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Combo Box: Unable to select any item in drop down item lists with mouse in Eden Editor
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Some Eden editor dialogues provide option to choose an item from a list of possible items that open in a drop down list (I think it is called a RscCombo list) when either the currently selected item or the adjacent drop down arrow are clicked with LMB.

When the list opens, the user is unable to click on any item in the list (clicking does nothing).
The user can successfully select items using up/down arrows an enter key on keyboard.

User should be able to select items with the mouse.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Eden editor.
  2. Place a soldier unit anywhere.
  3. Right click on soldier. Menu opens, select "Attributes..."
  4. Object dialogue opens. Expand "Object: Identity" part of dialogue.
  5. LMB click on current face name or adjacent drop down arrow.
  6. Attempt to LMB click on preferred face name. Note it doesn't work.
  7. Use up/down arrow keys to select preferred face. Use right arrow key to close list.
Additional Information

Tested in Apex release candidate 1.62.136802

Example of drop down item list:

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Issue persists in dev build 1.67.139263

I'm using Arma in 1680x1050 window on a 1920x1200 dual monitor, normal UI size, Windows 10 x64.

Duplicate of assigned T119921, but this report has much more detail and repro steps.

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No repro, tested all the identity dropdown menus

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This is one issue. I am however not sure that it's the same issue this and the other tickets are about.

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fixed long time ago i think, any recent reports?

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