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DX11 error : buffer Map failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED
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Game crashes randomly on launch, or upon joining a game with this message. I am using dual monitors. {F16862} {F16863} {F16864} {F16865} {F16866} {F16867} {F16868} {F16869} {F16870} {F16871} {F16872} {F16873} {F16874} {F16875} {F16876} {F16877} {F16878} {F16879} {F16880} {F16881} {F16882} {F16883} {F16884} {F16885} {F16886} {F16887} {F16888} {F16889}


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It's nice to see confirmations that this is a driver related problem.

As far as my experience with laptop or proprietary computer models, they rarely provide driver fixes for such unique problems, or problems where most others do not see a problem.

I'd suggest mailing both Intel and Toshiba, the laptop manufacturer, with the details of this problem. Doing so might initiate a fixed driver version, else I wouldn't expect a fixed driver to be published as most people using laptops do not use them for playing such exquisite games unless they have no other choice.

Haha NoPow I'm quite aware you posted fundamentally the same thing :P You are the person who led me to this solution. I simply wanted to reinforce that it did in fact work, lol I suppose I should have made that clearer.

Ha in other news, I'm quite dissapointed I can't update to driver 3412 for Intel, considering it may work, and it's newer. It's not on Toshiba's website, and I simply don't know how to use any driver from any website that isn't Toshiba's. None of them will install, they just redirect me back to my Toshiba lol.

One of the main reasons I moved to Linux, drivers are at most trivial to install. And due to popularity and openness, solutions are usually more readily found and published.

Like I said, you're only hopes are; Getting Lucky and finding a hack or workaround, or pressuring Toshiba to published newer or fixed drivers. As such, make sure you document this bug well to them, else Toshiba may only publish newer Intel drivers without fixing this bug for which is quite commonly done.

KDN added a comment.Mar 21 2014, 12:47 PM

After a 6 month long trial and failure to solve this problem for one of our players...

(We have looked into Hardware and Software, from Bios settings, to reinstalling key software including Direct X, Net.framework, Arma 3. Look into voltage fluctuations, Heat, static electricity and on and on.)

..., we have found the culprit

Nvidia video cards' (580 GTX,SLI) core frequency. It was OVERCLOCKED by default!! Once we set it to 772 Mhz which is the default of the Nvidia reference board, no more crashes of this short.

The solution has been reported previously in this series of posts along with several others and that is how we finally solved our issue.

Many thanks to all the posters. :)

Yup. Even BIOS settings nowadays default to over-clocking.

If there's not adequate cooling or you live within a desert, likely going to have problems with default settings! (I've been there, & done that!)

Kind of laughing at you as you did spend $100+, and the manufacturer obviously screwed you on reliability! (But not really laughing, as I know how stressful elusive bugs can get.)

Personally I dislike over-clocking, but my default BIOS settings have been somewhat stable. But now that I think of it, I have had one or two unexplainable Microsoft Windows system freezes over the past several months. And now am rethinking the over-clocking might be tripping up someplace while playing the ARMA 3D game!

Those operating system freezes alongside operating system erratic behavior seemed to mimic the exact consequences of over-clocking! As Spock would have stated, "Interesting!"

On second thought, it might be advisable alongside submitting debug logging, again advise users to ensure all over-clocking is disabled, including any over-clocking within the manufacturer's BIOS settings. (If I'm not mistaken, there's usually a definite line between poor programming practices and over-heated hardware. Hence, disabling over-clocking shouldn't hide bugs.)

SniKe added a subscriber: SniKe.May 7 2016, 10:42 AM
SniKe added a comment.Apr 5 2014, 10:14 PM

Still crashes on my GTX 580 AMP!

giova added a subscriber: giova.May 7 2016, 10:42 AM

got the same problem
arma v1.18

it happens randomly , allways while playing,
This problem happened for 1 month ago, since i've reduced graphics in game options.

Arma3 crash every days.

contact me if you need further details.

PS : i'll not change global (BIOS/Windows) settings just for Arma, Arma MUST be fixed !

