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Deploying a weapon / proper use of bipods
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Hi, It would be a nice feature, if you could deploy machine guns or assault rifles/sniper rifles on objects in environment like windows, small stone walls, etc. But mostly on windows. It was hard to shoot from inside a building in A2 and it is the same now. Being in a building turns into disadvantage, because you cant shoot from windows properly. I know its not safe in combat, but in some situations you could even peak out of the window. Speaking of windows, you could also add the posibility to open/close them. Now if a window is shut, it stays shut. {F16827} {F16828} {F16829}


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2542 votes up, 12 votes down BI's response, look we added ATM booths and playgrounds to altis!!! :D LOL

Yeah, there must be someone at BIS who had really bad personal experience with bipods :D Why do they just ignore this? I don't image it to be such a challenging task for them, after all they're pretty good programmers I think.

I am still convinced, that introducing DayZ in March 2012 was a major blow for the established tactical communities, in terms of new player scope and changes to ArmA itself.

But, regarding all the flaws in A3, we are discussing this one:
What about using the new software of the REAL ARMA DEV-Team - DayZ-Standalone, where they actually have own ArmA-Experience and have integrated basics that have been asked for years by the community.

Bipod (^^)
and not to forget, the ingenious medical system...

so... hurry up, Maruk, we need infos to 'downmod' DayZ back to a military simulation!

The medical system would be nice, but first we need bipods. Also, that would be a completely different topic. But why goddamn can't those devs just take a look at their fucking feedback tracker and implement those bipods? I feel like talking to a stone wall! That's not what we, your "awesome community" as you sometimes say, expect from our not so awesome developer team! We paid for the alpha, gave our money without even knowing what we bought, we gave tons of feedback, were your free QA team, love you regardless of any bad moves you did in the past.
And you add flaps sounds to jets.
THANKS BIS, that's like the most wanted feature for years!!!!

Svarr added a comment.Mar 19 2014, 9:45 PM

Seriously, calm down guys. This is starting to get ridicoulus.
Since there is an alternative (e.g. VTS Weaponresting) implementing the ability to deploy weapons hasn't got a high priority.
The fact that they haven't shown any presence here in the past year doesn't necessarily mean that they ignore this issue. Perhaps they are even working on it right now. They simply don't have the time to update every single Issue in this tracker. I don't think it's realistic to expect from them to keept track of every single one of the 8921 open issues.
I also don't think, that you can measure how much work the implemention of bipods produces.

Syn added a comment.Mar 19 2014, 9:51 PM

The thing is, Svarr, not every server you play in allows clientside mods, and not all servers have it. It was a feature that worked acceptably well in A2, remember? As of now, LMG carriers are quite useless. That's a quarter of a classic fireteam, not being able to play their role.

However, what really bothers is the lack of feedback. This is easily one of the most upvoted issues on the entirety of the bug tracker, and there has not been a single developer answer. I'm going to go on a limb and say they are purposefully ignoring it. It's like their PR team is doing the priority work here.

As a part of the community BIS usually uses to sell their games, this is insulting. A single thought out answer to the hundereds of people who are asking for this would do a lot of good, and yet players are ignored. It's a fairly basic need for a game that is mainly an infantry simulator. It IS getting ridiculous.

I know that. It's mainly the reason why I only play with friends. I don't mind it because I have not made the experience that you can play Arma the way it is meant to be on public servers. Severe lack of cooperation.

If the PR team would do the priority work here, the most upvoted issues would be the first that they respond to.

All I'm trying to say is that we shouldn't expect too much from a studio of that size. Arma3 is not the only thing they have to work on.

Syn added a comment.Mar 19 2014, 10:27 PM

Oh, i totally understand that. It's just that a single dev response is probably in order. this is just blatantly covering their ears and singing.

Hehe, I like that picture. xD
Since there are many outdated and/or fixed issues on this tracker that haven't been closed or marked as resolved, I am of the opinion that they don't have the manpower to maintain it. I really hope this gets better.
I've just realised that this issue is on the first place of the most upvoted ones...

