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medic glitches out when colliding with other player during animation (CoOp I&A)
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  • When the CombatLifeSaver is being run into by another player during revive or heal animation, he loses all his abilities instantly, nomore heal or revive until that medic has relogged or restarted the game.
  • When patient moves (or he or medic get bumped into) during healing animation, the medic will not be able to perform anymore heal/revive actions until that player relogged.

I believe this has to do with player`s position/coordinates need to be excatly the same during, or at start and end of heal-/reviveanimations.

If I remember correctly, before HeliDLC patch, when player sit/crouch/prone/stand stationary in one location and gets run/bumped into by another player, both players would collide, move own character a little bit aside, BUT gliding own character back into original position from before the collision. It looked abit like "rubberbanding" effect... that now is missing; players can move other players around by bumping into them!



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  • player1 stand or crouch or prone (no movement), player2 run into player1; player1 will be moved around with every new collision between both players.
  • player1 heal player2, during animation player2 moves a little bit in any direction; player1 will not be able to complete the heal on player2 despite the animation and glitch out, preventing further healing until player1 relogged.
  • player1 revive player2, during animation player3 bump into player1, collision between players while cause player1 to move away from his/her original position and then again glitch out, not being able to complete the revive.
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I only play Co-Op, so naturally I only experience this there, but I`m sure this is "across the board" and not Invade&Annex specific.

Thank you & have a good time (=

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must be fixed on highest priority.

I noticed this bug many times, especially when using revive scripts. The affected medic will run around endlessly repeating the "healing beep" sounds, and will be unable to use any doors, enter vehicles, or heal anyone. With an addon that allows opening doors by keypress I can open doors, but the stuff is gone from the action menu.

REALLY needs a fix ASAP

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I can also confirm this issue. This issue is related to the 'Treat' animation fix that was implemented by Bohemia a few patches ago. The fix stopped the unit treating from teleporting in front of the unit being treated. After this patch however we found that medics would randomly lose all their actions and hear a constant treating sound from the treat animation.

The only way to fix this bug currently is to respawn to break the loop. I have also implemented an alternative action that bypasses the use of FAKs and Medikits. This bug has been tested in a dedicated & local server running nothing but stock ArmA 3 content.

This bug is less likely to happen when treating yourself, but much more likely to happen treating others. Almost seems like a dsync issue as if the unit being treated hasn't correctly informed the treater that the healing has been successful.

Hope this helps lead to a fix ASAP!

thank you for the report, it has been successfully reproduced and assigned internally.

Fixed in rev. 128869.

much appreciated!

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Awesome. Good job :D

This is great TY.

I have been getting daily bug reports on the I&A servers from this issue. Good to see it resolve.

Also worth mentioning, re the topic of medic animation. Please include a transition to correct animation 'wrfl' or 'wnon' for medics who initiate the Treat process with a pistol in hand.

At the moment, if pistol is in hand there is no animation and Treat occurs instantaneously. Simply needs a check for current animationState, a check for isNil primaryWeapon and then decide which correct Heal animationstate to enter. IE holster handgunWeapon prior to 'wnon' heal anim, or switch to primary prior to 'wrfl' heal anim.


  • Quiksilver

I still encountered an issue like this, some action menus disappear, except switching weapons and some other like turn on a light, but all other menus disappear like gear on dead bodies or vehicles and also get in vehicles.
rpt file uploaded as "new rpt".