Looks like I may be having the same problem. My Arma 3 crashes at the start menu -

Well, if you are over-clocking using BIOS settings and over-clocking is causing or contributing to the error, then usually no amount of code fixing will solve this scenario. Possibly code can be compiled with less optimizations, but it still gets down to heat and how the hardware is engineered to handle current. As such, when encountering bugs, always make sure over-clocking is disabled and you're working on a stable platform.

If you cannot reproduce the error and the error is random, I would definitely start looking at over-heating or over-clocking being a cause, especially since over-heating seems to trend during the Summer months! If you choose to ignore such an issue, you'll likely end-up spending money for a new replacement CPU or GPU!

I do not overclock anything on my system.

Same here, i never overcloacked any machines, i prefer them to have a long life rather than fast but short life.

More over i never change any driver settings, i just use game's options for such operations.

To remind : before i had no crashes (more than 1000Hrs played), now it crash everydays since 2 ARMA's updates ago, + some Arma's video settings lowered to win few FPS.

Other games doesn't crash, so no doubt for me, problem comes from Arma and nothing else...

Occurring after the last update, I now almost always get a Physx.dll(?) related crash when trying to safely exit or safely quit from ARMA-3.

I think my problems started after the last big update also.

Another person just reported this issue.

Going to keep bumping this until it gets fixed. This error has made the game unplayable for many people.

-I've checked to have lastest drivers.
-reinstalled directX
-reseted Arma video options to default (autodetect as i've done the first time)
-i confirm (once again) that i've never overcloaked anything !

And today the game crashed twice, once while on the map, the other while watching one of my IA walking.

This is demoralizing...

I fixed my problem. All I had to do was underclock my GPU core clock by 50-100 MHZ and my game no longer crashes.

giova, get EVGA precision or another GPU tuner and bring your core clock down by 100MHZ and see if you are still crashing.

Still makes no sense why this would start after playing the game for so long, still must be an issue with the Arma 3 code.

rogerx added a comment.Jul 1 2014, 5:24 AM

Makes perfect sense as I stated before, it is just the beginning of Summer unless your within the southern hemisphere.

Also within one of the very latest patches, hyper-threading or using all four cores plus additional threading was enabled. This means more CPU requests being sent to the GPU with the hopeful end result of having higher frame rates. Hence, the GPU is going to be getting a little hotter compared to the GPU temperatures prior to the recent patches!

This could also be an indicator your (computer) box does not have enough fans. Or your BIOS is not properly maintaining the fans' RPM.

It's still weird that this only happens in Arma 3. If it'd be an overheating issue, one would assume the card would crash at other games too.

To add to the question, my game crashes only at multiplayer it seems, and after a completely random time interval every time. Sometimes within an hour and sometimes after three.

I get the error "DX11 error: CreateBuffer failed: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED" upon restarting the game after crash.

What @SageNTitled said is completly true, all of us only get this issue on Arma 3, so it's almost impossible to be our issue, it's more possible to be Arma 3's issue since we only get it in one single game.

I tried MadDogX's advice and disabled Windows Aero during Arma 3 gaming sessions, and I haven't gotten any crashes yet.

I recommend you all to do the same in order to confirm the problem.

How do I disable Windows Aero, sorry but I'm not that good on these stuff.

I just posted on the Windows Forums. I might get a response soon. If you have this issue, you might get a response on this post I made, just need to wait for somebody to respond.

How to disable Aero on Windows 8:

Control Panel > System > Advanced system settings > Performance Settings > check "Adjust for best performance"

If you're on windows 7 or lower your best bet would be the personalization window. Pick Windows basic theme or something.

I've tried to disable Aero on Windows 8 and then start the game and seems like it didn't work at all. Any other ways to help me fix this issue about the "DX11 error: CreateBuffer failed: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED"?

So the game started doing this to me again. Down-clocking the GPU no longer works.

This is NOT a problem with overheating or hardware. The problem is with Arma 3.

Please fix this.

I am having the same issue. I run altis life(only) and the game freezes after 30 sec, to 30 min. single player plays fine, and so does every other multiplayer mode. I am currently running a intel hd graphics 4000 with 1728 free memory. every other game I run plays fine including call of duty ghosts and bf3. do I need to upgrade? I feel like it looks and runs fine while im playing but then it just locks up on me. please help. I bought your game 3 days ago and I would really like to play altis life.

any news on this?