Edqar added a subscriber: Edqar.May 7 2016, 10:38 AM
Edqar added a comment.Mar 28 2014, 7:17 AM

Upvoted, this is really important for snipers and MGs, but for rifleman too!
There is mod what we can use this time..

Don´t know why you ppl bother, this and all the 100 problems will never be fixed. The DEV are sleeping at their desk laughing at all the problems the game have. The game is 50% complete if you ask me. Arma will always be arma, 10% cool stuff, 90% bugs and problems that never gets fixed.

How hard is it to have workable bipod, how hard is it to actually reload your weapon with real ammunition instead of nothing, how hard is it just to take the pistol in the holster, the pistol is for a quick secondary solution, nothing goes quickly by changing to the pistol.

The campaign sucked ass. They completely go so far away from Arma campaign as possible. This is more BF4 COD campaign. No Arma with BIG co op campaign with tanks, plane and heli! Just a fucking pussy thats takes orders from a fucking REBEL army. Kerry is the biggest pussy i've ever seen in a video-game!!!!!

Fucking shit. DEV, open your fucking eyes and start listening on the ppl who actually play your game!

@roy64, We all understand your frustration but keep comments constructive and focused to the topic at hand. Quit your bitching and do something constructive.

Now on the topic, I am going to up-vote this as well. The bipod can be implemented via addon as a attachment, however for balancing issues it needs to be restricted to certain weapons or give it a drawback.

An ideal solution would be to make multiple variants with assorted qualities, then add weapon restrictions on top so we dont have dumb stuff like a heavy bipod on a SMG.

+ Upvoted, this should not have to be added in or modded in by the community, this should have been there since alpha/beta, this is meant to be a simulator ?

Yeah... Bump! Nag nag nag.

More than a year and still no bipods!

Bipod and GUN REST. If they can do it in a mod (VTS Gun Rest) they should easily be able to do it with the game. Realism and just common sense dictates that this should work. Who would go prone with a MG and NOT deploy the bipod???
Use a sniper rifle and NOT rest it on a nearby object (even standing - see image), or even use an assault rifle and not lean it against the building corner you're peaking around?????

Time to make "real" more "real" . . . voted up and bumped, and nagging (I'm good at that)

Ok doing it with scripts is one thing, but doing it in the engine is completely different.

Whilst alot can be done with scripts, there is always an inefficency due to the overhead of the lauage interpreter which turns the script into method invokes in the engine.

Im not sure but when I read this i cant help but be hopeful that the Marksman DLC will include this as part over the overhaul of the weapon system.

The reason I think this is because the firing from vehicles, feedback item #2452 and 3rd by total up-votes, is going to be done so the dev's are obviously reading these forums - which is awesome, not many of the game dev companys even consider such a forum as this.

Im sure there will be lots of goodies waiting for us in Arma 3's future. Personally i cant wait to see whats coming. Arma has always been my favourite game. Who knows, maybe they might even bring back the Warefare CTI mode *hint*.

Anyways, its great to know that these issues are being addressed. Thanks Bohemia.

Nathan - while a good post isn't this feature request about "deploying a bipod" and effective use of "weapons rest" . . . not about firing from a vehicle.

Also the Marksman is not the only one who needs / uses a bipod (look at many of the carbines and you'll see a drop front handle with a bipod on it . . and all (most) ARs have a bipod as well . . .and even if not the ability to lean up against a wall, rest on a stone wall, rest on a half wall, rest in a doorway, rest on a stack of pipes, a stack of timbers (oh, I could go on) is what any good soldier would do in any (ok ALL) situations. Not having that is just a simple "break" of the fourth wall.

Thanks for the words and I agree with you, but aren't we talking about the use of bipods here?


GIVE US BIPODS FOR MG, Sniper Rifles, make it an attachment for any rifle! PLEASE! I WILL BUY 2nd COPY of ARMA 3!!!

Interesting to note (and I'm not one to load threads in any space) but it looks like BI (or someone) is closing threads that don't have updates within 2 weeks . . . as if that solves the problem (or that the problem somehow mysteriously solved itself).

Still don't have bi-pods, still don't have "gun rest" on any surface or pole. Still wondering why.

100% definitely up voted!

