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TrackIR causes me to aim down or up constantly (only if deadzone > 0)
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when using TrackIR my character will constantly ether aim up or aim down slowly as if holding a controller thumbstick up or down slightly.When i unbind look up and look down analog the problem stops but this bug renders TrackIR useless


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Look up or down very slightly with TrackIR and my character will aim up or down constantly in that direction

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I no longer know how to function in ARMA without TrackIR so this is a huge issue for me.

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AFudge added a comment.Mar 5 2013, 5:31 PM

Seems to only affect the game when using aiming deadzone. Turning it off completely resolves this issue for me, but I do like Arma 2 Deadzone aiming.

Also got track IR, and I can replicate this issue by turning aiming deadzone on.

turning deadzone off fixed the problem thanks

Glad to know there's a workaround, but it would be nice to have aiming deadzone too.

Turning deadzones off is not a solution. The problem persists: TrackIR with deadzone combination is broken.

Also: With small aiming-deadzones the issue appears less often. With max. deadzone is the player instant moves his head up or down.

Wow just read through about 1500 post titles before I found this! Glad it's not just me. Makes shooting accurately almost impossible for me. Weird that it should crop up after working fine in A2...which is what I bought TrackIR for!

Oburi added a comment.Mar 12 2013, 8:47 PM

Using "Aiming Deadzone" with TrackIR not working properly. Looking around with TrackIR without using the mouse I can move my weapon up and down. Needs fixing.

I just upload a small video:

I just move up to have my weapon stand.

Added more info to title.

Could you try eg. dslyecxi's track ir profile for common reference? I used that as a quick start setup after new installation of windows myself. This profile works well for me, with some minor adjustments.

It doesn't work Bastoid, I still have the issue!

I desactivated the aiming dead zone like some of us did above and it works like a charm :)

I get this bug all the time too. It's sort of a sucky scenario when you can't play with the aiming deadzone enabled, since the game simulates the difficulty in bringing your torso to bear versus bringing your weapon to bear (note how much faster and looser your weapon is when you hold Alt while in a firing position).

Same issue here. Trackir works only with deadzone off.

EDcase added a subscriber: EDcase.May 7 2016, 10:28 AM

Still not fixed!!!

Same issue here. Only a problem with the Y axis while in the "deadzone".

btw: Also another thing to help while using deadzone to prevent turn lag is to bind "turn left and right" in infantry movement to "mouse left and right".

EDcase added a comment.Jun 5 2013, 8:40 PM

There are TWO problems with Aim Deadzone

  1. Using TrackIR (this ticket)

It happens when looking SLIGHTLY up or down. (very near horizontal)

  1. Mouse sensitivity is way too high inside the deadzone and too low outside.


scheisskopf: Interesting result with the re-binding. Almost works but mouse movement is still screwed especially when prone aiming through scope.

I'd just like to comment on some posts above. The whole point about aiming deadzone is that it introduces 'turn lag'. It is meant to simulate moving your weapon independently of your head and body. I liked it because it enabled you to adjust your aim without shifting your sight picture, and while keeping your body totally motionless.

According to Dyslexi, it was only developed to counter the mouse control problems of OFP/ARMA1 and really isn't necessary anymore, but I liked to use just a little.

Using (default) ALT with mouse DOES NOT MOVE YOUR WEAPON, or your body... only your head moves. Do it in 3rd person and see. It is exactly the same as us TrackIR users do using our headsets.

If that's in reference to my "faster and looser" comment about Alt-looking, I'm referring to when looking through iron sights, not when your weapon is merely shouldered.

Behaviour when the weapon is shouldered and you are relying on Quick Kill technique is as Track IR -- Alt controls your head without altering your firing solution or your body position.

Behaviour when the weapon is under iron sights, however, is to adjust your firing solution without otherwise moving your body or your head. It also does make a difference in how fast the weapon can be brought to bear -- a very noticeable one at that.

Hokay, I think we've got ourselves some mixed up terms here perhaps? =)

First off: When I speak of Deadzone, I am talking about TrackIR Deadzone, as illustrated in this picture:

Not as in ArmA 3's Deadzone setting, as illustrated here:

When using TrackIR, there is no need for ArmA 3's deadzone. Albeit, it's nice to have a little deadzone on yaw and pitch in the TrackIR profile, as that means not every little twitch in real life will be translated into the game.

With that in mind, and with these settings, this is how it works for me ingame. Mind you, I am not moving the mouse much..