So I got my game working and played Arma 3 for 4 hours straight tonight. How did I do this? I discovered that if I delete the game profile so all the graphics settings are reset and a new profile is made that the game will not crash. When I was finally able to get the game to not crash at the start menu, I tried to set the video quality to High and the game would instantly crash. It would do this for all of the predefined video settings.

I knew I was on to something so I started to change each video setting manually to see if a particular setting would crash the system. I was able to set every setting to High/Ultra and change the various other settings without a crash. So manually setting the video settings and not using the predefined quality settings is allowing me to play Arma 3 with any video settings I want. If I was to select one of the predefined video settings this crash will occur again.

So what does this mean? I don't really know, but I think this allows me to prove that this is not a hardware problem with my system. It definitely has something to do with Arma 3 and how it interacts with the DirectX or Video drivers.

Can other people having this problem try this out and see if it fixes your problems?

Lenkio added a subscriber: Lenkio.May 7 2016, 10:42 AM
Lenkio added a comment.Sep 9 2014, 6:49 PM

How to delete the game profile ?

Fank added a comment.Sep 9 2014, 7:18 PM

In your "Documents" there is a folder called "ArmA 3", this folder contains configs & savegames.

Comme vous pouvez le voir sur ce screen , j'ai supprimé le profil crée par mon jeu mais l'erreur est toujours là ! :/

And I can't install DirectX from Arma 3 Steam folder.

error occures repeatedly for 4 out of 7 players. it looks like the problem just happens if you got a nvidia graphics card, because those who got that error got 100% nvidia cards. (gtx 780, gtx 770, gtx 570) amd cards seem to work fine.
Server runs with "guaranteedUpdates = false;". it ran fine before testing this parameter. additionally we tried some new netsettings

MinBandwidth = 107374182;
MaxBandwidth = 1073741824;
MaxMsgSend = 2048;
MaxSizeGuaranteed = 958;
MaxSizeNonguaranteed = 224;
MinErrorToSend = 0.002;
MinErrorToSendNear = 0.02;

Server got like 15 FPS when the crashes happened

crash report of one of us:

rogerx added a comment.Oct 3 2014, 7:16 PM

Been recently getting another frequent Physx.dll crash again here. :-/

giova added a comment.Oct 3 2014, 9:29 PM

Ultimate note from a OFP custommer (september 2001).

Not a feedback, just a lovebreak.
Thank you BIS for all that pleasure.

But i'm tired of bugs, crash, script that cannot handle time because code is broken.

I go forever to a better world.

As others here my pc crashed again and again with Arma 3. No real answer from BIS.

You'll find other customer (if you care about it).

With all my respect. Bye

Frager added a subscriber: Frager.May 7 2016, 10:42 AM
Frager added a comment.Oct 7 2014, 9:32 PM

totaly agree with u.BI u suck now,u cant realize that cause ppl still buying the game,but 1 day,no 1 will buy any game developed by u
Arma,is the best series for me.but i cant handle the bugs and the lag and crashes any more,i wish i was in czek,then i would teach u how to code a game
and create a better engine

Feint added a subscriber: Feint.May 7 2016, 10:42 AM
Feint added a comment.Nov 20 2014, 8:07 AM

Unfortunately, I am getting these same errors now too since I upgraded my graphics card from NVidia GTX 480 (x2) to a single GTX 780 ti card. Here's what I've tried:
-switching off aero desktop
-deleting profile
-various combinations of startup switches
--noland switch (allows me to get to the main menu, get to the editor, then crashes the game after about 60 seconds)
--nosound switch (still crashes)
--skipIntro (allowed me to read the DLC popup, but crashed as soon as I clicked OK)
-rolling back drivers (more stable, but still crashes)
-using latest drivers (less stable, crashes sooner)
-Beta and non-beta forms of Arma3 (no difference)
-overlocking my card (crashes sooner)
-underclocking my card (crashes less soon, but still crashes after about 2 minutes)
-reference clocking my card (same as above)
-installing Windows card timeout fix (no significant effect)
-forcing VSync on and off in NVidia panel options (no effect)
-reinstalling DX11 from Arma3 root directory (no effect)
-removing Saitek HOTAS and rudder pedals (no effect)
-removing TrackIR (no effect)

I can get past the loading screens every time. But once the world loads in the background of the main menu, the game crashes pretty much every time. If I underclock my card, I can get to the editor, but then it crashes. Or, I've tried going to the settings and hitting "Detect" which causes a crash.

