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Hello @Geez ,

here is something I have been observing with the Loot Table for quite a long time now and you should be able to REPRODUCE/observe it as well.

It becomes especially apparent when you are loot-cycling. When you see a specific item spawn, for some odd reason, the exact same item will spawn with a high chance in the surrounding buildings (entire loot zone/town).

Lately I lootcycled small sheds and garages in a small town, in order to find a spark plug. When I finally found one after about 30 minutes, suddenly in the next shed there was another one, and I found two more looting the rest of the sheds whereas before there wasn't a single one during the 30-45 minutes of lootcycling.

I've also observed this swarm spawning WITHOUT lootcycling.

EDIT #1: The phenomenon can be observed on official vanilla servers.


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fing24 added a subscriber: fing24.Feb 24 2019, 7:48 PM

Yep I have been to cherno and found a warehouse area mainly full of generators. Or places full of one colored barrel or light and so on. It has been a problem with the dynamic spawning for a long time.

@fing24 Thank you for your confirmation!

Lex added a subscriber: Lex.Feb 25 2019, 12:29 PM

I had many cases when in any place, appears always identical objects. I take away these objects, but after a while, there it is possible to find the same subject again.
There is a feeling that some places, cannot generate other objects, in one session of a game.

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@Geez Hi, I just want to ask for a quick update if possible. Has this been attempted to monitor or recreate internally? The problem is present 100% as of version 1.03.151507.