The idea that there is a huge demand, and reduction of supply has given them a good chance to make some extra income from it.... (i.e. the Marksmen DLC)... The "game changing features" present in the DLC should be available to all, I just hope the bipod/rest features that "may" be implemented aren't mostly restricted to the new content included...

@AD2001 - I have I think, you mean the "Roadmap" one? All I seem to note from that is after the Helicopter DLC - we get a Marksman DLC, Kinda fitting to add "Gameplay/change features" to coincide with the DLC content especially as bipods/resting are such a big thing...

Wouldn't blame them, not if it highlights something to gain income from... (I'm not saying the feature won't be present for everyone, but it would be a shame if the feature is useless unless you buy the DLC content, i.e. Having a single 5.56mm LMG with useable Bipod when people who buy the DLC get 7.62, 6.5, in multiple shapes and forms even with compatibility patches, doesn't mean we get to use it... I think I read somewhere there will be on-screen prompts that increase to buy the helicopters if you are in them?) I know that a LMG isn't technically a marksman tool, but the bipod/resting feature can be bundled as one...

This is all just a speculation of course and one way BI could be heading... Just seems as though with up to 2700 "yes" votes, and still nothing done (that I know of) means there's a massive demand, and makes sense to jump on the band wagon to me....

I just wonder if it's a question of how many vanilla weapons...

On a plus note, Helicopters DLC will be awesome with the Pro-Flight Lynx and Oculus Rift :D .... Just a question of which family member to sell first...

roy64 added a comment.Jun 28 2014, 1:13 PM

Hahaha, have they fixed a thing for ages? Don't think so, what they did instead of fixing ALL/SOME bugs, were to ad the Arma go cart SHIT! Wtf? What about finishing the game? Tons of bugs still chilling in the game that will never be fixed!
I´ve lost all hope for Armas future!

Svarr added a comment.Jun 28 2014, 3:20 PM

If you had done at least a bit of research or read a changelog of one of the released patches, you would know that your post is nonsense. The carts were made by Devs in their free time. Read here:

If you are upset about the state the game is in, feel free to do something to improve it or abandon it. But wasting everyones time with writing crap like this isn't helping anyone.

Do what mister? They dont listen. They don't even care! And Yes I have, I haven't play the game for prob 5-6 month. I tried it today. Still same ugly freaking bugs that isn't fixed! Heres a free tip, how about finishing the game before release?
How long has this issue for instance been out there without getting looked at? If they have time to make a DLC on their free time, why not focusing on the Game itself? It needs TONS of bug fixes!

Well, its helping me. Operation arrowhead are still the best ARMA game out there, you know, when they actually focused on big military missions instead of some wanna be battlefield cod shit missions where you are a freaking guerilla fighter! What happened to arma man!

Obviously you are the one who isn't listening.

And may I ask how it is helping you?

roy64 added a comment.Jun 29 2014, 1:29 PM

Sry, had a few beers. I do apologize for my bad behavior!

Svarr added a comment.Jun 29 2014, 2:46 PM

Nice, it's not often that one encounters a person who is actually able to apologise.^^

I can understand the disappointment but on the other hand to me the features the game offers in it's current state are worth the full price - especially because I'm confident that the rough edges will be smoothed.
Ultimately I wouldn't even mind having to use a mod for weapon resting, since I'm not playing on public servers but with friends and my community. That is of course only my point of view, as not everyone is part of an Arma community.

fogu added a subscriber: fogu.May 7 2016, 10:38 AM
fogu added a comment.Jul 8 2014, 4:21 PM

Come on BI you guys call Arma 3 an Inf Simulator and you cant rest your Weapon????

shame on you guys.

Renz added a subscriber: Renz.May 7 2016, 10:38 AM
Renz added a comment.Jul 9 2014, 12:48 AM

BI has never said Arma 3 was a "military simulator".
If you check out any of the official BI websites and game description, they do not mention Arma 3 being a "simulator". Instead they mention it being "authentic".

Virtual Battlespace genre is "Military Simulator", which is a true simulator made by BI specifically for military simulation.

Arma 3 genre is "tactical shooter". Not "simulator"

BIS says its "authentic".

The MEDIA says its "Simulator".
It's not.
The media can be misleading.

