically when shooting...

But this is probably not the solution, but a FEATURE ^^

That's how it is made now simply unplayable. Just return as it was in ArmA 2.

Aiming Deadzone has been fixed as of latest patch.

Thanks. I usually hold-off reporting anything as fixed until it's been documented within the Change Log though, because the broken code could have just been unintentionally or accidentally fixed causing a legitimate bug to be closed too soon. Also, some bugs are difficult to notice if they have been fixed.

If you see the fix documented within the Developer Change Log, please post the snippet here. ;-) ... I can't see this issue documented within the Change Log.

I think it was fixed maybe 2 or 3 dev builds back. But last Spot rep made it official.

"Removed sensitivity smoothing for aiming deadzone"

bez added a comment.Jul 29 2013, 3:27 PM

YAY They fixed the Aiming Deadzone!
It's now the best I have seen since OFP, IMO at least.
Good work BI! thank you :)

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This was fixed thanks to heroic effort of our programmer Kolji. All must worship him.

Not fixed fully. The movement of a weapon inside the deadzone seems to be twice as fast as when actually starting to turn around.

Agree - the aiming still doesnt feel right


This issue is NOT fixed. Still heavy acceleration noticed. And when using TrackIR the screen will sometimes slowly move up and down randomly. This needs to be looked into properly.

A issue related to the deadzone I found:

Indeed still hardly fixed. Back in ArmA 2 I had it nudged less than halfway--basically the "sweet spot" for myself and it just gave me enough "freedom" when moving my arms and moving around. I felt more alive and holding something. In ArmA 3 the default movements--while great for pvp and cqb I think--feels too stiff. Even with my Roccat mouse that does great in BF3, I find myself dying more trying to get a freaking bead on anything. I try mouse smoothing which kind of brings back the feel I had for ArmA2 but takes too long to aim and keep the reticle on the enemy. Deadzone was too heavily accelerated and even the supposedly "fixed" version is still unsettling accelerated. In A2 I had "floatingZoneArea=0.029811779" which for me felt great. Aiming in ArmA 3 is starting to get to me and miss A2 all the more just because aiming felt so much smoother and better to me. I don't understand why it's so hard to get the A2 deadzone feeling back. Perhaps with the new updates to A3 and aiming, it's allowing it? Deadzone should feel smooth, not reckless like a 90 year old grandmother with a massive sugar rush and arms made of pudding.

If they made the speeds on accel 1 and 2 the same it would be much better.... And a toggle option when playing such as freelook would be EVEN BETTER. I don't want it all the time just in certain situations.. It would give it a much better feel if you can toggle it on when sweeping buildings or laying prone and picking off multiple targets. But then be able to turn it off when roaming a forest...

Its better but still not quite right.

Mouse speed is still a bit too fast inside the deadzone.

Refer to usage in ARMA2 as it worked well.

defk0n added a comment.Sep 6 2013, 6:38 AM

Made a addon that sharpens up the Deadzone.
Def try it out:

EDcase added a comment.Sep 6 2013, 2:27 PM

Still not quite working properly with latest DEV build.

Mouse speed inside deadzone still a bit too fast

How about dead zone only work when in sights

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flypp added a comment.Jan 8 2014, 1:56 PM

Also happens using homemade device with Freetrack protocol.

I like @jakeryan760 and @aoshi's suggestions.

Still not fixed.
Is this being looked into?

Agreed, I hope BIS can further fix it. No matter what, deadzone feels way too fast. It should be smooth. The only way I managed to smooth it out and slow it enough to make me feel like I'm holding my rifle is with mouse smoothing maxed, which is in itself a double edged sword. It slowed down Aiming Deadzone's extreme feeling of acceleration, but also means fighting to stay on target since even the most molecular level hint at mouse movement causes the aiming area to float off the target. Call ArmA 2's aiming broken or horrible all you want, but aiming deadzone in ArmA 2 felt way smoother and slower (and natural, I guess one could say) than in ArmA 3. The slightest setting makes you feel like you're on crack and redbull. PLEASE at some point look back into this, BIS?

This is very annoying. There shouldn't be any difference in mouse sensitivity with aiming deadzone enabled. Being able to move the head independly from the body is one of Arma's key features. Fixing this should be of a high priority.

Its been 2 years and this bug hasn't been fix? I actually like using it but at this state its not usable. For an example, if you were to move with Combat Pace forward with DeadZone 100%. You can't literally move your screen around and you are stuff with the DeadZone area.