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1.05.152326 - NEW bug with classified Loot bleeding/spreading into WRONG BUILDINGS [SCREENSHOTS+DESCRIPTION]
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Hi, it appears as though classified loot, in this example medical items, are spawning in buildings around the actually intended building which in this case was the single-story blue hospital in Berezino.

Medical loot spawned in the garages, the blue car, and even the big green two-story house, that is quite a bit away. It wasn't dropped loot either, I've played the game long enough to know the difference.

Earlier I observed the same with a singlestory wooden house near the yellow two-story policestation in berezino, spawning handcuffs and a police uniform jacket.

Here go the screenshots:

Blue Car

Green two-story house

Loot inside green two-story house


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
1803 | OS Build 17134.950
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open your tool, that you do the loot dispersion with
  2. Test your current setup.
  3. Confirm.

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@Geez Have the devs been able to confirm this yet? This was introduced along with 1.05.

I thought this was intended when I noticed police items spawning in a garage next to the police station. Would make sense in my situation. But I might be wrong.

It’s definitely intended. Sumrak commented on it on his livestream. Why would you think it’s a bug? It’s one of the best things that came with 1.05!

can confirm , not a bug .. intended

@EnterThePug @chainsawsquirrel I don't get it, how does it makes sense, that in a normal two-story living house and garages....GARAGES(!), only medical items spawn, just because it's close to a hospital. You must have misunderstood something, this can no way be intended. Maybe we can get @Geez to comment on this.

@freerider3434 On the whole, it makes perfect sense to me. For example, the garages behind the police station in Elektro, have PD loot. It’s as if these garages were used as storage for the PD. There are a few examples where it makes less sense, but those are rare. Have you checked the industrial buildings at NWAF recently? The majority now spawn military gear. Best change in a while, and actually makes the whole airfield worth checking.

@EnterThePug For some reason I haven't been able to observe this loot behaviour in the stable 1.05 patch so far. Of course it's nice to have more military loot in the military zones but I think achieving that by spawning loot in buildings that often times don't make any logical sense containing them isn't the right way to go about it, provided that was even their intention. In that case adding more military buildings or upping the number of possible loot-spawn-points in already existent buildings would be alot more logical imo.

@EnterThePug I now have seen it again around the hospital in Severograd. The civilian multiple story buildings had almost exclusively medical items, mostly medical clothing. It's stupid in my opinion and I cannot imagine it being intended. @Geez wasn't here today, but maybe he'll be back tomorrow, so he can maybe let us know what's going on.

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Hello everyone.
According to the designers, this is intended behaviour and everything works correctly in this case.
With Regards,

@Geez Okaaaaay...Thank you.

Can we get a link where a dev states that this is an intended feature?

@BetterDeadThanZed Geez just told you.... he is the Dev

@Allantheking @BetterDeadThanZed As far as I know Geez is not a developer but works for Bohemia Interactive in the DayZ project for managing the Feedback tracker. Meaning, he is obviously in direct contact with the development team and the information he is forwarding us is coming from them.

@freerider3434 thats what i mean , he is part of the team. my wording was maybe not the best :)

EnterThePug added a comment.EditedSep 9 2019, 11:04 AM

Saw this at its finest, yesterday. Hunting gear now spawns in isolated buildings in the middle of nowhere. Found myself a winny in a tiny workshop that was situated in a forest.

This "Feature" is so god damn annoying!
Over 1km away from a military Tent weapons and weaponparts are spawning in barns and fishinghouses!!!

This is so fucked up!

I agree. To say the very least it's not very polished/tweaked yet...

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@Geez What is going on with this weird army of advertisement bots flooding the feedback tracker lately? See above.