Arma 3 genre- "tactical shooter". Does not say its "Simulator" genre.

Arma 3 description- does not say Arma 3 is "simulator". They say its "authentic".

Virtual Battlespace Genre- "Military Simulater". This is a simulater by BI, not Arma

Correct me if I'm wrong ^^

  • Renz
Svarr added a comment.Jul 8 2014, 8:45 PM

QED I would say... ;)
But that effort wasn't necessary I think.

That kind of post won't coax them out of their shell. Posting and voting feedback is all we can do. The rest is sitting and waiting. I don't even think that they are reading these comments.
After 1 1/4 years since it has been marked as reviewed it would be great to hear at least a little remark from BIS about this though...

Of course they are reading these forums, they're just wise not to engage in this sort of discussion on a tool that now seems to have lost its cause. This is a feedback tracker, not a complaint tracker. I'm sure even one comment by a dev here would be replied to by every noob with their sad Arma stories (and yes we all have them this early in the platforms life). That just wouldn't be productive and would only inspire discontent with BI.

It would be nice if us loyal customers that love Arma where keep up to date about these specific issues, but I can understand why they wouldn't from a commercial perspective.

Have faith that they will be looking at these forums, but you wouldn't know either way.

On a kudos note, I applaud BI for having the weekly SITREP and other news updates. It would be great to see other big devs out there to implement something like this too.

All I know is that come release of the Marksman DLC, if this feature has indeed been acknowledged, then we would likely see something like it. It would be the most appropriate enhancement of all.

We just have to wait and see :)

Renz added a comment.Jul 8 2014, 10:34 PM

what is QED :S

Svarr added a comment.Jul 8 2014, 11:43 PM

QED means "quod erat demonstrandum", that means "which had to be demonstrated" in english. It was used to conclude proofs and afaik it's nowadays used to claim an argument as unchallengeable.

Renz added a comment.Jul 9 2014, 12:45 AM

Thanks ^^

Thanks AD2001, I was ambiguous in my reference to the SITREP updates, which I referred to as DEV updates. I will update my post.

Triada added a subscriber: Triada.May 7 2016, 10:38 AM


It's been over 1 year, how long does it take idiots to implement a system which has been done time and time again in mods?

Spend less time releasing ridiculous DLC, and more time developing systems for a game you advertise as a "true combat gameplay" scenario "in a massive military sandbox".

fogu added a comment.Aug 4 2014, 2:39 PM

@Renz Bohemia called Arma The ULTIMATE MILITARY SIMULATOR its not the press its them.

An for a tactical shooter nowadays with LMGS etc. you need to rest your Weapons and thats a fact.
You cant talk around it.
Deploying your weapon is an MUST HAVE.

They've acknowledged this; but it has been said that they're evaluating it for the marksmen DLC.

We're essentially being made pay more money to have a feature that is a basic concept in any world or country.

phlux added a subscriber: phlux.May 7 2016, 10:38 AM

No offense Colin, but going on BI's track record, such a feature in the DLC will most likely be available to everyone in a patch around the same time.

No, it's BI's policy.

You just want to make mountains out of mole hills.

Thankfully most servers I play on allow VTS Weapon Resting ... but I want this in as "realism" in my Sim.


I get dizzy to scroll down here. :D
I hope hundred of comments and 2600 vote is enough to have this feature in Marksman DLC.

Edqar added a comment.Nov 14 2014, 9:30 AM

I think it will come then.
I actually started using AGM with our gaming group in COOP sessions, it contains weapon rest and lots of more. Oh and it's AWESOME combined with TFR!!!

"I hope hundred of comments and 2600 vote is enough to have this feature in Marksman DLC."


People need to realise that ARMA 3 is NO LONGER A SIMULATOR. If you want a simulator, go contact the company BI simulations, and ask for a copy of Virtual Battle Space. It'll set you back a few thousand dollars.

Bohemia Interactive have moved away from the simulator and have now gone more casual, but still having some simulator elements.

though weapon resting is in arcade games too, it's a way to get a edge, while sacrificing movement, so it's a good thing for a game to have, though, I'm 95% sure it'll be in marksman, considering how easy it is for modders to put in.