But this thread's about the aiming deadzone bug and its interaction with Track IR. As in ARMA 3 deadzone. ;-)

Note that the ARMA "aiming deadzone" is actually a big misnomer as it is. It should really be called "torso deadzone", "body deadzone", or "turning deadzone", since it controls the deadzone where you will continue to aim your weapon but not move your body. But that would be even more confusing than it already is. ;-)

Note that you inadvertently linked the same picture twice, but do I get the gist of what you're getting at. However, I don't think using a Track IR deadzone is an effective fix for this problem, since the problem doesn't exist in ARMA 2 and it is entirely possible to play with a "looser" weapon in ARMA 2.

I personally actually prefer the TrackIR twitches to be translated into the game -- albeit using a less sensitive zone in the centre so that I can still get a good feel for the zero point -- because it's so much more immersive. If the TrackIR becomes just another control input, I might as well just be using an analog hat -- with the minor and ordinarily imperceptible motions actually translated, it makes me conscious that I have the freedom to look around at almost all times (except in vehicle ironsights for some reason -- optics I get, but mounted weapon iron sights would be more interesting with a bit of free look =)).

Lot of talking for something very simple.
Just need aiming dead zone working as in ArmA 2. That's all!

I have been following this ticket.. I am especially interested in the resolution of this problem now, because I just recently purchased a TrackIR5.. I use Aiming Deadzone, Playing with out it sux IMHO. Any news on a fix for this.. We are in BETA and things like this should be ironed out by now..

I have noticed this and have had to disable aiming deadzone since the first alpha release. Not only are there problems for TrackIR users specifically, but it is currently heavily accelerated over the aiming deadzone in Arma 2. This needs to be looked into as it disallows TrackIR users from using aiming deadzone at all.

I'm experiencing the same issue with the snapping while looking up and down. The combination of TrackIR with Aiming Deadzone, however subtle you set it in Arma 2, really does a whole lot for immersion IMO and when you're used it it, as Lordprimate put it, playing without it just plain sux. It's completely stale. Aiming Deadzone is by no means obsolete just because the Big D doesn't prefer it. Your attention to this issue would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

I really wish this would be fixed so I can actually use more than a quarter of aiming deadzone with trackir without my screen bouncing up and down constantly. This is the only major downside to Arma3 in my opinion.

Still not fixed in 1.02.110424

Still not fixed in 1.03.111011

Right now I can't use my TrackIR as I use 100% deadzone. Done it since 2001...

Please fix this bug !! This must prioritized as it impacts many users and doesn't seem that much of a deal to correct !

Still not fixed :( and ticket is assigned since several months...

Fank added a comment.May 14 2014, 9:18 PM

Can someone provide some detailed information about the TrackIR version and the operating system?

Because i can confirm some wired problems on Windows 7 but on Windows 8 everything works great.
I use TrackIR 5 and everything works fine, for me it seems to be fixed.

Windows 7
TrackIR Ver. 5.2.200 (Build 14548)

Broken for me...

Windows 7
TrackIR Ver. 5.2.200 (Build 14548)

Same for me, broken too. View bounces up and down.

Although when moving and the cross-hair goes away, the head tracking goes back to normal. The head tracking proceeds to bounce up and down though once the player stops moving and brings the gun and cross-hairs back up.

Fank added a comment.May 15 2014, 1:56 AM

Could you please provide us some video examples?

Here you go Frank! I hope this is self explanatory enough. First is with Deadzone and trackir ON, next I turn deadzone off and trackir is normal, then again for reference I turn it back on and the view bounces up and down.

Still not fixed:

More examples which should be easy to reproduce.

Windows 7 with TrackIR-5 about 1/4 AimDeadzone

is this still valid for you?

Until it's fixed very much so.

"Need more info": use trackir, play with 100% aiming deadzone (biggest "floating box" for your gun, OFP style). You will notice the problem.

Plenty of youtube links above that shows the problem. A small head movement gives full up or down view.

I'm glad that someone from BI finally is looking into this. I can't enjoy A3 because of this and have stopped playing until it's fixed. I need my fix ;)

"Need more info". What info do you need from us?

Start A3
Aiming deadzone: turn it fully right (100%)

Use trackir and play.

Ob added a subscriber: Ob.May 7 2016, 10:28 AM
Ob added a comment.Oct 31 2014, 10:43 PM

always played Arma2 without any kind of trouble.
Did someone use succesfully Windows8 with TrackIR5 and Arma3?

oukej added a subscriber: oukej.May 7 2016, 10:28 AM
oukej added a comment.Nov 12 2014, 9:08 AM

This should be fixed in the next Development Branch update.
Thanks guys for helping us improve the game!

Thank you!!! Finally I can start to play the game :D