After installing most recent update to the game, I got a blue screen and the computer crashed, not just the game. But that only happened initially. Now I just get regular game crashes at the main menu.

I'm at a loss. Please help. I haven't been able to play the game since October.
Link to my DXDiag tests as well as latest .rpt file:

Feint added a comment.Dec 10 2014, 9:15 PM

As a followup to my above report, I was able to get my game running more stable by doing the following:

  1. Delete the game, including all Arma 3 files in My Documents AND all Arma 3 files in AppData.
  2. Reinstall the game (do not start the game yet!)
  3. Underclock your graphics card's boost clock, voltage and memory clock.
  4. Start the game. You have about 2 minutes before it crashes.
  5. Quickly, go into graphics settings and turn everything off that you can turn off. Turn everything down as far as it will go. Don't worry, this is only temporary.
  6. Save game and quit.
  7. Restart game and go into sound settings and turn sound all the way down.
  8. Quit the game.
  9. Restart the game and turn a few of the graphics options back up like view distance and see if the game is stable.
  10. If the game is stable after a restart, raise all graphics settings back to where they are supposed to be. DO NOT USE AUTODETECT! DO NOT USE GRAPHICS PRESETS!
  11. In your graphics card settings, raise memory clock back to stock settings.
  12. Test game and see if it's stable.
  13. You can now choose to raise your boost clock and voltage back to stock levels and see if the game crashes. If it does, reset the settings back to where they were before the game crashed.

Hopefully this works for someone else. The game runs stable now, though with my card underclocked. But at least it runs.

Issue occurred on my server with certain players. With gtx 770, gtx 660 and gtx 780ti. Can a mod cause this issue? It happens randomly when they play a mission after some time.

Have the same problem here on a Zotac GTX 980. Seems to be very random. Sometimes I can play for 4h and no crashing. Other times I can have 3 crashes in 20 min. Have tried under clocking, over clocking, changing voltage etc to no avail. Really hope it's fixed soon

Still getting this crash on the following cards:

GTX 580
GTX 680
GTX 980
GTX 260
GTX 470

Have tried voltage/clean install, lots of drivers and other issues.

However Microsoft claims that its very easy to have your application recover from the issue:

DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG: The graphics driver stopped responding because of an invalid combination of graphics commands sent by the app. If you get this error repeatedly, it is a likely indication that your app caused the device to hang and needs to be debugged.

DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED: The graphics device has been physically removed, turned off, or a driver upgrade has occurred. This happens occasionally and is normal; your app or game should recreate device resources as described in this topic.

Is there any reason why BIS cannot quickly call the 3-4 libraries/commands to have the game recreate on the fly so that we dont crash and instead just get a FPS blip?

Uploaded my crash docs from the GTX 580 is it seems "most stable"

If I'm not mistaken, this would be like incorporating a feature such as "hot plugging" a CPU, but instead a GPU.

Typically when something like this occurs, it's because the CPU/GPU are overheated, causing the hardware to physically stop responding. If this happens, incorporating a hack to keep the hardware working would either be futile or cause more damage.

Basically if somebody takes out a footer stone of your new pyramid, probably best to fix that hole around the footer instead of continuing making your new pyramid taller?

Fadi added a subscriber: Fadi.May 7 2016, 10:42 AM
Fadi added a comment.Mar 1 2015, 2:03 AM

Out of 36 people, it seemed like 3/4 had major consistent crashing issues tonight. Not all were this exact issue though... I've attached two sets of rpt/bidmp/dxdiag from people who have had it.

Fadi added a comment.Mar 3 2015, 4:48 AM

22:41:52 DX11 error : Device removed: : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED
22:41:52 DX11 - device removed - reason: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG

Attaching another log

The root of the cause is the ARMA 3 engine.

