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Vanilla medic heal action is too sensitive on movement
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When healing another unit/player as medic, the success of the heal action is highly dependent of the relative position of both units. A slight movement of either of the involved may result in no healing being applied without additional feedback to the player, that thje action has failed.

As the logical center of a unit is rotated together with the unit, even looking in another direction while healing/being healed may result in a failure of the action.

Expected behaviour: Healing should be always successful when both participants stay below the distance in which the healing action is displayed in the action menu.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

In multiplayer (COOP) as medic:

  1. Shoot another player in the leg to wound him.
  2. Approach him from behind until the "Heal XYZ" is displayed.
  3. Start heal action.
  4. Let the player rotate 180° to face you while the heal animation is playing
  5. With a high chance the player is not healed after the animation is finished.
Additional Information

This seems to be a long standing issue, especially in COOP mission. I found other tickets mentioning this bug but nowhere a fix was listed.

For example: <- The problem is listed and described additionally to another bug. According to the history of that ticket, only the missing action entry was fixed, not the problem of slight mvoement when being healed.

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At least, surrender the booty (the FAK) when failed.