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Crash related to Zeus [1.76 profiling]
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Zeus crashes when entering map screen. The most we could figure out was that slotting as zeus and accessing the map causes issues with F3 assign gear and Rifleman AT assignGear loadouts.

Forcing Zeus via the F3 admin menu (map -> Briefing tab -> F3 Admin sub tab ->give zeus to host -> add all units to zeus) doesn't cause this issue.

First seen with 1.76 RC, reproduced by multiple people with stable 1.76 and latest profiling branch at this time (1.76.142894 on 09-09-2017).

Initial report from @NikkoJT

associated info: in the particular mission I'm building [see Additional Information], while playing as Zeus in local hosted multiplayer, pressing M to open the map causes the crash
pressing as an F3 Zeus on other Tanoa missions does not do this; pressing M as an F3 Zeus in non-Tanoa missions does not do this; pressing M as a non-Zeus in any mission does >not do this.
the mission in its current state adds all units to Zeus, rather than the stock F3's playable units only, but I tested with stock F3 Zeus init and that had the crash as well.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Operating System Version
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to server browser, host a server, find the F3 Template scenario (use: )
  2. Play it
  3. Slot as zeus, enable all AI slots
  4. Proceed through the briefing screen to load the actual mission.
  5. Once everything has loaded, open the map (M key).

The game should crash.

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Discussed with @Dwarden over PM

Another thing i didn't add - Nikko removed all init code from the placed curator modules, i.e. no units were added to zeus. Still crashed.

NikkoJT added a comment.EditedSep 9 2017, 2:39 PM

Reproduced on Windows 10 x64.

I determined through elimination that the crash is caused by the presence of a unit that is using the "rat" case for the F3 AssignGear module. The unit's base class does not appear to matter.


  • Although this can be caused by every faction's F3 Riflemen (AT), BLUFOR units don't cause it if the entire BLUFOR template setup, and no other units, are present. This apparent "safety in numbers" effect doesn't appear for INDFOR or OPFOR units.
  • This mission uses the same F3 template, including units (AAF Alpha and Bravo squads) that cause the crash in other cases, but does not itself suffer from the issue:


  • It doesn't matter whether the Rifleman (AT) is playable or not, so long as they are calling the F3 AssignGear "rat" case from their init.
  • Although the F3 template Zeus has some init code to add pre-placed units to it, removing this code doesn't prevent the issue.
  • Combined, the two notes above mean that units which don't appear on Zeus' map are causing Zeus' map to crash the game.
  • Despite the initial report, the issue doesn't seem to be map-dependent (the initial report saying it was, was caused by testing in the above-mentioned mission which mysteriously doesn't crash)
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More crashdumps in Seems related to this.

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SuicideKing added a comment.EditedSep 13 2017, 12:30 PM

Potentially fixed with 1.76.142942. I can't repro with the F3 template anymore, although I'm testing a different system now, with the latest Win 10 feature update (Version 10.0.15063). Waiting for more people to confirm.

This crash is still occurring though it seems unrelated to the F3 rat case.

Just registered to say that I don't think this issue is related to F3 templates specifically. Our group runs Zeus missions on a nightly basis and we use our own set of templates (

Almost every Zeus since 1.76 hit is getting the CTD when they open the map. If it helps and you don't mind crash dumps that include mods, I should be able to forward a good number of them.

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