Not the graphics cards, rogerx.

I have set every graphics setting to either low/off and moved back to 332.21 and my crashes have stopped.

Getting this same problem as of today with Windows 10 x64 and NVidia driver 349.90 and 349.60.

I got the same bug, not only today. I think i got it since lots of months.
It happens to me in single player and multiplayer, most day i play arma for few hours i will have it at least one if not more.

Already tried to reinstall the whole PC (format), multiple nvidia drivers, 2 graphics cards (GTX 680/GTX 980), added the option so aero turn down itself when running arma3.exe, low/high/ultra settings, uninstall geforce experience, reset the nvidia 3D parameters to default presets.
Even arma RPT doesn't register the error, alt-tab doesn't work anymore (maybe because of aero disabled for A3) so i can't see the message, but no reason he has change as the behavior is the same.

ArmA 3 is the only game for now that hang up like this, guess i'll have to wait until i get a complete new PC if the developer don't know what is happening ?

Microsoft wrote this on their website :

The video card has been physically removed from the system, or a driver upgrade for the video card has occurred. The application should destroy and recreate the device. For help debugging the problem, call ID3D10Device::GetDeviceRemovedReason."

But i guess only BIS can "call ID3D10Device" or whatever function is needed to understand what is the problem. At least, it's not something i can do on my own.

rogerx added a comment.May 2 2015, 5:34 AM

There's a similar bug by bug action, with Bug #14924, "Opening joystick config in game results in joystick disappearing as input option." Basically under Windows 8/8.1 only, the hardware disconnects while within the game.

Is this bug only occurring within Windows 8/8.1, or still including Windows 7? I know I have not seen this bug in the longest time using either Windows 7 or 8. Tried to de-monitor it, but I still get bugged by emails. :-/

I also have it with a GTX 980, the only successful thing i have done is a driver rollback to 23th September 2014 GeForce Driver. Now the game is running fine, so it's also a problem in the nVidia driver. Already sent them tons of DMP (placed in C:\Windows\LiveKernelReports\WATCHDOG after each crash), but maybe Bohemia would want to look at some of them ?

[QUOTE=Last STIREP #00110]There exists a bad crash of various display drivers. It produces very little information besides a DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED message. We also know it happens in some other games, but don't deny that this update has potentially increased the frequency for Arma 3. While we work on a fix, we have spotted some users who claim success by downgrading their drivers.[/QUOTE]

So i can confirm rolling back is in some way a success, but some others games (newer) run bad which isn't great, and change driver everyday to play one game is not a solution ! :p
Anyway, while rolling back i got the same issue in another game (planet side 2 i think), but things went different. After the driver was reloaded, the game itself reset the display so i can see again without restarting the game (tooks only few sec by itself).
Maybe on that point Bohemia can do something ? Because the worst thing is not the error/display lost, it's that the game can't recover/reset the display after the black screen. You have to kill arma3 process or access A3 menu (escape) then alt+f4 to close it. And restart the game is a mission killer :(

Got 2 crash in the game tonight, same driver hang up & recovered. So i am still forced to rollback to a very old driver which isn't very convenient as i play arma 3 multiple time in a week along others newest games.
I've upload arma 3 RPT & Windows RPT. Have fun reading them if you read us !!WYERRbYQ!stvAaUIX8S-BSszxtGa78aTA_YgpeMj6og-8vGKeukI

Of course i'll also post this information on the nVidia forums, hoping someone there will also want to investigate why the driver is so unstable with your game only or mostly.

[QUOTE]3. Desktop recovery:

The operating system resets the appropriate state of the graphics stack. The video memory manager, which is also part of Dxgkrnl.sys, purges all allocations from video memory. The display miniport driver resets the GPU hardware state. The graphics stack takes the final actions and restores the desktop to the responsive state. As previously mentioned, [B]some legacy DirectX applications might render just black at the end of this recovery, which requires the end user to restart these applications[/B]. [B]Well-written DirectX 9Ex and DirectX 10 and later applications that handle Device Remove technology continue to work correctly[/B]. An application must release and then recreate its Direct3D device and all of the device's objects. For more information about how DirectX applications recover, see the Windows SDK.[/QUOTE]

Can you, please, update the game so we have the display back & running while a TDR happen ? That won't solve the problem, but at least we could resume our playing while not having to exit the game.
Can you search for information about that ? Ask microsoft what you have to do ?

