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Hello @Geez ,

here is something I have been observing with the Loot Table for quite a long time now and you should be able to REPRODUCE/observe it as well.

It becomes especially apparent when you are loot-cycling. When you see a specific item spawn, for some odd reason, the exact same item will spawn with a high chance in the surrounding buildings (entire loot zone/town).

Lately I lootcycled small sheds and garages in a small town, in order to find a spark plug. When I finally found one after about 30 minutes, suddenly in the next shed there was another one, and I found two more looting the rest of the sheds whereas before there wasn't a single one during the 30-45 minutes of lootcycling.

I've also observed this swarm spawning WITHOUT lootcycling.

EDIT #1: The phenomenon can be observed on official vanilla servers.


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fing24 added a subscriber: fing24.Feb 24 2019, 7:48 PM

Yep I have been to cherno and found a warehouse area mainly full of generators. Or places full of one colored barrel or light and so on. It has been a problem with the dynamic spawning for a long time.

@fing24 Thank you for your confirmation!

Lex added a subscriber: Lex.Feb 25 2019, 12:29 PM

I had many cases when in any place, appears always identical objects. I take away these objects, but after a while, there it is possible to find the same subject again.
There is a feeling that some places, cannot generate other objects, in one session of a game.

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@Geez Hi, I just want to ask for a quick update if possible. Has this been attempted to monitor or recreate internally? The problem is present 100% as of version 1.03.151507.

@Geez I have found some useful INFORMATION I believe, regarding this exact problem <<<>>>

According to this and the points 'walloon5' makes, slots are being filled up with the same item, when it drops melow the 'min'-value and tries to restore the 'nominal'-value. Perhaps a system would be required that doesn't allow all the empty spots in one area to be filled with the 'restock' of only one specific item?

Would love to hear back, if this was any helpful!

Best regards

This is still an issue in 1.04

Geez changed the task status from Assigned to Acknowledged.Aug 14 2019, 2:33 PM

Hello everyone and thank you for all the information you have provided.
The developers are aware of this behaviour occurring when loot cycling and they would like to improve the behaviour for the future versions, however, there is currently no estimate as there is currently no quick solution to this problem.

@Geez Thanks for the update!

@Geez This might be exactly what the designers have in mind, but I figure there needs to be some sort of check/max amount of one item spawning in a specific zone/town, so that when an item goes below it's "min" value and is being "restocked" to it's "nominal" value, the second system can check if there is an item of that type already in the zone and if no it can place it there and check again. Items could be refilled to the nominal value and be held and queued so they don't spawn where someone loot cycles but actually in a place where item cleanup removes items that have passed their "lifetime" value.

Probably alot easier thought and said than done. Happy to know that the team wants to look into it. It would make searching for car parts in particular alot more fun as right now you are sort of forced to loot cycle and these waves of useless items are frustrating.

I imagine with such system in place noone would even want to loot cycle anymore. Because you can trust that there is a high chance your items will just spawn naturally in your town and lifetime is going to delete unsused items anyways.

Best regards

This loot mechanic is very stupid. Who invented this?
There was loot mechanics, not perfect, but you could work with it. Now, all that you have done can be thrown away, because someone very “smart” came up with such a system.
Suppose, for what reason, the loot that should be in the police station is scattered in neighboring buildings? Teleported? Or is there a dwarf who carried it all there?
  Why on earth is the loot that should be in the hospital scattered in neighboring buildings? Poltergeist again?
There probably is some kind of female logic, otherwise misunderstand.

@AntonivkA What you are describing is the new enlarged zone of classified loot spawning in nearby buildings of intended main buildings. I for one find this very stupid and it makes no sense to me, BUT it's intended. I had reported this issue in this ticket T143841 and gotten the following response

"Hello everyone.
According to the designers, this is intended behaviour and everything works correctly in this case.
With Regards,

Either way, this ticket right here, that you commented on is regarding a different problem, which you can read the description to in the top.