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May 9 2016

Panimala added a comment to T60661: "Aiming Deadzone" : Spawns Negative Acceleration + Inusability..

This issue is NOT fixed. Still heavy acceleration noticed. And when using TrackIR the screen will sometimes slowly move up and down randomly. This needs to be looked into properly.

May 9 2016, 9:53 PM · Arma 3
Panimala added a comment to T60025: No female soldiers models available.

I can't wait to kill hundreds and hundreds of female soldiers if they add them. :^)

May 9 2016, 7:25 PM · Arma 3
Panimala added a comment to T58483: TrackIR causes me to aim down or up constantly (only if deadzone > 0).

I have noticed this and have had to disable aiming deadzone since the first alpha release. Not only are there problems for TrackIR users specifically, but it is currently heavily accelerated over the aiming deadzone in Arma 2. This needs to be looked into as it disallows TrackIR users from using aiming deadzone at all.

May 9 2016, 3:17 PM · Arma 3