I've experienced this while rolling back to an older driver, it was in Planet Side 2 and the game correctly worked after few seconds of black screen.

I just experience that on laptop i7 + Geforce GTX860M, Windows 10, NVidia 359.06 (latest). Yesterday, fine. Today, started on batteries, DXGI crashed quickly. I tried again after plugging the laptop... restarting W10, checking for Arma's file integrity (from Steam interface). Nothing works!

DECEMBER 2015. Search for error!

I strongly recommand deactivate all "advanced game option" (exthread & co in the official launcher).

Manage to get rid of all errors/crash by not using them. Maybe a clue for some of you. They do not affect the playing (framerate or texture loading isn't better or worse with or without them), but the stability is top notch now.

Probably old useless stuff for ArmA 3 ?

NoPOW added a comment.Dec 13 2015, 4:41 PM

Paul Hewson wrote: "I strongly recommand deactivate all "advanced game option" (exthread & co in the official launcher)."

Tried it (methodically) a thousand times before, which a plethora of drivers, but makes no difference at all on my system.
Still convinced that it is an A3-specific driver issue...

If this could help: My Laptop (2 months old) was delivered with NVidia driver: 358.91, which worked fine, until 359.00 with some sparse crashes then 359.06 which worked until I decided to run Arma on battery power(not plugged). Crashes occurred after 1 minute at start of Arma. I thought the solution were on plugging my laptop, i was wrong. The system was stuck in crashes process each time i launched Arma.
Then, i began to try some changes in NVidia config for Arma. Not in launcher i never modified (but -nosplash). Results were from immediate crashes with unable to create DXGI to quick crashes with DXGI removed.
Then, I tried to reset all params to default. Crashes also.

And finally, reinstall 358.91 and I can play more than one hour. No chance I try on battery power. I'm still retaining my breath.

Emrak added a subscriber: Emrak.Sep 30 2016, 5:00 PM
Emrak added a comment.Sep 30 2016, 7:24 PM

I recently built a brand new gaming rig and am now experiencing this same issue consistently (in the past--and on my other 3 PCs--I don't experienced it at all). Since attaching A3 Reports isn't working on this page, you may find three A3 Crash Reports at the following links:


Screenshots of the two error popups:

Things Tried:
I have tried all the suggestions present in this thread, plus the ones listed here: and countless others. I have uninstalled/reinstalled A3 four times, deleted all BI/Arma folders, tinkered and tested every setting imaginable, etc., etc.


  • Apparently the common denominator over the years has been ARMA 3 and NVIDIA.
  • My last PC: Windows 10, Intel i5 overclocked, Nvidia GTX 780 overclocked == Arma 3 doesn't crash.
  • My current PC: Windows 10, Intel i5 overclocked, Nvidia GTX 1070 overclocked == Arma 3 crashes.

Possible Solution:
That said, I have managed to get Arma working without crashing. The "solution" I've found is to:

  1. Create a separate profile using MSI Afterburner that reduces the power of my 1070 across the board.
  2. Then I turn down in-game settings to the same settings that my old GTX 780 uses.

So yes, I've effectively not upgraded my PC at all...but at least Arma isn't crashing.

-----OTHER INFO-----
Here is a screenshot of my games in Steam and the hours I've played in Arma 3:

I've spent countless hours tinkering with missions for my community, playing online, and generally just enjoying Arma 3. Additionally, I have purchased TWO other copies of Arma 3 for two different computers to test headless clients and to simulate multi-user load in various MP scenarios I've made. I'm a programmer by trade and have built at least a dozen PCs for myself and my friends/family over the years. That is a long way of saying: I know what I'm doing. It's not me. It's not any other game. It's just ARMA. FIX THIS PLEASE. No other game in my inventory requires me to create "special" down-throttled system profiles that handicap my rig just so the game doesn't crash.