Though, that might also be a good reason for the devs to NOT put it in, if modders can add something as good as a dev could, they may decide time is better spent on another aspect of game play, for example, wind ballistics.


Check your facts: It's ON THE FRONT COVER:

ArmA 3 is still is a simulator...
It has more simulator elements then ArmA 2.

I hope this comes to the "Marksman DLC" as feature. Would fit in the category.

roy64 added a comment.Dec 22 2014, 3:11 AM

so, havent been here for almost a year now I think. So how is it going? Getting any closer to Bipod? I can see that the exact same post(threads) is still here at the same rang! Wow, doesn't look like they're doing anything!

Does the DEV ever answer us?

VashCZ added a subscriber: VashCZ.May 7 2016, 10:38 AM There s bipod in fucking dayZ for fucking year for fuck sake :-/! How long should we wait?! Isn´t 3 tousand votes enough?

There's going to be "Bipuurrds" in the Marksmen DLC. There's also a bunch of other cool stuff :

Yeah, I mean what's it been, almost 10 years?

Don't hold your breath for game optimization any time soon, not for about 8 or 9 years.

At least their adding them. They've could of been working on them for a while now a simply not telling us about them.

For 10 years after branding ArmA as a military simulator? Let's be realistic here. Even 2-3 years since this ticket creation is far too long when modders have done it in under several days, or even minutes seeing as how simple of a task it is for the code work, modelling is probably the longest part of this.

Syn added a comment.Jan 22 2015, 4:42 PM

Colin, i'm sorry. But you are clearly not a coder, a modeller, and i'm having trouble believing you are an adult. Please relax, accept the good news, and if you are so angry go play something, vent, then come back.

BI's not going to do it the same way modders have done it. The result may look the same, but the method they will use to create it, at most chance, is going to be a lot different.

I think Collin does understand, but problem/question is... why didn´t they add basic bipod useage years ago? Why they must have everything perfect, but forgetting, that Arma 3 is not alpha or beta anymore so they butcher players´s gameplay?

You got one thing right there Syn, I am not a modeler.

As for the rest, well now I am also under the impression that you are not an adult either ;-)

If I'm throwing money at a company that claims their game is a "military sandbox where I can experience true combat" then I'd expect to get what I buy.

I wouldn't go in to a store and buy apples only to receive oranges now would I?.

But for your own information, I am quite fluent in C#; you can add that to your record thank you very much.

Don't be angry with each other. This year we will get a bipod! This is really Good news)

Allright... but Devs started this argue! :-D

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Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Jan 23 2015, 9:12 PM

Shouldn't this ticket be closed already?

I guess so, but people probably want it open until its actually "fully implemented".

pops added a comment.Jan 24 2015, 2:28 PM

Remember the ticket description includes the word "proper". The implementation must satisfy the community, if the feature turns out to be half-a**ed, this ticket will live on for much longer. :D But enough discussion.

This ticket far a request for a feature will likely not be fully resolved in the Marksman DLC (Opening and closing windows & peeking out of them). That is probably why it is not marked as "Assigned".

I hope there will be some quick button, just like G for grenades. Space for opening doors and windows and ... all these fast actions(jumping and climbing over walls, opening vehicle doors to cover behind them, etc.)

Btw, what for is space button? Was always using it in A2 for AIs, but in A3 it could not be binded so I use °; / `~ . Space is useless.

weapon deployment has been staged to Dev Branch. More info can be found here:

For reporting issues, please use the category "Weapon Satbilisation," thank you.

I'm very glad to be resolving this ticket.

@VashCZ spacebar is used as an action key, very much needed in my opinion.

@Shields What about middle mouse button/wheel? Don´t you use it? It is much faster.

Well, you can always bind space to something else.

@VashCZ I sometimes use mouse wheel to browse through action menu and select with spacebar. How would be pushing mmb any faster?

@Shields I am clicking mid mouse button itself... well, maybe with space bar it is a little faster... but for me space is dupplicate and useless.

@VashCZ i broke my last mmb on my Razer DeathAdder 2013 by doing that :D
Oh and isn't it possible for you to just bind weapon resting to spacebar if you want?