As a heavy-user and 3-Time-Customer, I would appreciate any sort of update in regards to this bug. And if it's an engine issue of some sort, then FFS, just tell us that so we can adjust expectations accordingly!

Thank you.

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Gugla added a subscriber: Gugla.May 11 2017, 11:49 AM

Hi, I've had the same problem. My GeForce 760 crashed very offen. But no only arma crashed, UE map makes me the same problem.

I fixed it by older ( version of driver) - 372.70-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql.
I still test it but after install this driver I've never have a crash.

Please try it too. Thanks a lot

I've started to encounter this crash after the 1.70 jets update. So far it's fairly inconsistent and I've only produced it during development work for ACE - seems to happen while I'm alt tabbed out of arma working in my text editor. Has happened while idle in eden, while idle in game, while idle at the pause menu. Seemingly always when I'm tabbed out though.

I've attached the report zip created by arma, though I'm not sure how much use it will be since I was running development versions of ace and cba at the time. However this error seems unrelated to those.

Another crash, this one killed my display driver completely so the screen input ended and I had to hard reset my computer.

Occurred when returning to eden editor after testing mission in SP and then immediately alt-tabbing.

razazel claimed this task.May 18 2017, 1:08 PM
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SilentSpike added a comment.EditedMay 18 2017, 4:41 PM

Second time today. Happened shortly after I alt-tabbed out of the game in the eden editor. I had turned down some of my graphics settings to see if perhaps that would help.

Killed my display driver in the same fashion as before.

Another one.This one occurred while I was tabbed into the game doing some testing. Didn't crash my driver completely this time so I didn't have to hard reset. Error at the bottom of the rpt looks the same though.

Another one, the same as the last. This time I was using the profiling branch to see if perhaps that would resolve the issue.

Another one that totally crashed all display input. Again on the profiling branch.

Another one. Didn't crash driver completely. Had just launched arma straight into the eden editor and it happened almost immediately.

And another. This one was different, the screen went black then the display driver recovered and arma was just gone. Had to kill the process in task manager. Shows the same error message at bottom of rpt though.

Another one. I had just launched the game into the editor and it happened immediately:

Again. On the bright side they aren't hard locking my whole system anymore:

So, I have no idea how but I'm consistently reproducing this now every time I launcher arma straight into eden and then immediately hit "play in SP":

OMAC removed a subscriber: OMAC.May 31 2017, 4:20 PM

I have a standard overclocked GTX 580 and had problems with the standard voltage MSI used. I found that increasing the voltage solved a lot of crashes in games for me including Arma 3.

My Core Clock and Memory Clock are 800 and 2048 respectively and the standard voltage was 1025. By increasing this to 1063 in MSI Afterburner and leaving the other values as is I was able to solve crashing problems. Your temps will obviously go up a little but this shouldn't be an issue when you increase it slightly. I'm also using older Nvidia drivers (314.22) as most people report that these are the most stable drivers for the GTX 580.

If you do decide to use this tip, please do so at your own risk and change the voltage little by little. Every card is different, so you have to find the sweet spot of yours and if you have no idea what you're doing don't touch the voltages or let someone do it who knows what he's doing.

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Good evening. I have a similar problem. Sometimes it flies out after an hour and a half with a "blue screen". Sometimes with a DX11 error
CPU Type OctalCore AMD FX-8350, 4119 MHz (20.5 x 201)
Motherboard Name Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P (2 PCI, 3 PCI-E x1, 2 PCI-E x16, 4 DDR3 DIMM, Audio, Gigabit LAN)
Motherboard Chipset AMD 970, AMD K15
System Memory 8149 MB (DDR3 SDRAM)
DIMM3: Kingston HyperX KHX1866C10D3/4G 4 GB DDR3-1866 DDR3 SDRAM (13-11-10-30 @ 933 MHz) (11-11-10-30 @ 933 MHz) (10-11-10-30 @ 933 MHz) (9-10-9-28 @ 841 MHz) (8-9-8-25 @ 747 MHz) (7-8-7-22 @ 654 MHz) (6-7-6-19 @ 560 MHz) (5-6-5-16 @ 467 MHz)
Video Adapter GeForce GTX 770 (2 GB)

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